Jewellery Making with Lucy Copleston in the beautiful Vale of Clwyd

Duration: One day (10-5.30)

Price: £125

Run by: Lucy Copleston
at Exclusive Jewellery

01745 710347

LL16 4ED

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About the Course

Lucy Copleston trained at the Royal College of Art and has made jewellery and taught the craft since 1975. Tuition costs £125 for a seven hour day and is one-to-one so your learning is fast tracked. By arrangement two students can learn together i.e. couples making wedding rings, family members or friends. A discount of 20% is given for two students learning together. The day starts at 10 am and finishes at 5.30 pm with a half hour lunch break midway.

Sessions are tailored to the specific requirements of each student and are flexible to accommodate your specific project. You are encouraged to be creative and original and develop your own design ideas. It doesn't matter if you can't draw or think of an idea - Lucy can provide adaptable Projects suitable for all levels. Beginners and advanced students are all welcome. The aim is to introduce beginners to the practical and creative possibilities of jewellery making, and to extend the creative experience and practical knowledge of those who already know something of this fascinating craft.
With Lucy you will learn how to construct jewellery in silver, gold or base metals by the use of traditional techniques, and experiment with contemporary materials. Couples can make their own wedding rings and all students leave with a finished piece of jewellery.

Most beginners want a one day taster session. As a beginner you can choose from a selection of
ACHIEVABLE PROJECTS designed specifically for beginners. Contact Lucy to receive a selection of her Beginners One Day Projects in which you can learn all or any of the following techniques:

Silver soldering
Texturing with hammers and punches
Sawing, bending, drilling, forming and folding metal
Wire Wrapping

Students with previous experience and beginners who want to pursue the craft further after their initial session can go on to learn and develop more advanced techniques including:

Gold soldering
Acid etching
Stone setting
Keum Boo
Wax model making for casting
Resin work

All silver solders are free: students supply their own silver, gold and gemstones.
In tandem with this approach Lucy also provides practical instruction and valuable trade contacts for students wishing to gear their learning to the production of jewellery on a commercial level.

Students can subscribe to Lucy's monthly email Workshop Newsletter via her website or by email/phone direct to Lucy. This keeps them in touch with what other students have been making and any price reductions on offer. Lucy's jewellery making courses aim to enable and support students in developing the craft of jewellery making either as a hobby or an income. To this end she is always available to give technical and marketing advice by email or phone after your visit.

If booking with a CraftCourses voucher for part or all of the course fee, please fill in the contact form above or telephone us. Your voucher code must be provided at the point of booking.

What's included in the price?

All tools and equipment are supplied: silver solders are provided free: base metals i.e. copper, gilding metal, bronze and brass are supplied at discounted prices: precious metals and gem stones are not supplied. Students are advised and guided what precious materials to buy. The Workshop is fully equipped with hand tools, power tools and an enamelling kiln and has work spaces for two. Special Offers are advertised on Lucy Copleston's website.

The Workshop is set within its own beautiful private gardens in the Vale of Clwyd, North Wales - an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and is situated right on the Offa's Dyke Footpath.

In advance of your workshop session Lucy provide's you with a Suppliers List from which you can obtain any materials that are not provided free, like silver, gold, gemstones and beads. If necessary Lucy will do advance planning via phone and email to ensure you are fully prepared for the hands-on experience when you arrive at the Workshop.

A Certificate of Attendance is provided free of charge on request: these are useful for sixth form students and graduates seeking employment. Detailed Technique Notes, a Tools and Equipment List for small workshops and a comprehensive Book List are supplied in hard copies to each student plus Technical Information.

Easy and safe parking is available within 50 yards of the premises. Tea and coffee are provided throughout the day at no charge. Students usually bring a sandwich for their lunch. The village has a newly opened Brunning and Price pub restaurant - the Dinorben Arms - just a 10 minute walk from Lucy's Workshop. On warm days the garden is available for lunch and tea breaks and depending on the technique employed students can also work in the garden. There is a sheltered area for smokers. A varied accommodation list of locally selected places to stay, including caravan and campsites is available in advance of your visit.

Want to review this course?

