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Metal clay was developed in Japan and took the jewellery world by storm in the early 90s. Since then, metal clay workers and craft artists have proliferated and there are workshops the length and breadth of the UK that will show you the techniques required to make beautiful jewellery pieces using metal clay. Metal Clay is sometimes referred to as Art Clay Silver or Precious Metal Clay, but the process is the same. Fired in a kiln, with a torch, or in a home stove, metal clay jewellery allows crafters to create beautiful and intricate work - in a relatively short time!

The invention of a new material called Silver Clay has opened up new business opportunities for entrepreneurs who may be young Mums or people that require the flexibility of a job that can be fitted in around their families and their busy lives. This course is taught by Paula Louise Paton who has been in the jewellery business for more than 14 years. Paula runs her own jewellery business and continually updates the course content...
I offer day courses in Silver Clay. Silver clay is ground down silver combined with a binder which once sculpted and fired burns away to leave pure silver (99%). It means that you can create beautiful silver jewellery easily in one session. As an enameller the reason I started using silver clay was to create pieces that I could then enamel, which can also be covered. The Silver clay can be fired in a number...
East Yorkshire
The Introduction to Silver Clay workshop is aimed at the beginner with little or no experience of working with metal clay. During the day you will be guided through the step by step techniques of handling, shaping, forming and adding texture with all the essential techniques to achieve a professional finish to your work. We work with two of the main Silver Clay products to make three different pieces. We aim to give you the...
Staffordshire - Next course on 6th April 2018
Learn to make your own beautiful solid silver jewellery from Art clay silver. This is a very versatile medium, so the possibilities are endless! Friendly instruction in a beautiful surrounding They will all be held at my fully equipped studio in the Staffordshire countryside in a 400 year old converted barn. I am fully qualified in the Art Clay Silver Diploma and have been making silver clay jewellery for a few years now. I have...
Cumbria - Next course on 9th June 2018
Our Introduction to silver clay days are 'Inspired by Nature' and run by Jo Dix. Jo runs her own Silver jewellery business called Silver Forge in the South Lakes. There's a lot of freedom is forming jewellery from Silver Clay and so there is less emphasis on the traditional jewellery making skills. Being made of silver particles the material is not cheap by any means and sometimes commands a higher price than mined silver. The...
Introduction to Silver Clay one day course This course covers the following: -Making a textured pendant with or without a cut out -How to successfully join two dry pieces of clay -How to use moulding compounds and how to make charms and earrings from the moulds -How to make an Arum Lily pendant -Torch firing and kiln firing -How to make Jump rings, headpins and earring fittings -Finishing your piece (brushed or high shine finishes)...
Surrey - Next course on 21st June 2018
In this class you will learn the very basics of working with silver clay. The class is taught by Sian Hamilton. Sian is a Jeweller, Editor and Author, she is the Editor of Making Jewellery magazine and has written 7 books about jewellery making. Silver clay is one of a range of metal clays. All metals clays are fine metal powder mixed with a binder to create malleable clay that can be moulded, textured, rolled...
staffordshire - Next course on 10th May 2018
No previous experience is necessary as this 2 day course takes you through how to use all 3 types of silver clay, the clay, the paste and the syringe. It also teaches you how to set a fireable stone in 3 different ways. At the end of the course, you will come away with at least 3 pieces of wearable jewellery The course is held in my fully equipped 400 year old converted barn in...
Devon - Next course on 6th April 2018
No previous experience is required for this friendly, relaxed and supportive workshop. With a strong emphasis on developing skills and good practice so you can continue with the craft at home without the need for a kiln, students will learn how to prepare a design, make and refine 3 - 4 pieces before firing and polishing them to take home. Choose to create pendants, charms and/or earrings from your own designs.
Warwickshire - Next course on 21st March 2018
One day silver clay workshop in Loughborough or Market Bosworth. This is an introductory class to the wonders of Silver Clay. We will show you how to use the clay and help you to design and make your own jewellery. The jewellery will be fired and ready for you to wear home or Why not make a unique gift Looking for something different or a party venue? We also offer bespoke courses and one to...