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Resin jewellery making courses, workshops and classes across the UK. Learn about how to shape, mould, cure and colour resin with delicious results!

United Kingdom
Paula Ortega’s intensive workshop will enable you to create your own masters, moulds and casts for jewellery and small sculpture with reusable and more sustainable alternatives to traditional casting materials. You will learn the skills to allow you to process these in your own home or studio using some basic tools.

 Learn how to use and reuse modelling and moulding materials and how to cast your own eco-resin pieces in this comprehensive programme. You will...
Gloucestershire - Next course on 24th March 2018
Fantastic, fun and colourful Resin Jewellery making with author and Resin8 director Clare John. Join Clare for this introduction to the affordable and enjoyable craft of resin jewellery. Clare will show you how you make a wonderful range of jewellery without using expensive or sophisticated equipment. You will make a selection of resin filled silver-plated jewellery. The resin we use is clear and we have all sorts of coloured pigments and powders to add to...
London - Next course on 30th December 2017
Learn to use 3D printing software to design and create your own pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets - download FREE from our website. If you want to be in the jewellery trade as a designer and seller of modern jewellery or you simply want to create designs for yourself and your family then you should be learning how to create your own designs using apps such as Fluid Designer for 3D Printing. If you are...
Gloucestershire - Next course on 7th April 2018
Learn how to make resin artwork with author and resin expert Clare John. Join Clare to learn how to make exciting resin art for your home. From coating existing paintings to making brand new artwork with epoxy resin, pigments and embellishments. During the workshop you will make resin paintings on both canvas and board. Clare will show you how to do a 'dirty pour' and a 'swipe technique' with pigmented resin. You will use the...
Gorgeous Resin Christmas Decorations with Resin8 director Clare John. Join Clare for this fun filled, one day workshop casting resin into hanging Christmas decorations. During the day you will have the chance to use bauble and star shaped silicone moulds, making gorgeous hanging decorations for your home. You will also have access to our huge stock of glitters, sequins, pressed flowers, buttons, cogs etc to add to resin, as well as pigments, dyes and a...