I have been back to Lucy for another day of learning and again I was not disappointed as she imparted more technical information to enhance my pendant. We were working on the rivets to hold the piece together and the end is in sight. Even though this has been a project that has taken time it's been necessary. I have not got a piece that could be made easily or bought anywhere but a truly unique hand crafted distinctive object.
I am still learning from
Lucy and can't wait for the next session

- - #12365

Super birthday treat with my best friend Carol - Lucy was very patient but let us develop our own designs and her training and attention to detail was excellent. Would fully recommend this anyone interested in making their own special piece of jewellery, even if a complete beginner like us!

- - #12224

I have been coming to Lucy for nearly a year now and my pendant is evolving into a stunning piece.
I originally wanted a lesson in enamelling. However with Lucy's skill and a lot of my imagination being stretched with some test enamelling on the way, my pendant has gone into a completely new direction. I have never felt so proud or believed that I was capable of making something so technically and aesthetically good. All thanks to Lucy. I have the utmost respect for her expertise and patience in guiding me through the process of jewellery making. It is more than art and craft you gain from Lucy

- - #12130

This November day was a birthday treat, rounding off the year with a new challenge - the technique of enamelling. Lucy also introduced me to heated titanium as an additional way of bringing colour into a design - one for my next project! Many thanks to Lucy for her truly exceptional support and inspiration over several other truly wonderful days, this year.

- - #12125

Attended one to one course with Lucy recently. I was a complete beginner but with Lucy's knowledge, expertise and patience I created a silver stacking ring. Very cozy workshop in a beautiful setting. I hope to return there in the new year to create another piece of jewellery with Lucy's assistance.

- - #11983

My reviews are becoming a blog as I am still learning from Lucy. If I ever wanted to work within my comfort zone I have been well and truly moved beyond what I thought was possible . Every day a new stretch of my brain and a new technique presents itself. Time well spent and I come back for more each time

- - #11869

As a novice jewellery maker I spent a challenging and fun day with Lucy in her studio creating a beautiful silver pendant. With her expertise, knowledge and guidance we worked through many processes including annealing, soldering, wire wrapping and much more. In her well- equipped studio I was able to learn a range of skills which will enable me to embark upon my own future jewellery projects: the handouts and photographic record will provide an excellent reference. Throughout the day we chatted about many other creative ideas and processes which opened up a world of possibilities!

- - #11604

Another day another conundrum. Each time I come to Lucy thinking I know what I'm doing it's all very straight forward we together work through some technical issues. The result is that I am developing a piece that is evolving from something nice and safe into something interesting. Taking my skill from an interested beginner into some one whose confidence is growing to a new level of understanding.I'm gaining the knowledge that this is a craft that with its demands is stretching me both intellectually and practically. But without Lucy I would just still be an interested beginner

- - #11394

My boyfriend arranged a workshop with Lucy to make engagement rings for each other, which I knew nothing about until I was in Lucy's workshop! I had a fantastic day! Lucy was so friendly and inspiring. I have never had any experience with jewellery making; Lucy was patient,encouraging and informative throughout the day. I love the rings we made and would definitely want to go back some day. It really was a special day for me. I hope it will not be too long before we go back.

- - #11287

Autumn, as the leaves were starting to change colour - was a wonderful time to visit the Vale of Clwyd. I am a regular to Lucy's workshop. She never fails to inspire, and is so generous with her time and advice. I am learning so much with her expert tuition. Next I'll have a go at enamelling. Can't wait!

- - #11271

My girlfriend and I have just completed a workshop with Lucy to make engagement rings for each other. What a wonderful day we had! I cannot recommend it enough. Lucy is a fantastic teacher and is extremely patient. She really goes that extra mile and cares so much about helping you get the exact design you want, regardless of the time it takes. The attention to detail and process involved in making the rings was fascinating and a real eye-opener to me. I would love to return some day to do another workshop. We received such a warm welcome when we arrived and by the end of the day felt like Lucy and her husband Peter were our friends. We received some lovely photos of our day and a nice message a few days after our visit, which was a really nice touch. Since then family and friends have raved about how beautiful the rings look and they have all commented on what a romantic and special thing it was to do. We'll definitely be going back to Lucy to make our wedding rings.

