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PickOne weekend weaving course

Duration: 2 days

Price: £195

Book with: James Donald
at PickOne

15 Coburg Street
Leith, Edinburgh

Course Start Dates

Saturday 22nd February 2020
Wednesday 25th March 2020
Saturday 25th April 2020
Saturday 30th May 2020
Saturday 27th June 2020
Saturday 25th July 2020
Saturday 29th August 2020
Saturday 26th September 2020
Saturday 24th October 2020
Saturday 21st November 2020

About the Course

These weekend courses will focus on warp preparation, loom dressing and weaving an individual and wearable scarf, this will be done on a 4 Shaft Ashford foldable table loom.

You will be led through the warping process; with yarn types being discussed before warping begins. A warping mill or a warping board will be used to prep your warp with instructions given on how to dress a table loom.
You will then begin to explore simple weave structures through small samples and instruction sheets such as tabby and twill patterns before embarking on a finished scarf with the help and guidance of your tutor. Students can work in twos through the warping process, but each student will have their own loom to dress and work on with their samples and finished woven fabrics.

Students will spend the first day on warp preparation and dressing the loom and the second day will be spent weaving. Due to the nature of the 4 shaft Ashford foldable table looms students will then be able to take home the looms and complete their project in their own time and return the loom at an agreed mutually beneficial date.

For those who are unable to take away the looms to complete their projects, with advanced notification and for an additional payment of £60 students can stay on the following Monday to bring their pieces to completion. Please be aware that this needs a little extra planning on my part and may not always be possible, depending on my schedule.

With classes being restricted to 4 students, each student will leave the weekend weave course having gained a lot of confidence on how to move on and complete their weave project.

For additional information please get in touch via the contact form above.

If booking with a CraftCourses voucher for part or all of the course fee, please fill in the contact form above. Your voucher code must be provided at the point of booking.

What's included in the price?

As well as all materials and equipment for both setting up the loom, tea, coffee and light refreshments are also available through out the duration of the weekend.
There is also access to a well stocked library of weaving books which is a valuable resource should students wish to take this exciting hands on craft further.

All materials and equipment are provided as part of the fee. A 16" 8 shaft Ashford loom will be used for the duration of this workshop.

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Absolutely loved it - James is a great teacher and really fun to spend a weekend with. Can’t wait to do the evening course next!

- - #27803

Response from PickOne:


It was a pleasure having you in the PickOne studio over the weekend and I look forward to seeing the results!

James :)

I absolutely loved it! It was a great course and I would recommend this workshop to all! The atmosphere was very friendly and informal yet I feel I've learned loads. James is a great teacher. Hope to go back soon!

- - #20234

This is a super course. James is well prepared and an excellent tutor with lots and lots of patience. It covers a lot of ground during the course and everyone gets one-to-one help and advice. I will be returning in the Spring to take copious notes (I did not do this) and take photographs of the setting up process.

- - #17061

Absolutely fantastic course. Most excellently planned and taught; very encouraging and positive atmosphere and creatively fulfilling.

- - #14607

A great weave workshop. Thought I knew the basics but James taught me so much over the course of the weekend from initial warping to colour/pattern relationships. Fascinating, and a completely new way of thinking about fabric construction for me.
Nothing was too much trouble. A studio that is greatly resourced with beautiful wools, yarns and publications too. I was delighted with my finished piece and would highly recommend. I’m looking forward to booking my next course.

- - #14208

This weekend weaving course is outstanding. James provides excellent one-on-one training in a bright and colorful environment. Each student has a hand in choosing the yarn color and pattern and is able to weave their very own project by the end of the course, which can extend after the weekend by taking the loom home. As a complete beginner, I felt increasingly confident as we learned the whole process of weaving, from warping the loom to finishing the scarf. I highly recommend this course to beginners as well as experienced weavers.

- - #12874

James' weekend weaving course was wonderful! He helped us all to feel comfortable and able. He was perfectly prepared, and we had all the help and attention we wanted. The atmosphere was relaxed and busy; just perfect! It was lovely to be immersed in colour and texture, learning something new, and then to have a quality garment out of it too seemed a great bonus! Thank you, James.

- - #12141

I opted to do the two day weaving course with James and it was amazing. James was incredibly well prepared, his support was outstanding and I left with a really good understanding of how the four shaft table loom works together with a stunning piece of woven cloth made from the best quality wools and fibres. I highly recommend this course James is an excellent tutor. Thanks James.

