Irresistible mosaic ornaments - for gardens year round



Mosaics are magical in the garden - they sparkle in rain and glint in sunshine and provide colour all the year round. These mosaic balls look grand mounted alongside blooms or intrigue peeping out from the undergrowth - and they float, making them perfect for water features!

This course has been very popular and is accessible for all, as some designs require no cutting.

Watch and enjoy a 25 minute demo of making the mosaic balls - no need to line up your materials at this stage. A few tips and you'll be sticking your ball ornaments in no time. And don't imagine your skills will be limited to only this project - the skills are transferrable to mosaic making in general, a lifetime of creating beautiful things for your house or garden.

Guidance is provided on shaping and placing the tiles, creating a keystone, which is the foundation of much mosaic work. Shaping your tiles is essential to accommodate the spherical shape of a ball (but don't forget there are also designs that do not require any cutting at all).

The making of four alternative designs is shown, (the options are endless), filmed completely from beginning to end using timelapse. To finish there is a demonstration of dry grouting (no water or sponges). All in all, it's easily achievable for anyone!

Balls that are made without cutting any tiles make a perfect activity for children, including parties, watch the video and read the recommendations for this.

YOUR TEACHER: Anne Cardwell
I have appeared on ITV's 'Love Your Garden', written a book, 'Stylish Mosaics' and as well as running classes locally every week for the last 15 years. I have had online presence for the last 18 months, I also make and sell ceramic pieces for inclusion in mosaic art, (an easy way to get started).

What's included in the price?

There is a 25 minute video to describe the process in details. To support teaching, there are additional notes, advice about materials and bases etc. (Extra stuff so you can try other projects).

Support via dedicated Facebook page, email if you want to contact me.

View the course in your own time, as many times as you want, for as long as you want.

The response to your request to purchase a course is immediate. A code will be sent to give access to the course.

What you will need

Mosaic materials, nippers - approx £30 for materials, £20 for nippers - but watch first and enjoy choosing them later.


Anne Cardwell at Making Mosaics

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3 hours

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Online on-demand
Oonagh - - #39915

I've done some small mosaics before but I want to do some with china and thanks to Anne's clear instruction I don't feel so daunted by the cutting process. Great information on tools and materials and the prep needed before you start. Looking forward to taking more of Anne's classes - thank you.

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thank you I'm so glad you enjoyed and thank you for taking the time to write a review - it's so nice when people take the time. I love making mosaics with china and contrary to expectation they do often survive for a long time outside, even though I have to advise that they can degrade in very cold weather, they are usually quite robust. Happy making and I"d love to see what you make.

Online on-demand
sinem - - #37958

I've just completed Anne's course. Although I watched a lot of videos about mosaic, her explanation is completely different. Very clear, understandable. I am looking forward to getting my amazon order and I want to start asap. Thank you!

Response from Making Mosaics:

Oh thank you. I’m so pleased to set you off on your wonderful journey! Do have a look at mosaic workshop and other dedicated mosaic suppliers.

Online on-demand
Lorna Casey - - #32170

Anne has created easy-to-follow online videos for each aspect of the making of mosaic garden decorative ball ornaments and as we currently cannot go out to attend courses etc, it’s been great to learn at home. Lots of visual support along with the resources and where to find them. Thank you Anne 👍

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thanks so much for taking the time to post a review Lorna, like everyone else I am not able to go out, and I'm not seeing my weekly 'face to face' students (except on zoom), so it's good to hear these comments. If you would like to try another course please contact me and I'll send you a discount code, as a thank you. regards, Anne

Online on-demand
Judy Wheeler - - #29911

My experience with Anne was in her online class. She was so organized and easy to follow. I live in the States so I hope she does more online classes.
Thank you, Anne.

Response from Making Mosaics:

In the pipeline..... thanks for your nice comment. Anne.

Online on-demand
Sneha Jain - - #29907

Anne’s course is a beautiful gateway towards developing and enhancing a new skill. Her lessons online are very patient, descriptive, easy to follow and suitable for both beginners and those who are looking to learn more. Every lesson is crafted in a good sequence, providing details of suppliers and material.