- - #11126

Who would have thought that 50 years after being taught geometry at school I would find a use for it. Today with Lucy I learned that making fine jewellery is a lot more complex than just learning the practical skills such as filing and soldering. Once again my ability has been stretched and I loved every minute although I told Lucy it was torture. Gently Lucy has again allowed me to evaluate my project and it has changed again. No longer including enamelling but I believe it will look all the more fantastic

- - #11082

Faster than before, the silver ring with gold wires and granules - new technique of applications for me - was also completed.
This was my fifth and last day in the one-to-one week with Lucy. Knowing I would spend a further day in Bodfari, Lucy gave me good ideas how to spend this time. So I went to the local pub "Dinorben Arms" and had an excellent meal in this nice reastaurant combining tradition with new architecture. I also walked the famous Offa's Dyke Path, which crosses Bodfari.
Finally, Lucy gave me a comprehensive collection of fotos documenting me, my work, the working process and the skills and techniques she taught me. But beyond that all, the encounter with Lucy gave me much more - it has also enriched me on a personal level.

- - #10870

On this sunny day the Keum boo errings were completed. It was a very busy day also because we got through the basic skills too while applying them to a more advanced project. Earwires attached: aren't they beautiful? We are both happy and satisfied - it's high time we started the second project.

- - #10868

The third day : a real Keum boo day. Theory was put into practice. Lucy's supportive attitude to your project makes you feel how valuable it is what you are creating. Talking shop while working and informal conversations in the lunch breaks gradually gave me the opportunity for deeper insights into making art in form of jewellery.

- - #10867

Keum boo can prove to be an intricate technique of applying gold foil on silver, especially on a 3-D object - or two objects, in my case, the project being a pair of errings. Lucy understands to motivate and to encourage you, she is warmheartedly strict in your own interest and to the advantage of a project promising success. She spares no effort to ensure you realize your goal.

- - #10866

On arriving in beautiful Wales, I received a warm welcome at the weekend - and started a 5-day workshop with Lucy on Monday. On the first day, Lucy showed me the importance of meticulous planning and designing. A "storyboard" was put together and the project of a pair of Keum boo earrings started to take shape.

- - #10864

I had a great day with Lucy. I was a bit restricted with time, but Lucy was very accommodating. I can't believe how much we were able to do in a day! Lucy encouraged me to try out many different skills and was very supportive throughout. Highly recommended one to one tuition. Thanks Lucy!

- - #10854

I'm a complete beginner & had a fab day learning how to make a silver ring & bangle. Lucy is great teacher with a lot of patience. Looking forward to more training days in the very near future.

- - #10826

I had an intensive day course being instructed in the processes involved in silversmithing. Lucy is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in her craft and, with her patient guidance and help, a silver bangle was produced! The workshop is spacious and very well equipped and I was impressed with the hospitality I was shown. Thank you for most enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.

- - #10596

Another superb day with Lucy spent working on my project piece. So many skills I'm learning always over and above what I'm expecting. I love the collaborative style of working as she gently makes suggestions to save me making mistakes but also we come together to make my project better. Although it's not complete it has become a very professional looking piece all thanks to Lucy's patience

- - #10595

What a great day I had last week with Lucy. I wanted to learn as much as I could about making jewellery from silver and that's exactly what I did. The amount of knowledge that Lucy has is amazing! She was able to assist me with everything that I wanted to make, bringing all of my ideas to life, in silver form. I could not recommend Lucy and her beautiful studio enough.

- - #10568

I spent two days with Lucy at her fantastic workshop and learned so much. She is the perfect teacher for taking what you already know (in my case very little) and stretching you just enough that you accomplish far more than you thought you'd ever be able to.

I am now going to consolidate my skills and, I hope, book another day or two with her when I know where I want to go with my learning next. I am utterly certain that whereever that is Lucy will be a great person to guide the way.

- - #10163

I've had another riveting day learning new techniques from Lucy. Whilst I have not been able to bring my work home. I know this is because I have another session to look forward to. What I love is my project is evolving and being adapted so it means I will have learned so much more than the original plan of practicing enamelling. To me it's my little masterpiece which I could never have done with out Lucy's insight knowledge and skills. I can't wait for the next episode

- - #10156

A 2-day bonanza! The morning of day 1 was spent designing the ring. As I am devoid of artistic flare, we reviewed previous students' efforts and came up with an amalgam of prior designs. The afternoon session was devoted to a copper mockup.
Lucy and I grew to realise that the design posed some singularly difficult challenges concerning the final length of the ring, namely the 4-segmented pattern. The oblique cuts further complicated the silverware, along with the requirement of an oblique cut to best hide the seam. All in all, this was time well spent. Day 2 was a methodological execution of the first day's work. All the preparation paid off and I'm delighted with my opus! Thank you, Lucy.