- - #9897

Weaving with James was the nicest weekend I have had in ages! He explained everything we did beautifully, guiding us through choosing colours and designs, and was very patient when we made tangles (which are called fankles). Seeing the fabric take shape was like magic, and the whole process was very therapeutic in the calm atmosphere of the studio. On top of that, it was wonderful to come home with a beautiful scarf, which I have been wearing ever since. All in all a great way to learn a new skill and leave behind the worries of the modern world for a weekend.

- - #9084

A great weekend learning new skills. Thank you James!

- - #6751

The weekend course for complete beginners was the most outstanding course I have ever attended. How refreshing to have a tutor who is a professional teacher imparting his expert knowledge. Patient, positive, encouraging, knowledgable and extremely courteous and a pleasure to be with. I have only high praise for my experience and I can now warp a multishaft loom, weave and have an insight into textile patterns. The loan of the loom to finish the project commenced on the course is extremely generous and rewarding to consolidate what has been learnt. It was a 5 to 6 hour journey for me to attend and I will be travelling back for more tuition. Yes, it is worth it.

- - #4598

A superb course with excellent tuition from James. Lovely to learn about the weaving process from, not only, such an experienced person but also a patient and natural teacher. Great sense of achievement going from feeling totally overwhelmed on the first morning to weaving away happily on day two!!

- - #4182

I attended the weaving course in February and I absolutely loved the course. I had held a long term ambition to learn to weave and this turned out to be the perfect course, what I liked most was that I learnt everything from choosing a weave pattern right through to threading the loom and weaving a scarf, I was totally absorbed in my task all weekend and he let me stay and weave my project on the monday as I had flown up to Edinburgh to attend. James is a delightful teacher who is enthusiastic, patient and warm in his approach. I may even attend again to refresh my skills.

- - #3351

I came to the weaving course for beginners with james in July. It was a fantastic weekend and James is a wonderful and very knowledgable teacher. The course is held in jame's personal studio in edinburgh and it is an amazing creative environment. James makes you feel right at home and with small classes, there is lots of one to one time.

By the end of the weekend i felt as though i had learned a great deal and produced a piece of work I was very happy with. I would very much recommend this course if you are interested in learning to weave. I plan to return to do the 8 shaft course soon!

Thanks again James! :D

- - #3065

A fantastic course. I enjoyed every minute of it. James is a wonderful teacher making sure everyone grasps the basics and then being on hand to provide plenty of guidance (and patience) to keep you on track, whilst giving you the freedom to be creative and do your own thing..... and get hooked! Luckily you can keep going after the course as he lets you borrow the loom after the weekend to carry on and finish your scarf at home and without any pressure. I can only recommend it.

- - #1792

Fantastic weaving course, I learned so much over the weekend. James was exceptionally enthusiastic, positive and keen to bestow his specialist and extensive knowledge of weaving onto others. He was very helpful and encouraging, which enabled the generation of so many ideas. I produced a piece of weaving which was way beyond what I thought I would manage. I would strongly recommend the course to anyone interested in weaving, not only do you learn so much about weaving but you also have a great time doing so.

- - #1786

I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 day weaving course, James was very patient, helpful and encouraging! I was overwhelmed by the choice of yarn colours and the potential to make many different colour combinations! I was delighted with my scarf and have definitely caught the bug. Although, hard work, James made the atmosphere light and fun! I'd love to book on an evening course.

- - #1776

Very enjoyable course, especially when I unrolled the finished scarf at the end. James is an excellent teacher, extremely knowledgeable and encouraging. It was fun, and hard work!

- - #1775

Had a great weekend with a dedicated teacher. The location, looms, yarns all made for a great time. James is very patient and ensures that everyone has a good experience. Tuition is almost one to one .

- - #1425

James welcomed us to his bright, roomy, new studio, with warmth and coffee. It's like a sweety shop, shelves of jewel coloured wools, collections of crockery, books I wanted to read - bliss! But we were there to work! There's more to this scarf making than I realised - James was always patient, enthusiastic, and fun. There was plenty coffee, tea, and biscuits, and at lunchtime it was great to be minutes from The Water of Leith and The Shore. Once we had done all the preparations, (most of day 1), we started to weave, and James showed us a variety of patterns. Once you start this, you don't want to stop! It was great to finish off at home, and I enjoyed playing around and experimenting in my own time. James showed us how to finish, and also sent us the instructions, and now I'm finished! Everyone admires my scarf - I am so chuffed. Thank you James!