One of the best things I like about Anne is her involvement with her students and responding to the queries in a very short time. Not only does she respond to what is asked but also guides and encourages. This made me feel valued and inclusive as she is very much part of your development. I really learned a lot from her ‘cutting techniques’. Finally, If I hadn’t come across Anne’s course, lockdown would have turned into a nightmare! Thank you Anne! 😊

Response from Making Mosaics:

Oh Sneha - thanks so much, it's been lovely 'meeting' all you guys, without mosaic lockdown would have been a nightmare, I'm so lucky I moved my studio back to my home 2 years ago or I would have been stranded without my 'stuff'. Thanks for taking the time to comment and I'm so glad mosaic has enhanced your life.

Online on-demand
Barbara Welshofer - - #29879

Anne is an absolutely amazing teacher! I am a relative beginner. I only started doing mosaics just last year, but hadn't done any in several months, so I needed a refresher. Anne's style is perfect for beginners and seasoned artists alike. She is personable, gives clear instructions, and she is incredibly talented! I have watched many YouTube videos on various aspects of making mosaics, but none even approach the accessibility and professionalism of Anne's courses. I am a very visual learner, so the ability to watch a segment, pause the video, try the technique myself, and watch again if I need to is key. Anne encourages learners to develop their own styles, which I greatly appreciate. The only thing I can imagine that would be better than her online classes is being in her studio! Maybe someday. In the meantime, my thanks to Anne for giving me just the encouragement I needed in these difficult times!

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thank you so much, it's really fantastic to hear I'm doing it right - you were a beginner at a mosaic I was a beginner at making lessons - I've improved and Im sure you have too - thank you for your encouragement. Yes times have been difficult and i think I couldn't get through it without making something every day to lift my spirits, i hope others feel that too. x

Online on-demand
Delores Thomas - - #29877

I really enjoyed this course because I learned so much. I have since paid for another course of yours and will no doubt sign up for more.

Response from Making Mosaics:

THANK YOU Dolores - working on it!

Online on-demand
Julie Pickering - - #29870

I knew of Anne Cardwell having done a one day course a few years ago which I thoroughly enjoyed but never going any further whilst working full time. When I realised Anne did online courses I didn't hesitate to join. I am so glad I did as the course has been brilliant, easy to understand, informative and seeing other people's projects, has been inspiring. There are so many things I want to make - I've always loved mosaics and I know now I've found a hobby I should have continued with 10 years ago. Thank you Anne, you are a brilliant teacher.

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thank you so much Julie - I thought teaching online would be impersonal but I've interacted with old friends/students and loved hearing how you are all getting along. I never tire of making mosaics, I had to make it into a job!!

Online on-demand
Sue Allpress - - #29866

I think this is a brilliant course for anyone who wants to try their hand at mosaics. The balls are quick to make and with Anne’s clear Instructions and helpful tips you will soon get the hang of it. The balls are beautiful - you can make them in your favourite colours and dot them around your garden for a stunning effect. Perfect for all-year colour and interest and no watering required!

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thanks sue, lovely review.

Online on-demand
Clarice Wahlich - - #29867

If you’re looking for something different to try this is a great choice. Anne’s instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The project soon starts to take shape and it’s really satisfying to complete something within a short time frame. The balls are really pretty and look great
in the garden. They have been much admired and prove a real talking point when people see them. I’ve loved this course.

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thanks Clarice - good to hear!

Online on-demand
Rita Boniface - - #29864

I think Anne's courses either in the classroom or online are very inspiring. I started 5 years ago and have not looked back, Anne is so encouraging and has great patience.
When lockdown started and Anne's online classes started I found it just as easy to follow as being in the classroom, the only thing I missed was her making the tea and the splendid banter of the classroom.
Anne brings out the creativity in us all.
Rita Boniface

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thanks Rita - I'll make you a cuppa one day when we get together again - I'm glad you are able to join in online!

Online on-demand
Reni Landor - - #29862

Thank you Anne, for making your courses available online at this time. I first attended 2 of your courses in person many years ago and LOVED everything to the extent that I got my own tools and tiles and I was off, making my own designs and exploring different styles! However over time, I did less and less mosaicing and felt I had forgotten what I had learned, and lost confidence. Lockdown brought me back to your classes, this time online, and I am off again, with new skills, fresh ideas, and a renewed enthusiasm for this amazing and absorbing form of art. Your videos are SO clear and helpful (very skillful teaching) and you have responded to my queries so quickly. Thank you again.