- - #9387

Day 2
What an Insightful day!! Having attended jewellery making workshops with other providers may years ago, I was amazed at Lucy's wealth of knowledge and teaching ability. The workshop, garden and Lucy's welcoming personality provides a relaxing and calming atmosphere to learn at your own pace.

- - #9383

My third day with Lucy and it was as packed full of learning as my first two. My project is evolving from the original vague idea into something interesting that changes as we hit a new set of obstacles. This has meant that I have learned skills that I never anticipated. Lucy has the time and patience which means I feel comfortable making suggestions. She will talk me through until we both agree what will work. Can't wait until my next session. And ps don't tell her I'm part of her fan club x

- - #9174

I returned to Lucy’s at the end of May. I had worked at home on a leaf made in silver. This is to embellish the pod shape, already developed. After shaping the leaf so it looked as if it was growing from and around the pod, I preparing it for etching. Lucy kindly gave me stop-out varnish and whiting powder so I could continue at home. When I return it will be ready for the acid bath. This is the third time I have used etching and I find it really exciting. It’s great that Lucy offers this and so many other techniques to try.

- - #9150

I visited Lucy towards the end of April to continue with my 3D project. The two parts of a hollow shape were soldered together. Lucy suggested we could try using hot pitch to fill the item, letting it cool and so allowing us to safely refine the shape by hammering. I liked that we could experiment and keep the design process fluid.
The weather was glorious, so I was able to enjoy lunch in Lucy’s wonderful wisteria-clad garden; it is so relaxing, with beautiful plants, and a small pond with goldfish. All in all, the day was a great escape from a hectic time at work!

- - #9149

I have just spent two days in Lucy’s workshop, being taught Jewellery making skills; I was complete novice with no previous experience and what a treat it has been, she is extremely patient and very generous with her knowledge coupled with an incredible passion for her craft, Lucy enabled me to produce a very beautiful unique pendant that covered a number of different techniques.

I never thought I would be creating by hand beautiful little flowers and learning how to set using rivets ! I am completely enthused by the entire process and eager to learn more. I will definitely be back to Lucy to learn another area of Jewellery making from a true professional.

- - #9058

I have just spent another day learning with Lucy and creating some gorgeous earrings!
I wanted to develop my silversmithing skills, particularly using some of the equipment and tools. I came away having achieved more than I thought I could, and I am already planning my next project. Lucy is a very patient and thorough teacher, and she helped me so much to achieve some great results.

- - #8992

I attended a workshop with Lucy back in April. Her workshop was amazing and so is Lucys' knowledge.

I was truly amazed at how much I learnt in one day. I have now booked a further 10 days with Lucy over the next few months and can't wait to develop my skills further.

Would highly recommend her workshops to anyone. Thank you

- - #8986

I had a fantastic and insightful day with Lucy yesterday. I am a degree student, studying jewellery and metalwork and I wanted to perfect some of the skills that I already have. I chose to do some stone setting with Lucy and I learned so much in one day. I feel I have come away from the session with much more confidence and knowledge to apply to my own designs. Her expertise is invaluable and I will definitely be booking another session with her soon.

- - #8894

My second day with lovely Lucy was just as intense interesting and packed with learning as my first. With Lucy on a one to one you really feel that enhancing your skills is important. We also put the world to rights at the same time. I am not sure if my enamelling project would have been as adventurous without Lucy's guidance and support. I can't wait for my next day.

- - #8852

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- - #8831

I spent a lovely day with Lucy learning the skills of soldering. Prior to the day Lucy checked out my experience and expectations for the day.
Lucy provided support over and above my expectations and I can't wait to have another day. Her knowledge and experience shone through and I learned so much more than soldering skills

- - #8463

I spent two days in Lucy's beautiful studio learning about wax carving for casting and improving my soldering skills. Lucy is a fantastic teacher who understood exactly what I wanted to gain from my 1 to 1 tuition with her. She has an incredibly wide knowledge of techniques and skills and I learned lots of tips and tricks that I hadn't found from my research online or in books. She also takes photos along the way and sends them over after so you have something to refer back to which was very helpful! I learned so much during my time with her, she has given me the confidence to continue learning these new techniques at home, I will definitely be back!