- - #1212

Had a great time over the weekend course. It was very informative and took you through the whole process of weaving from warping the loom to finishing the scarf. Being able to take the loom home to finish the project was great because you actually have something to show for the weekend. :) I would recommend this course to anyone interesting in learning about weaving.

- - #779

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend with James and was amazed at what we all managed to produce. The class size, facilities and tea and cake were all excellent. James is a great teacher and very patient!

- - #755

A most brilliant course! James combined technical detail with art, patience and fun and tea. I am inspired to get a loom for myself soon, and will certainly be back at James' door for further instruction. My scarf has been much admired.

- - #720

This was an amazing weekend and a wonderful experience. James was SO patient and helpful and to be able to bring the loom home to finish off my first creation was the icing on the cake. I would not hesitate to recommend the course and I do hope to do more weaving in the future.

- - #719

My children, ages 12 and 14, my mother, and I took this course from James. We loved it, absolutely loved it. We loved learning all the steps to successfully creating a beautiful woven masterpiece. We loved James. We love the scarfs that we each made. This was an extraordinary experience and James is a wonderful teacher. My kids still talk about their experience with this weaving class with James.

- - #564

This was an excellent weekend learning a great craft in a great place. James is a fantastic tutor, very patient and enthusiastic...and he makes a wicked cuppa! It was great to learn something new and also very rewarding to produce something beautiful and unique for the end result. Looking forward to heading back later this year!

- - #485

I really enjoyed this two day course of weaving not only have I enjoyed learning about bit I have enjoyed watching James teach his passion. Can't wait for the next session :)

- - #484

A very enjoyable two days learning some of the basics of weaving and being able to see such a vibrant working studio. Had a lovely range of yarns to choose to work with, a little more time to see how to finish a woven piece would have been good. James was very enthusiastic and welcoming and made sure the course was informal and flexible.
Would recommend this workshop.

- - #453

My daughter and I have attended 2 of James' courses and would happily return for another. He is patient, cheerful, enthusiastic and fun while passing on his expertise, which is considerable, in a very user friendly way. James' courses are good in that they are suitable for absolute beginners or more experienced weavers since he has plenty of equipment or is happy for you to bring your own loom and everyone can work at their own pace. If you're not from Edinburgh, or even Scotland, it's a lovely location for a weekend or summer course.

- - #443

When I signed up for this course I had no idea what to expect or if I would enjoy it...when I arrived I was given a warm welcome accompanied by tea and biscuits... This was continued over the 2 days... James demonstrated every step of the project in a logical uncomplicated way, this was great because it's a complicated craft..there are bundles of different wools to choose from and plenty of colours, it's exciting choosing your colour scheme... I chose quite a straight forward weave and James was on hand to talk me through the pickles I got myself into. I personally loved the course I found it relaxing and informal and couldn't wait to go back the next day and weave some more, in fact I signed up to go back in Sept to do a more advanced weave.

- - #435

I will admit I was a little nervous about doing this course but by the end of the weekend I wanted to come back and do it all again! Everything was fun, well explained and of course the amazing hospitality! The only thing I would say is for those who easily get cold is to maybe bring an extra jumper as the open studio was a little cold. Other than that I think there should be more courses like the one James teaches as finishing the weaving course is rewarding- especially when you get to see your own scarf!

- - #434

Excellent weekend. James breaks down the process into easily digestible chunks and guides you through each bit, making sure you are comfortable with each step before progressing. He has a wide range of colours of wool to choose from to design a scarf and by the second day you are happily weaving. What is great is that the expectation is that you will NOT finish by the end of the weekend so there is no time pressure. By the end of the second day you are weaving confidently and can then take the loom home to finish at your own pace. Because there are only 5-6 people in the class, James is able to give everyone the attention/help they need and manage the different speeds of progress. The atmosphere is very informal, friendly and welcoming with tea/coffee/biscuits available whenever anyone wants.

- - #433

Exceptional tutor, equal amounts of cheer + work...with a cosy scarf to end it all! Loved this course.

- - #431

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