Response from Making Mosaics:

Hi Reni, great to hear you are back in the fold... and I hope you are enjoying experimenting with my new tiles which you collected contact free from my front garden! Anne

Online on-demand
Audrey biscotti - - #29855

Loved this course. Was a real boon during lockdown. Clear concise guidance and with a lovely sense of calm. Really enjoyed the videos and everything was accessible and reasonable to find material wise. 😊

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thanks Audrey!

Online on-demand
Alison Nixon - - #29854

I am so glad I found this website - I am a complete beginner to the world of mosaic art and found the instructions clear & concise. Anne’s teaching method is excellent, she is very skilled and imparts her knowledge in a friendly and easy to understand format. The absolute best online mosaic site I have found - have recommended it to many. Thank you so much Anne!

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thank you so much Alison. Kind words.

Online on-demand
Dr Gillian Hayes - - #29846

Learning with Anne Cardwell has enabled me to create some mosaic pieces that look great, even as a beginner. She has a very encouraging teaching style, makes everything very accessible and achievable.

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thanks Dr Gilly!!

Online on-demand
Claire - - #29844

Anne is a lovely teacher and explains the methods clearly. She has skillfully created and offered a great online course which answers many of the questions that people ask and wonder about. If you are new to mosaic or have some experience there is something to learn in her classes. I recommend them highly and I look forward to the next one.

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thank you - I hope to answer the questions before people have even asked them! It took so long to learn all this stuff pre internet, which has made mosaic such an accessible art form - it even used to be quite hard to get hold of materials. Yes more courses coming Claire.... thanks for your interest and review.

Online on-demand
Sue - - #29841

Mosaicing is a great hobby and Anne is an excellent teacher with a warm and friendly manner. She takes you through the process in a clear and easy-to-follow way and you’ll soon pick up the basic skills you need to start making your very own works of art! The materials you can choose to work with are gorgeous (Anne makes her own lovely tiles as well). But be warned - mosaicing is addictive!

Response from Making Mosaics:

As you have discovered to your great COST Sue!! - but you have now made many lovely mosaics, keep posting them online! Thx for the review.

NB we have a Facebook group called 'Making Mosaics art group', where everyone can post their work and comment.

Online on-demand
Cathy Schwab - - #29842

I took Anne's course just before the lockdown started. It was so great to have her videos and instructions. I have had a great time making variations of her designs and I have learned a lot. A great teacher and the videos are such good reference!

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thanks Cathy - seems like a long time ago already! Glad you are continuing to make and referring to the course. There's lots of ideas on there for more projects.

Online on-demand
Heather Higgins - - #29843

Anne's courses have introduced me to the amazing world of mosaic art. Her guidance is clear and detailed giving you all the information you need to get started and progress with this wonderful form of art. The lessons are easy to follow and its great to be able to review the online lessons whenever you want. Thank you Anne.

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thank you Heather - yes and you can download them and print them out too for easy reference. Thanks for the review. Hope you are keeping well!

Online on-demand
Lynne Chisholm - - #29840

Being a complete beginner at mosaics I was looking for a course that would teach me the basics and also help me on the journey. Well wow, Anne has certainly done that with the clear, concise, educational online courses with just the most informative videos. I have learnt so much and i am not ashamed to say, I am now a mosaic addict. Thank you so much Anne for your guidance and sharing your expertise.

Response from Making Mosaics:

I did give a clear warning this could be addictive! Happy you enjoyed it and thanks for the great review.

Online on-demand
Meri Bonavita - - #29837

Loved having Anne’s videos while home on quarantine. They are easy to follow with very straight forward instructions. Lots of fun projects and great information . Thank you Anne!!!

Response from Making Mosaics:

That is the idea - straightforward, once you have the basic skills you can go on and discover your own mosaic style. Good luck and thanks for the review.

Online on-demand
Diane Few - - #29838

Easy to follow instructions and loads of advice and help. Love the time lapse videos. Inspirational. Thank you Anne

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thanks Diane - I hope you are enjoying your new mosaic tiles too!

