Beginner's DIY Hand Sanitiser Natural Soap Course

Rose and ylang-ylang soap


Join us and learn how to make lovely and mild natural soap from natural ingredients at home!

Have you ever wondered how people make beautiful and creamy natural soap in beautiful vibrant colours and scented with essential oils? You can sign up now and learn how to make your own. The creativity of soap making is endless!

You can study online from the safety of your own home, at your own pace, and you get access to the information for 1 year.

You will also receive 7 simple formulas for hand sanitising soap that you can use to make soap at home, and step-by-step instructions on how to make it. No animal products are used, so this is suitable for vegans.

The course includes 7 easy formulas for hand sanitising soap such as:
- French inspired lavender and 100% olive oil Castile soap (gentle soap);
- Orange, olive oil and coconut oil soap;
- Sugar lemongrass exfoliating soap;
- Caramelised mint and honey soap;
- Exotic coconut milk and may chang/ylang-ylang soap;
- Conditioning grapefruit and Shea butter soap,
You will also receive step-by-step instructions on how to make each type of soap at home.

We will go into detail about the soap making process and share our many years of experience so you will always make a great batch of soap. We will discuss equipment, ingredients, and most importantly safety.

What we will cover in the online course:
- The basics of how soap is made,
- The best ingredients and equipment to use,
- How to use ingredients and equipment you have at home, or where to buy ingredients and equipment,
- How long to cure your soap for and how to make soap that doesn't need a long time to cure if you are in a hurry to use it,
- How to use natural colours and dried flowers and herbs to decorate your soap,
- Using fragrance/essential oils to scent your soap,
- Moulds and ingredient suppliers, and how to make your own moulds.

This is an online course!

Scientists have proven that washing your hands with soap and water is much more effective at killing the COVID-19 virus than alcohol-based gel hand sanitiser. The soap and water mixture will remove the virus from your hands before it has the chance to get into your body and infect you.

Hand sanitisers will try to kill the viruses while they are still on your hands and they are also much harsher to your skin because they contain a high percentage of alcohol.

Washing your hands with soap and water more often, and for longer periods of times, will dry out your hands, but using a moisturising natural hand sanitiser soap will help keep your hands soft while keeping you healthy.

What's included in the price?

Video demonstrations of soap being made and video presentations
Learn how to use ingredients and equipment you have at home, or where to buy them
Understand how to avoid mistakes when making soap and how to repair your soap if it didn’t turn out well
Receive a Certificate upon course completion

What you will need

No pre-requisites


Roxana at Natural Soap Workshop

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This course is taught online

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  • Christmas
  • Corporate days out & team building
  • Easter
  • Engagement, birthdays & anniversaries
  • Hen dos
  • Limited mobility
  • Mother's Day
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  • Residential
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  • Teenagers
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5 hours

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Online on-demand
Helen - - #38563

This course was perfect to learn how to make soap from my own home, in my own time. If I had any questions I would write to Roxana and she would always help me with the answers. Excellent course.

Online on-demand
Jennie - - #38481

I always wanted to learn how to make Castile soap after trying it on one of my trips to France. I took this course and learned how to make my own, and scent it with French lavender essential oil. I love it.
I also learned to make other types of soap. Take this course, you won't regret it!

Online on-demand
Jenny - - #36355

My boyfriend bought me this course as Xmas present and I am really enjoying it. I wanted to learn how to make my own vegan soap and I am so happy the course comes with vegan soap formulas. Now I cannot wait to start experimenting and making my own soaps.

Online on-demand
Chloe H - - #36153

I loved how many tutorial videos were included. It was really useful as I wasn't able to attend a course in person to see ways in which to do things.

Online on-demand
Michelle - - #34689

I really enjoyed the course and I have received a lot of guidance on how to make soap. This course is perfect as it is!

Online on-demand
Jennie - - #34558

Learning to make my own natural soap was part of my sustainability journey. And boy did this course deliver. I am so happy that now I can finally ditch the store bought products and create plastic waste when I can make my own soap from ingredients I want to use. So happy!

Online on-demand
Andy - - #34512

My partner bought this course for me as I wanted to try a new hobby, and I can tell you I was very excited to start. I knew nothing about making natural soap but now I have learned enough to make my own recipes.
I was also inspired by the soap designs videos in the course and I want to start experimenting and create my own designs. I fully recommend this course.

Online on-demand
Marnie - - #34458

As a beginner I was really impressed by the amount of information in the course and I loved the demo videos. I am feeling confident and I can't wait to start making my own natural soaps. I fully recommend this course.

