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28 Sep 12'

Helen McWilliams reviewed: Scarab Silver Clay Amulet

"I have been on Tracey's introduction course and as a result I am hooked on Metal Clay. I have attend several of Tracey's ten week courses and also some of her other courses. Tracey is a great teacher, she encourages us students to move out of our comfort zone to try different techniques. The work that Tracey produces is amazing and is a source of inspiration for us students. The workshop is well equipped and is situated in a lovely setting. It is easy to get to by car."

28 Sep 12'

Lynnda reviewed: Scarab Silver Clay Amulet

"I have been on a number of Tracey's courses starting with the Introduction Course. She is an extremely professional tutor with great teaching skills. She also passionate about this material which leads her to develop her own skills and techniques. There is always something new to learn at Craftworx. The Studio itself is well equipped and in a great location, plenty of parking and amazing energy, I could (and do) spend so much time there."

21 Sep 12'

Rosemary Skipper reviewed: Cwmpengraig craft circle

"I started coming to this group about two years ago, with no skills in rug-making whatsoever. I found/find Bette to be a wonderful teacher - and Liz too - patiently showing us how to do things, suggesting new projects, etc. We are a very friendly bunch and I always notice how appreciative everybody is of everyone else's work - there's absolutely no criticism or judgement - just encouragement and fun. I myself have made two cushions in 'proddy' and have just finished hooking my first rag rug. And am now ready for new things! Next, I want to try hooking using yarn. And, in a couple of weeks, we are all going to start making Christmas wreaths using lots of methods and materials - good fun. I also think that it is enjoyable being 'part of the museum' while we are working. Visitors show a lot of interest in what we are doing, ask about techniques, materials, etc. - even start talking about setting up their own group if they live a long way away. Long may we continue!"

19 Sep 12'

Susan Ann Iles reviewed: Cwmpengraig craft circle

"As a new resident to Wales I joined the group one year ago both to learn a new hobby and skill and also to meet new people. The group is both friendly and fun with members with very different projects and ideas to observe and give you inspiration and encouragement."

5 Sep 12'

Sue laverack reviewed: Natural dyeing course in Pembrokeshire

"An excellent course in a beautiful setting. Clear explanations and handouts. Nice balance of theory explained and 'hands on' dyeing. am looking forward to using the yarn I dyed in projects."

5 Aug 12'

Helen and Jas reviewed: Pottery throwing course in the South Downs National Park (one day - one-to-one)

"We had a fantastic weekend. Rowena is a patient and encouraging teacher who clearly enjoys her work and sharing it with others. Taught 3 complete beginners to throw, coil and decorate which was great fun and a perfect way to unwind after a busy week. We left with a real sense of achievement.5"

24 Jul 12'

Simon Chalk reviewed: Blacksmithing Beginners day courses in Yorkshire and the North East

"A really great day. I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who don't feel particularly artistic but think they must have some creativity somewhere in them! Adrian presents you with the ideas and designs and shows you the required techniques but the artistic flair is yours to express. Really informal and relaxed and the other folk at the centre are similarly enthusiastic and helpful. The food and coffee are great and to top it off it's even a nice drive there and back (from Otley anyway). I have no hesitation in recommending this course."

20 Jul 12'

Heather Smith reviewed: An introduction to spoon carving in the Peak District with Robin Wood

"I went on the more advanced course and found that I learnt an awful lot. It began with a starter session introducing safe ways to use the knife and axe we then progressed to making spoons and other wooden implements. The course was relaxed and obviously a great deal of thought had gone into the planning of the course from the extensive library of books to read on the subject to the huge arsenal of tools robin had available. The food was also wonderful and by the end of the course you will go away feeling confident to make your own projects"

20 Jul 12'

Bobbie Williams reviewed: An introduction to spoon carving in the Peak District with Robin Wood

"The courses are well-run and thought out, highly informative, relaxed and a great deal of fun in lovely surroundings. There aren't too many people on each course and Robin, who is a highly knowledgeable, experienced and generous tutor, can spend time with each student to guide and help. He is also a great host with tasty home-made lunches day on Robin's wooden plates and bowls. I have learnt skills that continue to give me great pleasure working with wood, which I will do for the rest of my life. It is not too much to say that each of Robin's courses have been some of the happiest days I've ever had!"

19 Jul 12'

Jim reviewed: An introduction to spoon carving in the Peak District with Robin Wood

"Discovering spoon and bowl carving with Robin was a wonderful experience. As a professionnal "modern" carpenter, I found really hard after this two courses to use my electrics power tools! I have been so inspired by Robin's vision of woodwork that I am now reconsidering the way I use to work and trying to give more room for manual tools. Robin teaches in a simple but terribly efficent way, insisting a lot on safety and the great thing is that back home, you have all the basics skills to carry on with good habits and improve quite quickly. Courses are so educational that it is quite easy to teach friends and family but they would miss one important thing, it's absolutely true, the soup with the beautiful collection of wooden bowls and spoons is definetely the best bit !"

