In the hedgerows and edges of fields and gardens, plants are nestling, sprawling or sprouting. These wild relatives of our common vegetables and garden plants are waiting to speak to us, to meet and teach. We might use them as edibles or for materials and fibre. We may not even notice those plants yet, or we might already know a few. In this course, ideal for beginners we consider a handful, or foraging basket-ful, of easy to learn and common foraging plants. You will learn how to forage safely by learning a set of guidelines, ID some simple plants correctly and learn how to use them.

What's included in the price?

Foraging Introduction. Guidelines. Plentiful photos. Plant information for ID of 4 beginner foraging plants. Wild edibles guideance and usage.

What you will need

Interest in wanting to learn Foraging.





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Suitable for

  • Adults
  • Intermediate level
  • UK Holiday
  • Suitable for beginners
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