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Foraging & wild food courses

Foraging and wild food walks and courses are taught in woods, meadows and hedgerows across the UK. Learn to identify and harvest wild greens, edible leaves, herbs and mushrooms with expert foragers and herbalists in the picturesque wilderness of our green country. Collecting your own wild food (and medicine) is immensely satisfying and healthy - not to mention cost effective! Food foraging is an ancient skill that gets us back to the very basics of human life. Foraging workshops and walks make for a great day out in the fresh air, chatting with fellow foragers and learning delicious new recipes.

Ceredigion - Next course on 6th April 2019
Growing some of your own produce is one of the most empowering experiences going. Join us on a beautiful smallholding in the wild, wild West of Wales to learn organic gardening techniques. This day is ideal for beginners as well as experienced gardeners looking to learn how to nurture delicious home grown fruit and vegetables with a greater resilience around our changing climate, with little to no fuss at all. This accessible, hugely informative and...
Herefordshire - Next course on 8th June 2019
Herb walks at Hellens Garden Festival, Much Marcle (free once you have paid the entry fee to festival) A guided walk around the herb garden at Hellens Manor, and discussion of the historical and current use of herbs in medicine
Herefordshire - Next course on 4th May 2019
Herb walk at the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust Queenswood Country Park. A 2 hour amble identifying & discussing the herbs we find along the way We will be identifying the herbs we find on our walk and discussing the principles of using herbs for maintaining our health and well being. The aim is to increase our appreciation of the natural resources around us and increase our knowledge & understanding of herbs and our relationship with them....
Bristol - Next course on 23rd March 2019
As part of Fernhill Fibre's Blade Shearing Tournament and Fleece Sale day, we've been invited to put on some foraging walks for you with Totally Wild UK. It's going to be a really fun day. Come and explore the wonderful Fernhill Farm in Spring, learn the basics of foraging and discover the vast array of edibles that can be found right under our noses! During the Forage your forager will introduce you to a number...
Join me, Jade Mellor, a professional forager for nearly ten years and owner of foraging business Wild Pickings for a Spring foray! Its the time for fresh and tasty wild greens which are packed with vitamins and full of goodness. We will begin the day with a stroll around Cardigan’s lanes learning about and gathering a rich variety of edible seasonal leaves. Bring a basket or something similar to carry your harvest and we will...
Bristol - Next course on 24th March 2019
Step into the light half of the year with a spring in your step! The land is waking up and there are lots of plants shooting up that are bursting with minerals and bioflavonoids. You don't need to spend a fortune on supplements and products that have been shipped halfway round the world. There is healing and health all around us right here. Join me for an afternoon of herbal delights! I want to empower...
Shropshire - Next course on 13th April 2019
Join experienced guide Dr. Cath Price on her guided walk around Fordhall Organic Farm. You’ll meander over Fordhall’s cattle grazing fields and through our natural woodland exploring and discovering the health benefits and culinary uses of various herbs, berries, seeds and roots. Join Cath and other like-minded people on a 2 hour walk starting at 10am. Followed by a fabulous hearty foraged feast, put together by Fordhall’s Head Chef. Feedback has always been overwhelmingly good...
Our half day foray is an excellent introduction to the experience of discovering wild foods. We will guide you through different habitats teaching you how to explore the landscape, identify and harvest the seasonal wild foods it offers. The experience is wondrous; depending upon the time of year you could find yourself munching on tree leaves, flowers, plants, berries or some truly astonishing mushrooms! The Northumberland landscape presents a splendid array of edible flora, fauna...
Foraging Day at Hafod Estate, Ystwyth Valley, Ceredigion (about 12 miles from Aberystwyth) Join professional forager Jade Mellor for a full day of wild food foraging. Spring is a time of abundance and new life. Of fresh, green leaves, edible blooms and the most tender, tasty and nutritious wild food. Join me in this very special opportunity to spend a whole day foraging in the heart of the beautiful, magical, Hafod estate . We will...
Dorset - Next course on 22nd March 2019
Introduction to Herbal Remedies An introductory day of plant knowledge, traditional healing and remedies. We will look at ... Herbal Medicine: the Art and Science The Plants: identification, how we use them The Remedies: teas, tinctures, oils, salves, creams, and many more... Your First Steps: growing your own herbs, wild harvesting, preparation, preserving Learn how to use herbs medicinally, including sensory sessions and tastings. You will take home a selection of taster remedies and a...