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Glass painting: search courses, classes and workshops all across the UK.

Course dates are flexible. You can book 1, 2, 3 or 4 days courses. If you have a CraftCourses gift voucher, please do not forget to provide voucher code and person's name. Description: This course is suitable for those who want to learn the art of stained glass in a friendly manner. Learn how to lead panels or paint stained glass windows, in the company of a small relaxed group and for some time-out in...
Cheshire - Next course on 23rd November 2019
We Brits love our animals – whether it be farmyard animals, fish, wildlife or domestic furry friends. We will help you capture the spirit of your chosen animal in fused glass. Led by renowned glass artist Jennifer Barker, you will be guided in bringing the animals almost to life by creating a sense of movement or stance that evoke the animals character. Feel free to bring images of your own pet or any imagery that...
Cheshire - Next course on 22nd June 2019
Led by Steph Brown, this traditional course will enable you to design and make your own stained glass panel. By covering the different glass cutting techniques and then guiding you through the leading process to construct your panel, the course will culminate in the soldering of the lead to complete your piece. A fantastic two-day course that is suitable for both beginners and those with some experience.
Spend a couple of your hours relaxing with a cake and a cuppa while glass painting your own wine glasses to give to friends, family or just for yourself. In the workshop you will use templates or design your own images. Use guttering and painting techniques to make them come to life with colour. You will create one glass tealight which you will practice techniques and colours on and then move onto your final two...
Each of the fused glass sessions provide a range of different materials and methods. We will also cover cutting techniques, basic rules for fusing, and the alchemy of how glass and inclusions react with each other. For example, one class may focus on: - ceramic fibre techniques - landscape art - metal inclusions - reactive glass - glass inclusions Most classes are suitable for beginners and there are in-class guides to help you along the...
West Midlands - Next course on 29th June 2019
Come and join me for an afternoon of glass painting. During the workshop you learn how to create your own design and how to transfer it to your glass piece. I will teach you various techniques, including tublining. I will show you numeorus painting styles/techniques which will help you create your own unique piece. I will show you how to mix paints and how to create new and interesting paint effects. At the end of...
Create your own Magic eye Journal cover, using Powertex on MDF, what colour will yours be, you can tone your journal to match your eye or do a bold contrast to make your eye stand out dramatically against the journal. We will talk through the materials we are using and we will work on painting your eye first. , I will guide you through painting your eye in the colour of your choosing, All eyes...
Glass applique is perhaps the simplest form of stained glass making, since it involves glueing the glass shapes onto a base sheet of clear glass, rather than connecting each piece with a lead came. Once the panel has all of its pieces glued down, a grout is laid over the entire panels and then wiped away where the glass pieces are set. You will learn how to make stunning glass panels, how to design your...
Traditional Painting for Stained Glass. A taster day course to explore the use of traditional pigments, fired onto the glass in a kiln (overnight at the end of the day). Running the day before a 2-day stained glass panel making course at the same venue, (and concurrent with 'workshop days'), for those who would like to use their painted piece to build into a panel. For booking or queries please contact Jackie or use the...
One day silk painting and glass painting courses for up to 3 students, to ensure individual attention. No drawing skills required! Everyone can paint on silk and glass - you don’t have to be an artist! I have many decorative patterns waiting to be enhanced into vibrant colours. Silk and glass painting is a creative & peaceful activity ~ offering a real chance to unwind and distance yourself from things clouding your mind. These two...

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