Online on-demand
Jane - - #33442

Give this course a try and you won't regret it. I got so much information, and made some soap following the demonstration videos. I am still at beginner's stage, but now I will start with more complicated designs, and I cannot wait :)

Online on-demand
Andie - - #33377

I absolutely loved this course. It has great information, video demos and presentations, and lots of soap designs inspiration. I can't wait to start making soap with the formulas included in the course.

Loved it and I am hooked on soap making now :)

Online on-demand
Jason - - #33278

I was looking at learning to make soap in which I can use some plants from my garden like chamomile, calendula, mint, etc. This course gave me everything I needed: amazing knowledge and details on how to create my own formulas, and how to use plants in your garden soap.

I have made thyme and mint soap, and I am in love! Try this course, it's great!

Online on-demand
Marion - - #33185

I became more health conscious after the last year and I always wanted to learn how to make my own soap. Now I absolutely fell in love with my new hobby. It's so creative and my house smells gorgeous from all the amazing scents, and I can't wait to make more soap.

Roxana was also so willing to share her knowledge and answered all questions I had. Great course!

Online on-demand
Jenny - - #33160

I've bought this course as a fun thing to do and I was not disappointed! I have learned so much about soap making and can't wait to make my own. I am starting with my own beer soap, I am sure my bf will love it.

I fully recommend the course!

Online on-demand
Chloe H - - #33049

The course was brilliant! I have gained a lot of knowledge from this course. It's very informative and I can't wait to get formulating!

Online on-demand
Kim - - #32887

I wanted to learn how to make very mild soap and milk soap, and I have received some great tips on how to perfect mild, milk soap each time. I also loved that I could progress through the course when I wanted, and not be tied to a specific day and time.

5 stars! I really recommend it!

Online on-demand
Map - - #32570

Would I recommend this course? Most definitely, I did one previous to this and had only about 30% of what this one had and only 2 recipes. This course is far superior

Online on-demand
Shirley - - #32403

Thank you for yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about soap making and plan to do more! And I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Online on-demand
Steve - - #32325

I received this course as a present and I enjoyed it so much. I never knew soap making can be so creative! I am looking forward to experimenting with the soap formulas from the course.

Online on-demand
Marion - - #32209

I've always been curious about learning how to make natural soap, and doing an online course while at home in lockdown sounded perfect. I am really happy I bought this course, I've learned so much and I am now thinking of opening my own business. I fully recommend this course!

Online on-demand
Luis - - #32091

I have received this course as a gift, so I didn't know what to expect. But I was really happy I started it. The course is just the right length, it has a lot of information, videos and explanations and I really like the 15 natural soap formulas it comes with. I am looking forward to making my own natural soap now.

Online on-demand
Zany - - #32087

I wanted to learn a new craft and start a new small business during the lockdown, and soap making sounded just like the thing! I really enjoyed the course and I have started making my own soap. I am looking forward to more soap making videos from Roxana, so I can get more ideas of soaps to make :)

Online on-demand
Mike - - #32055

During the pandemic my family and I have been through pounds of soap, and our hands are very dry from continuous washing with low quality soap from the shop. I bought this course to learn how to make my own natural soap for the sake of my family's and my health. And I wasn't disappointed. I have made some Castille soap made of 100% olive oil and can't wait to try it.

Online on-demand
Mandy - - #32052

I always wanted to have my own sustainable natural soap making firm and I bought the Diploma course to learn as much as I can about making handmade natural soap. I was really impressed by the amount of information and demo videos. I am starting my own business next month, and it's only because of this course that I feel confident to do so.

Online on-demand
Annie - - #32047

I have skin issues and can't use soaps from the shops, they dry my skin and my eczema flairs up. I am so happy I took this course and learned how to make my own natural skin conditioning soap. 5 stars

Online on-demand
Marlene - - #32043

I've made simple soap before but I wanted to learn to learn more, and especially how to create my own natural soap formulas and how to save my soap if something goes wrong. This course gave me all the details and more! I have already made a coconut milk and shea butter soap that I am in love with. Sign up to this course, you won't regret it.

Online on-demand
Jenny - - #32044

What's the best thing to learn when going through a pandemic? How to make soap! Gone are the days when I spent a fortune buying natural soap. Now I make my own at a fraction of a price and I use only ingredients I want to use. I loved the course and I will be following Roxana on social media for more tips.

Online on-demand
Elizabeth - - #32038

My husband bought the course for me and I enjoyed every minute of it. It has so much easy to understand information, videos and presentations. I feel now confident to make my own natural soap, and I have started practicing with the 7 lovely formulas included in the course. The French lavender olive oil soap formula is my favourite. Thank you Roxana for the course and support.

