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I have only been to 2 classes but have been made very welcome. Karen is an amazing teacher demonstrating the techniques slowly and ensuring beginners like myself are keeping up. She supplies all the resources needed to make the finished item. There is a good atmosphere and all the other fellow crafters make for an enjoyable time.
By Sue Cook - 1 day ago
I have been attending Karen's classes for a couple of years now. Karen is a very good and patient teacher, she always has lots of samples to show us how our finished items should look, and she does lots of preparation beforehand, so everything we need is to hand. I have learned lots of different card making techniques, and some...
By Elaine Keeler - 1 day ago
Karen's classes are always good fun, she is a very good teacher. I have learned so much from her classes and have met other crafters and have made lots of new crafty friends, her classes go too fast. I recommend her classes, you will enjoy them and learn lots of new crafty techniques.
By Jackie Whitelock - 1 day ago
I really enjoyed this course. I loved the range of products we made and felt it was very informative. I’ll be returning for a further course with Ruth.
By Victoria Bauer - 1 day ago
I have attended all of Ruth's courses and they are all excellent. The skincare course has provided me with the basics to make my own items. So much easier to go and experience the process with other people than to watch a youtube video. Waiting for your next course Ruth!
By Elena De Pasquale - 1 day ago
A really lovely way to spend the day. There was a mixture of people on the course, from those who wanted to include the skincare in their business plans, to my friend and I who are just natural skincare enthusiasts and who fancied trying to make it ourselves. It was well taught and good fun. We made bath bombs, lip...
By Cassie Kendrew - 1 day ago
I am in my third year learning to paint with Rachel’s course and I am delighted that this year Clare has moved the teaching on from the level of previous years. I am now being challenged every week and, whilst I might not have a finished piece at the end of the class, I have always learnt something new, which...
By Amanda Whiteley - 1 day ago
I really look forward to coming to the class. This is my 3rd year and I feel I have learnt so much over that time. My confidence has increased and I enjoy being in a group with folks I have got to know and seeing how differently we each interpret the subject. There is a great atmosphere, people are very...
By Lesley Bluckert - 1 day ago
Having never been even in the vicinity of a potters wheel in my life I was amazed to successfully produce multiple pots with Susanna's guidance and eventually completely on my own. What a fabulous morning with tangible results, beautifully glazed, in use, at my table. I am looking forward to attempting another "throwing morning" to improve my skills but it...
By Deborah Shaw - 1 day ago
I had a fantastic afternoon attending one of Kate's paper folding workshops and highly it recommend to everyone! We spent 2.5 hours folding paper into three wonderful items - a vase, bauble and a star. Each stage of the tuition was clear and as well as group information, Kate came round to us individually to check we were progressing well...
By Jane - 1 day ago