Online on-demand
Mihaela - - #29839

Anne has introduced me to the wonderful charming universe of mosaics and I am forever hooked. I've learned a lot of things from her courses, she is such a knowledgeable person, yet so kind and willing to teach complete novices the secrets of making lovely mosaics. She has such a sweet way of permanently encouraging you and making you believe that yes, you can make it! Thank you, Anne, you are the best!

Response from Making Mosaics:

Wow, thats a nice accolade! I think when you dissect any process and lay out the component parts - it is not such a secret, just taking it step by step. I hope you go on to make many wonderful things and hopefully when this is all over you might get along to a local class.

Online on-demand
Heather Higgins - - #28012

As a complete beginner I was unsure I would be able to create anything worthwhile but I thoroughly enjoyed Anne's class and am so pleased I went on the course. In fact I returned to two more classes to continue with my A4 project which I have now completed at home. I was very impressed with seeing the work others in the Friday class were doing and am keen to start another project. My grandchildren aged 4 and 7 both want me to help them make a mosaic for them so I guess that will be the next project. Thanks Anne.

Online on-demand
Lesley Knight - - #27789

A great day, having made a couple of things at home after seeing a mosaic mirror in a shop, it was good to have Anne advise how it should be done! Wonderful selection of materials that I could have spent hours looking at. Have finished the picture I made in the class and can’t wait to make something else.
Will send a picture of my mosaic when I have framed it.
Lesley x

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thanks Lesley - I look forward to seeing it. Glad to hear you finished already - good going!!

Online on-demand
Naomi smith - - #27790

I've been meaning to do one of Anne's Mosaic courses for ages now and I absolutely loved it. She gave detailed instructions and was on hand with any queries and advice. The studio was a great space to be creative in. I feel confident that I can now continue it at home. It's just about making the time for it!

Response from Making Mosaics:

Yes life is littered with good intentions! But you have now nearly completed a lovely mosaic - that will also be useful to your own business!

Online on-demand
Heather & Val - - #27728

As complete beginners we thoroughly enjoyed the course. Friendly group and Anne was very encouraging and has years of experiance. Great selection of materials. We were able to bring home enough tiles and grout to finish our masterpiece!!! Thanks so much Anne.

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thank you - I'm glad you enjoyed it and happy big birthday (when it comes) and may you continue in your aspiration to try lots of new things to mark the event. Enjoy your masterpieces!

Online on-demand
Nicki Hamilton - - #19506

I thoroughly enjoyed the two afternoons that I attended Anne's classes. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. Some of the people are so incredibly talented and they really gave me an idea of what I could achieve with a lot of practice. Anne took time to show me different methods and techniques as well as tutoring me from scratch with the basics so that I felt I really achieved something in the two afternoons. If only I lived closer I would be there every week!

Online on-demand
Gilly Hayes - - #19347

I have loved doing mosaics in Anne Cardwell's workshops, learning new things in a friendly small group setting. Anne is onw of those outstanding teachers who can have a group of people all working on very different mosaic projects/pictures and can advise and guide each person in an empowering way. It did not take long to get completely hooked!

Online on-demand
Marj Burnett - - #19297

I’ve been going to Anne’s classes for about 12 years- not every week but regularly.
I enjoy the sessions, love the mosaic skills that I’ve learned and it’s a fun way to spend time with other creative girls (and occasional men). We do such different projects and fresh ideas are all around us.
Anne is a great inspiration to us , helping us with design and technical advice and encouragement when needed (and she also keeps the cups of coffee/tea coming)
A wonderful way to spend my spare time- thoroughly recommend it!

Online on-demand
janey Edwards - - #19202

I love Making Mosaics classes on fridays. Whilst fairly new to the class I felt welcome and soon got inspired by seeing what the other students were working on. Anne is extremely patient and kind and as well as giving good advice and helping you when you are stuck or unsure, she also makes a wonderful cuppa keeping our creativity going and has a great sense of humour. She makes you feel welcome and at home. The other students are fun and very friendly and the time whizzes by far too quickly!
Driving home after the class I always feel stimulated after working intensely with colour and shape with the incredible variety of mosaic materials Anne offers on her courses. Working with mosaics seems to help make me view the colours and textures of the landscape in a different way and I cannot wait for the next week's class!

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thanks Janey - nice review - appreciated.