18 Jul 12'

Adam Hart-Davis reviewed: An introduction to spoon carving in the Peak District with Robin Wood

"What a superb course. I had been carving spoons for about a year, and thought I knew how to do it. From Robin's excellent tuition I soon learned better ways to do almost every phase of the process. He started (after introductions) by showing us a bunch of his favourite spoons, although to my surprise they had mostly been carved by other people. Then he put us to work, and with mixed age, sex, and ability we hacked our way through lots of birch and cherry and sycamore. I came away with about four and a half spoons and a mass of half-remembered instruactions. Now I have a real dilemma: next year should I go for the spoons again, or on the bowl-carving course?"

18 Jul 12'

vikki reviewed: An introduction to spoon carving in the Peak District with Robin Wood

"A wonderful introduction to knife and axe skills needed to make beautiful, functional cooking spoons. The beautiful location, excellent instruction- perfect for complete beginners to experienced carvers. I had already learned to carve bowls, but the knife skills learnt are taught in such a way you can apply them to whatever task you have- and safely. The delicious lunches are wonderul opportunity to continue discussions, with the extra special experience of using beautiful wooden bowls and spoons carved by Robin and others. My husband and I have both enjoyed several of Robins courses, and we've enjoyed staying as a family in Edale- we've stayed a campsite a very short walk from the venue, and a lovely B&B for more comforts. We've both been completely inspired by Robin's courses and can't recommend them highly enough."

5 Jun 12'

Robin Wenham reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"The courses are such fun! You learn practical woodworking from a practising woodworker and take away finished project at the end of the course - Richard inspires you and gives you the confidence to complete the work that you want to complete and is quite happy to continue after completion of the course - he's always happy to reply to e-mails. The courses are structured well, mixing practical with informative lunchtime lectures. For me it was the stepping stone to a new pastime."

10 May 12'

Jacqueline Duffield reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"This course is fantastic and has changed my life! I have been searching for a long time for the 'thing I want to do next', and this is it. Richard and Mark have so much knowledge and patience and are open to your ideas no matter how crazy - "you really want to leave the bark on that chest of drawers?!" I would recommend this course to anyone, young or old, male or female, as a hobby or as a stepping stone to a future career. It is great value for money considering the rewards, and you get to take home your new prized piece of furniture to enjoy for a long time to come."

9 May 12'

Mary Munro reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I have never had lessons before in the use of a lathe, band saw etc and was very pleased to discover that with the patient guidance of Richard I too could successfully complete a wonderful little table for all to see and admire. I loved using their new sander that had a tilting table as part of it. The course is also very informative in practical tips for a workshop set up, sharpening tools, helpful gadgets, screws, drills and much more. Go for it!!!"

4 May 12'

Linda Keen reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I attended the course without prior knowledge or experience of woodwork. I was amazed I learned so much, so quickly. Richard and Mark are true craftsmen and it was a priviledge to be in their company. Their skills, knowledge and expertise was imparted with enthusiasm and their positive encouragement was palpable alowing each individual to attain a high level of competence. Set in beautiful countryside in superbly equiped workshops this is a great course and a wonderful experience. Without doubt I recommend this course to anyone who loves to learn and at the same time thoroughly enjoy themselves."

2 May 12'

Kerry Kingston reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"Richard has worked really hard to structure this course brilliantly - it's not just a good woodworker showing you what he does. He mixes a series of lessons with hands-on practical work at a pace that keeps both your brain and hands engaged in a thoroughly absorbing week. And its a lovely relaxing environment too, so it does feel more like a holiday than a course. The real test is that I now have a workshop in my garage and I've made a chest of drawers, a garden table and I'm even contemplating building my own kitchen units!"

2 May 12'

Frank Price reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"The courses run by Richard are excellent. He combines knowledge and experience with an infectious enthusiasm that makes the week flash by. Mark works together with Richard and between them they have all the skills you can imagine! On both courses I learned so much about wood and got to practise a whole range of skills and techniques. The courses taught me a tremendous amount and gave me confidence to adapt what I learned to other projects in my own workshop. If you are a beginner or someone with a good set of skills already you will learn a great deal from Richard and Mark. Thoroughly recommended!"

2 May 12'

Simon Appleby reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"Both Richard and Mark clearly love what they do and their enthusiasm is infectious. I have attended two courses at The Wood Workshop and both have been excellent learning experiences. Both the courses have had their core content to follow yet Richard is happy to work around this to address, wherever possible, any personal objectives or specific areas of learning you may want to cover. I enjoyed and benefited from my time on these courses and have no hesitation in recommending them."

7 Mar 12'

kate reviewed: Woodturning courses in Norfolk

"Wonderful course, a great introduction to the art of wood turning!"

6 Mar 12'

Kate reviewed: Stained glass for beginners and near beginners at Flatford Mill

"A great course in beautiful surroundings."

2 Mar 12'

Kate reviewed: Felting, An Introduction - Make a Fabulous Felt Wall-hanging

"I loved every moment of this course, from picking out my merino wool in a selection of beautiful blues and turquoises, to watching Heather explain carefully how the process works and making a great little pair of blue bootees for my nephew, with pon pons to match! I have signed up for the next one already!"

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