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A very educational day. I am 70years old and never want to give up learning new things. The day was filled with expertly delivered information, fun and was very interesting. I was very pleased with the products that were achieved by the 3 of us in the class. Great experience. Thank you.
By Sandra Donnelly - 3 years ago
The course was extremely informative and I came away with many new skills. Lori is a wonderful teacher and her depth of knowledge is amazing. Thank you Lori for everything
By Dawn - 3 years ago
Having taught myself some woodturning I decided to go on a course to improve my skills and see what I was doing wrong. I certainly picked the best person to help me. Mark is an excellent tutor, very patient, and shared his expertise freely. I had a wonderful day and learned such a lot. I would thoroughly recommend Mark to...
By John Westwood - 3 years ago
Toni made this a very enjoyable day and I made 3 pieces to take home. We had a great time, learning about silver clay and deciding on what to do on the day. Excellent fun! I'd recommend it to anyone.
By Victoria - 3 years ago
Fantastic day learning to spin with Theresa. She kindly checked my wheel and sorted it out letting me use one of her bobbins. She knows so much about sheep, fleece, yarn and spinning and was excellent sharing her knowledge. She had excellent patience with me. The cakes she made were lovley and plenty of tea & coffee throughout the day....
By Mandy Kriehn - 3 years ago
As part of this year's summer school, I did another flamework course with Toni. We covered new techniques & I went home with several lovely beads, including a couple of adventurous fish beads with fins & tails. It was very enjoyable
By Victoria - 3 years ago
This was a brilliant course! Jo is engaging, fun and knowledgeable and taught us so much about candle making - I can really see how this course would help you start your own business. For me is was a wonderful day, a great way to make gifts for loved ones and the many candles I have made are making my...
By Sonia Gill - 3 years ago
I'd learned welt-felting last year with Toni, which was excellent, so came back tot his year's summer school to try needle-felting. Another great experience. I learned how to create a 'picture' by needle-felting onto a felt background base, create a 3d decorative piece & how to make a felted animal. Lovely tips on how to finish animal or bird pieces....
By Victoria - 3 years ago
This was my second course with Karin. The first was a one day course to make a hedgehog. I had never tried needle felting before and was delighted to take home not just a hedgehog but a beautiful little creature with his own personality. The two day workshop learning to make a wired armature animal was amazing! Karin is a...
By Barbara Rees - 3 years ago
Absolutely amazing day, I learnt so many techniques and have a newfound respect for the trade, Colin's a damn nice bloke and a very good teacher.
By Josh Campbell - 3 years ago