Online on-demand
Martyn Bailey - - #19210

As somebody with no previous experience I started Anne's classes a few months ago. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed as is Anne's teaching style. Mosaic making is so enjoyable and absorbing, the hours pass quickly, more classes booked for next month.

Response from Making Mosaics:

Martyn you take the prize for the neatest ever student - I have never been able to make as precise cuts as you do - so we are all still learning!

Online on-demand
Bev Young - - #19218

I’ve attended several of Anne’s courses - and they are EXCELLENT!
Anne has a wonderful sense of humour and makes the classes such a warm and inviting experience . Whatever your level of expertise you could not fail to come away having learnt something new - and of course a wonderful piece of artwork!
Anne does not try to impose her creative style and encourages you to explore and creat your own. Wholeheartedly recommend !

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thanks Bev - are you still creating your beautiful detailed pieces I wonder?

Online on-demand
Carol Dutton - - #19200

I love my Friday mornings! Anne is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about mosaics and mosaicing and her classes are inspiring.

Online on-demand
Jo S - - #19195

Anne’s classes are great! Anne is so talented at mosaic-making. She’s a patient teacher and her classes always have a lovely atmosphere. It’s a fun way to spend a few hours and I love it!

Response from Making Mosaics:

Thanks Jo - you have to be patient with mosaic!

Online on-demand
Hilda Tattersall - - #19189

I am a relative new member of the Mosaic class but have thoroughly enjoyed my Friday mornings. Initially I just booked one class to see if I could cope. I am now on my third project. Rather ambitiously I am covering a small coffee table. I took my very first piece of mosaic to a professional framer and he told me it was very good. I thought he was just being kind but he was genuinely impressed with the quality of the work. Anne is an excellent teacher and will offer guidance if needed.

Response from Making Mosaics:

From a tentative start you are becoming most ambitious! It's great to see how you have progressed!

Online on-demand
Mari - - #19190

Anne is a great teacher, very happy to help out with novices (like me) with great creative ideas but little idea on how to execute them (like me). Very chilled atmosphere and super friendly hobby mosaicists who happen all to be ladies. (Maybe making mosaics appeals more to women?) Highly recommend.

Online on-demand
Mari - - #19191

Anne is a great teacher, gives plenty of help to novices (like me) with creative ideas but little knowledge on how to execute them (like me). Super friendly group of ladies (men are welcome too!). Highly recommend.

Online on-demand
Linda Bunting - - #19188

Making Mosaics is addictive. I’ve been attending classes for a few years now and really enjoy my time with Anne and the Friday ladies. I’m not especially good at the projects I try to do but everyone is so encouraging and helpful it doesn’t seem to matter what my attempts are like. There is always someone with an idea to help.

Online on-demand
Rosie - - #19185

Makings mosaics has been one of my most enjoyable craft experiences. Anne has a wonderful gift for making you feel relaxed whilst teaching you a new skill.
A great way to meet new people in comfortable and welcoming surroundings.
Hoping to do more classes later in the year.

Response from Making Mosaics:

you are always welcome here Rosie - you've always made the most attractive things - but somehow I don't seem to have many photos of them!

Online on-demand
Bridgeen Donaldson - - #19186

I have been attending Anne's class for over 5yrs now - it's addictive! The classes are very relaxed, with expert tuition from Anne. From the outset you can be creative and learn new skills at your own pace. Like myself, a lot of the attendees are quite proficient mosaicers now and also work at home, but still enjoy the stimulus of working in a group, sharing experiences and feedback, and being introduced to new matetials and techniques. Mosaicing is an opportunity to be absorbed in an activity and completely lose yourself for a few hours, no distractions. I could not recommend Amne's highly enough!!

Response from Making Mosaics:

You've certainly been hooked! Your work is amazing! Thanks for such a kind review.

Online on-demand
Sue - - #19187

Friday is my favourite day of the week now! Anne’s mosaic classes are fun, friendly and full of expert one-on-one help. The great thing is you don’t need any artistic ability to produce gorgeous mosaics you can be proud of. Fab choice of materials to choose from (the biscuits are pretty good too).

Response from Making Mosaics:

But YOU have lots of artistic ability Sue and it does show! Thanks for being such a loyal class member, Anne

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