Online on-demand
Audrey - - #32039

New year, new me :) I wanted to learn a new skill and natural soap making was something I was always interested in. I have taken the course and found it great. It has a lot of information, demos, videos and presentations, and it comes with 15 different soap making formulas. I am so proud to be an official soap maker now. I fully recommend this course. It's great value for money!

Online on-demand
JulieL - - #32025

I always wanted to learn how to make goat milk soap, so I bought this course. And I am so happy I did. Making milk soap it's not easy and you need to understand how to make it properly. I got all the information I needed to make goat milk soap, and a lot more. I recommend this course full heartedly.

Online on-demand
Mike - - #32022

I want to be more sustainable so I took this course to learn to make my own soap. I enjoyed it so much! The course has a lot of useful information and videos, and now I am confident making my own natural soap. I am well on my way to become more sustainable, which is my goal for 2021. Thank you for the amazing course!

Online on-demand
Sharon - - #32018

My mum bought this course for me and I am so happy she did! I am really enjoying the videos and information which I find so easy to follow. I especially love the different designs you can make with natural colours, and I have bought naturally coloured clays to start playing with in soap. Buy this course, you won't regret it :)

Online on-demand
Chris - - #32017

I really loved the course, it has a lot of information and great educational videos. Roxana is very knowledgeable and she answered all my questions very fast. I was always curious about cold process soap and the lockdown gave me the perfect excuse to start learning and experimenting. I can't wait to make my own olive oil soap this weekend.

Online on-demand
Andy - - #31988

I absolutely loved the soap decoration descriptions and videos in this course. I didn't know you can make such gorgeous colourful soaps designs with natural colours! Roxana has packed a lot of information in the course and made it so easy to learn. I am in love with this craft now and I can't wait to make my first soap.

Online on-demand
Nicky - - #31985

I got this course as Xmas present from my mum and loved it. It has so much information, it's easy to follow and I love the soap formulas and videos. I can't wait to start making my own soap. I am planning to make lavender soap for my bf for Valentine's day. Take this course, you won't regret it!

Online on-demand
Macie - - #31977

This course was perfect to take during lockdown. I didn't have to travel to learn, and I got so much information! I didn't know soap making is so creative and exciting. My favourite are milk and honey soaps, Roxana is a fountain of information and she gave me some great tips on how to make the best milk and honey soaps. I am excited to try my hand at 100% olive oil soap now. Take this course, you will enjoy it and will turn you into a great soap maker.

Online on-demand
JamB - - #31966

I took this course because I want to become more sustainable and make my own cosmetics. I really enjoyed it, and the fact that I can take it in my own time helped a lot. I wasn't bound to a date and time and could go through it when I had the time. I've learned from the course how to make my own formulas and I am enjoying experimenting with different oils and vegan milks. 5 stars!

Online on-demand
Ash - - #31963

My husband bought this course as present for me, and I love it! I have learned so much about making soap with herbs and plants which is good for the skin and also beautiful. Roxana has put so much information in this course, and she was very patient in answering all my beginner questions.

Online on-demand
Julio - - #31945

This course makes a great Christmas present! I wanted to learn to make my own soap to become more sustainable, and my sister bought it for me. She couldn't wait till Christmas and gave me the voucher before, and now I am really enjoying going through the course. I have even made my first batch of soap and I am really hooked.

Online on-demand
Mary - - #31941

I absolutely loved the course and learned so much! A friend bought it as birthday present for me and now I bought it for 3 other friends as Christmas presents.
Roxana is so knowledgeable and supportive, and she is always there to answer any questions. I've learned so much and made my own French inspired Lavender soap which I will gift to family for Christmas. I fully recommend this course. You will enjoy it too!

Online on-demand
Jacek - - #31637

I really loved the course. It gave me so much information, it was fun and had a lot of video materials and I took it in my own time, no rush. Roxana was also lovely and very helpful! During these crazy times it's great to make your own soap, and I am making some to give as Christmas presents to family. Take this course, you won't regret it!

Online on-demand
Moira - - #31561

I've always been curious about soap since buying an olive oil soap years ago and decided to give the course a go. I loved the fact it's online so I can do it when the kids are sleeping. Roxana has added a lot of information and made the course so easy to follow! I've learned so much and now I can make my own olive oil soap, which I learned is called Castile. 5 starts, I fully recommend this course!