- - #8370

I spent a most enjoyable , stimulating and rewarding day with Lucy , who is an excellent teacher.
She was supportive, encouraging , flexible and responsive, and her style and enormous subject knowledge really fired my imagination.
I will certainly be returning in the summer to learn more.
I would recommend Lucy to anyone who is interested in experiencing a range of techniques and the luxury of one to one tuition with a very skilled and talented jeweller .

- - #8356

I made a start on my new project: a pendant I’ve planned to be in gilding metal and silver. I had fun learning how to make an oval doming block in wood; that was for shaping the gilding metal. Lucy showed me how and produced a good set of woodworking tools for the purpose. Although it was February, and we could see the snow settled on the nearby Clwydian Hills, the workshop, with its new roof, was warm and well lit. Thanks Lucy for another wonderful day.

- - #8123

For this first visit of the new year my aim was to finish off two pieces I’d worked on previously: a silver and bronze cuff, and a pendant in silver and bronze with a gold rivet. I learned how to make a curled bale for the pendant, using Lucy’s intriguing wooden bale-forming machine. Overall, I gained a lot of knowledge and skill with these projects, and feel my creativity has grown with Lucy’s immense help and guidance.

- - #8106

I have had the pleasure of attending one of Lucys' Jewellery Workshops this week. I had a wonderful day.Lucy discussed just what I would like to get out of the day and she delivered. The teaching was first class.I can't believe how much we covered in one day.I am over the moon with the bracelet I made with loads of help.I will be attending more workshops in the future Lucy has so much expertise and experience through a lifetime of jewellery making.Would recommend this workshop for anyone from a beginner to a jewellery maker who wants to take their jewellery up a notch.

- - #7231

In November, as a birthday treat, I had another two days at Lucy’s workshop learning how to make a cuff with etched silver and bronze. Aspects of the design were inspired by an image of oriental pottery, kindly sent to me by Lucy. She is excellent at encouraging creativity. This was a challenging project but with Lucy’s help and immense skill, I achieved a piece I will love to wear. As always, I had a wonderful experience and I look forward to my next visit.

- - #7033

I visited Lucy in Late September for two days; the weather was glorious. I was able to sit outside at lunchtime enjoying her garden with a fantastic view of the Clwydian hills beyond.
I made a pair of bronze and silver earrings with gold accents using the techniques of riveting and etching. Each time I visit I aim to learn new skills. Lucy, as always, was excellent and she provided me with a basic tool list so I could continue learning and experimenting with the riveting process at home. Lucy goes ‘above and beyond’ in her efforts to help you produce wonderful jewellery with a truly professional finish.

- - #7032

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- - #7003

Lucy's workshop days are excellent value for money. I have just completed two days tuition with her which were both packed with information, skills training and guidance.
Lucy is a great teacher who helps build confidence whilst helping you to develop your skills. I wanted to build on my very basic silversmithing ability and was able to do so more quickly than I thought possible.
I am now going to arrange another day to build on what I have learnt so far.
Lucy is incredibly generous in sharing her knowledge and tips. I brought a lot of information away with me all of which is invaluable.

- - #7001

I have spent 3 days with Lucy last year as a novice in the silversmith field. It was a great experience and I still adore the pieces I had made with her excellent guidance. With encouraging of Lucy I decided to set up my silversmith studio at home. I visited her again for a day to discuss all the details and equipments I need. ( And even create a unique ring for me.) Lucy guided me through all the processes, set up my torch, looked up all the tools in different catalogs to fit for my purpose. She was giving me great tips of literally everything I wanted. And nevertheless I made 2 beautiful rings

- - #6989

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- - #6967

I had a great experience, with patient ,professional guidance from Lucy, who had given me practical advice on getting supples, and accomodation in area , as well as a pickup service from train station (as I came from London).
I'm a rank amateur, with very little experience in silver smithing , but a lifelong interest in design and crafting.
With much assistance , I can away with a lovely memories of the charming workshop and a pendant which will be much treasured !
I also discovered another extraordinary connection with Lucy family,in my childhood, spent in Northof England,my sister and I had portraits painted by Lucy's grandfather Stanley Royle. He had been a patient of my father and Stanley had been requested to paint us a children ! We both currently live overseas.