Online on-demand
Andrei - - #29826

Amazing course.
Very easy to learn and Roxy is a great teacher.
Already started making my own soaps after the first course.
This is a must go to course.
I promise you will enjoy it 100%.

Online on-demand
Stephen Roebuck - - #29795

I always had the desire to learn about natural soaps but was always too busy and didn’t find the time. With lockdown I had no excuse, so took the online course and was surprised how enjoyable, informative and easy it was. I love my lemon soap and will never go back to shop soap again. Thanks Roxi for educating me and helping me realise that I am not too old to learn. Get involved for those sitting on the fence.

Online on-demand
Caroline Anderson - - #29796

A friend recomended I take Roxana's online course because I wanted to learn to make soap and didn't know which course had all the correct information I need. I was not dissapointed! I have learned so much and I love the olive oil soap formula she included in the course.

Online on-demand
James Woods - - #29766

I was looking for a long time for a fun and affordable natural soap course. I have just finished the online course - DIY Hand Sanitizing Soap and I enjoyed it so much! It's packed with useful information, easy to understand, and has a lot of video presentations and demonstrations. The course is self paced so I didn't feel pressured to finish it.

I really recommend this course if you want to make easy natural soap from home from easy to come by ingredients.

I can't wait to make the 7 natural soap formulas from the course.

Online on-demand
Julie - - #28367

Really informative and fun. Loved the soap I made.

Online on-demand
Faye - - #28370

I have really enjoyed the soap workshop held by Roxana. It's excellent value for money and I have learned so much. I can't wait to use the soap I've made.

Online on-demand
Susan - - #28368

Learned a lot and well worth going to.

Online on-demand
Julie - - #28369

Made some natural soap which foamed really well. Gave some to friends and they want me to make more.

Online on-demand
Anne Benjamin - - #24123

Roxana was the perfect teacher and answered any questions we asked and gave us very in depth take away notes. Learning to make the soap was fascinating and very exciting and looking forward to using it. It was a nice small group. Would highly recommend.

Online on-demand
Danny and Tenesia - - #24086

Honestly fantastic class. Roxana was so welcoming and really knows what she's talking about. Really appreciated her patience with us too as we had to reschedule on a few occasions to do the class but it was worth it in the end. Very straight forward, so easy to learn at least the basics to soap making, and the rest is experimenting really. We highly recommend this class.

Online on-demand
Aziza Ali - - #24085

I have enjoyed the evening learning the technique and theory about the soap making process. Roxana was very experienced and knowledgeable and I would recommend she is right tutor to learn from. The best part of the course was how important the health and safety was as I have young children and to keep the ingredients far from their reach. It's been an experience journey.

Online on-demand
Rachel and Jamie - - #24083

We had a great afternoon learning how to make soap. Roxana definitely showed us how easy the process is, and shared all her knowledge based upon her own experiences with making her own soap. The take home notes were a great addition, and it was great to be able to make the soap on the day to take home. We can’t wait to make our own!!

Online on-demand
serena - - #20708

Really great thorough class. Really appreciated her in depth take away notes and all your knowledge and years of experience

Online on-demand
Vickie - - #20707

Roxana was very knowledgable of the product. Great workshop and beautiful smelling soap to take home. Very informative and very up to date on the health & safety aspect.

Online on-demand
Isabel - - #19458

Had a very enjoyable experience, made better by the fact Roxana is very knowledgeable and experienced on the subject of soap making and is a lovely person too! A mixture of learning and practical engagement during the class, there was constant guidance throughout with the opportunity to ask lots of questions. As stated, good quality ingredients were used and choices to personalise the soap made. Very affordable and a great chance to learn the basics and an excellent foundation to do it yourself and start a new hobby. Would HIGHLY recommend.

Online on-demand
Andrew J - - #16306

Great course, informative, practical and a fun group. Roxana is very helpful and knows her stuff! Highly recommend..

Online on-demand
Julia Singer - - #5830

Really informative and enjoyable - and a bargain at the price. Will be going to her natural lotion/moisturiser course and natural hair products classes too. Location is very convenient - a couple of mins walk from Angel tube.

Online on-demand
Veronica Gooding - - #5775

Learned loads and made a v pretty bar of soap. As it's a non-profit class, makes it affordable for me so now looking forward to going her other workshops making lotion, scrub, lip balm, serum etc.

Online on-demand
Leman Aydemir - - #5771

I really enjoyed the workshop and will definitely attend future ones. I also liked the materials provided and Roxana's way of teaching.

Online on-demand
J Barber - - #5768

Roxana is a great teacher. Everyone was very happy with the workshop and what they made.

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