- - #6966

After doing a part time course at Burmingham school of Jewellery I carried on making the odd piece of jewellery at home. However, I felt I needed more guidance and found Lucy. I spend a day making 2 silver serviette rings together with Lucy. She was so knowledgeable but also hands on. She taught me while making me feel I was in charge of my own experience. No challenge that day was too great, and we had a few. But most importantly she gave me lots of confidence to carry on making silver jewellery at home. I am already thinking of another challenge that I could share with Lucy.

- - #6964

Whilst studying Design and Technology, I attended several jewellery workshops with Lucy to gain experience of designing and creating my own Jewellery. I enjoyed working with both silver, copper, and enamelling too. Lucy showed me various techniques. The workshops were great! Lucy was a fantastic tutor.

- - #6194

I have attended several workshops with Lucy and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I have learnt many skills in silver jewellery making. Lucy is a patient and extremely skilled teacher. I have many pieces I made during my classes, and will treasure these as they are very unique. Lucy is extremely skilled and provides tuition of a very high standard. I would recommend Lucy's workshops - classes are in a beautiful setting too!

- - #6193

I had an excellent day of learning and fun making jewellery at Lucy's workshop.
I came away with a handmade, by me, silver bracelet. Lucy is an excellent tutor who enables and supports while teaching jewellery making techniques. I have already booked my next session.


- - #6153

I have admired Lucy's work for many years and after visiting the workshop last year I was so inspired and excited at the idea of trying jewellery making myself.

The workshop completely exceeded my expectations. I had such an amazing weekend, first day just attending to watch my sisters - and on the second day getting stuck in myself.

Lucy's knowledge of techniques, teaching methods and enthusiasm we're fantastic. I'm a complete beginner and can't believe how professional both my sisters and my finished piece of jewellery is thanks to Lucy's guidance and support.

Would 100% recommend to anyone and really hope to return one day in the future myself!

- - #6009

I thoroughly enjoyed my day workshop with Lucy; she has excellent attention to detail, impressive knowledge and an infectious passion for her work. Learning new techniques, and seeing the work take shape was fascinating. Having no previous experience, I was really quite amazed to have produced such a stunning, beautifully finished, unique pendant by the end of the day. When I see it catch the light, I know how much careful filing was needed for that!

- - #6000

Lucy has an extensive knowledge that covers a wide range of tecniques in many different metals.
Her guidance & patience has given me the confidence to achieve a number of projects covering the more difficult aspects of silver-smithing.
Since my early 20's I have had a hankering to learn the art & now at the age of 65 I feel priveliged to have found a highly qualified mentor.
I look forward to each session in Lucy's fully equipped workshop. It is a tranquil space full of inspiration & knowledge.

- - #5991

I spent my first day with Lucy yesterday and had a fantastic day. Lucy has an in depth knowledge having spent many years training and teaching jewellery making. I am looking forward to spending more days with Lucy to learn more skills. In one day I learnt a variety of different skills. It is great that Lucy encourages you to design your own pieces. Lucy's experience and amazing ability in the craft means that almost anything is possible. Lucy's style of teaching is great, she encourages you to think about the process and how it works, demonstrates well but you certainly do most of the making yourself. Looking forward to making learning and making lots more :) Thanks again!

- - #5818

I had a fantastic day, making a copper oak leaf pendant with Lucy. Not only did I take away a variety of jewellery making skills that I will use to make more jewellery in the future, I also enjoyed her company. Lucy taught me in a way that even as a beginner, I did not feel overwhelmed and was able to complete my pendant using many different techniques that I had no previous experience of doing. I look forward to doing another course with her in the future. Thank you Lucy :-)

- - #5713

My class with Lucy was fantastic! She taught me the basics of annealing and moulding copper into a ring. Definitely will need to come back again to learn some more techniques! Lucy was lovely and a great teacher. I really appreciate that she gave me a list of the tools that I would need to get started. I am very envious of Lucy's studio, just need to find a space to start my own now!

- - #5701

I have visited Lucy twice, and I am already planning my next visit. It’s great to have 1-1 tuition of the highest standard in a wonderful, well-equipped studio. I have learned many techniques - some of which are devised by Lucy herself, and not found in books - and I have learned to produce work finished to a professional standard. It’s a nice touch that Lucy later sends a set of photographs of work-in-progress, as well as the finished pieces; that’s a helpful reference to the techniques used. The days have been fun, with lots of tea and inspiration!

- - #4592

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