Bladesmithing: Knife, sword, dagger & axe making courses

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Bladesmithing courses and workshops all across the UK. Learn the art of forging metal blades to make your own bushcraft, kitchen or chef's knife, or make an axe, sword or dagger! Learn how to temper, heat treat and sharpen the blades with experienced knife-makers and blade smiths in the forge.

North Yorkshire - Next course on 28th July 2018
Spend two days at my forge learning to forge a 1055 steel rustic knife by hand and HAMON (Temper Line) then put an antler handle or wooden handle on the tang which makes it a hidden tang or full tang. You will make a sheath need steel toe cap boots or strong leather boots. this is a 1to1 courses Hamon is the temper pattern along the blade edge
The one day knife making course is designed for beginners that have no or little experience in metalwork or blacksmithing. The course starts with a quick safety talk and a cup of coffee. Once we are all settled in the first task is to make a fire poker which will give everyone some hammering skills and a feel of how the material will react once its heated. The knife we make is a Viking one...
North Yorkshire - Next course on 23rd July 2018
This is a one to one course only. I will not take 2 people at the same time for any reason so please do not ask. This is due to the difficulty, space restrictions and safety regulations involved. On this course you have 5 days to design, forge and craft either one. two or three items. There are restrictions on the length and size of the sword and axe. You can make them from various...
Lincolnshire - Next course on 15th September 2018
Join bladesmith Matt Aldridge at his forge in Lincolnshire for a range of two day workshops where you will learn how to make a knife from start to finish. The sessions include forging a billet of steel to shape, using a belt grinder to remove excess metal, heat treating your knife, and how to fit and finish a solid handle. Each student will go home with one completed knife. We have a range of dates...
Our new course by popular request. The two day chefs knife course is designed for beginners that have no or little experience in metalwork or blacksmithing. The course starts with a quick safety talk and a cup of coffee. To ensure we all produce a working knife which is a fully usable tool, occasionally we are fortunate to have a visiting expert Steve Nowacki as a guest tutor who will be leading the class ....
Join our friendly Blacksmithing Team for a full day's tuition in basic forging! Award winning, master blacksmith, Nigel Barnett will guide you through the basic skills of forging. You will have a go at making your own items to take home. The course is very hands-on and attendees will learn the skills required to create a variety of traditional ironmongery. Working at your own speed, tuition is on demonstration followed by one to one guidance...
Wiltshire - Next course on 18th August 2018
Can you handle the heat?! Want to experience what it takes to make your own knife? Under the tutelage of Graham Clarke you will learn to make a fully useable carbon steel knife. During your day you will: * Shape your knife using a gas forge, hammer, anvil. * Normalise your blade in the gas forge * Grind your blade to it's near finished shape * Heat-treat your blade (without the fiery theatricals as seen...
West Yorkshire
In this knife making course you will make a rustic style knife over four hours out of 1045 carbon steel. I will take you through the forging process step by step (you will be doing all of the hammer work so have your weetabix). You will learn how the heat treatment is done, from the normalisation to tempering and how to sharpen your blade on the belt grinder, then add a simple leather rap handle....
North Yorkshire - Next course on 27th July 2018
On this introductory course in taking your first steps into the world of blacksmithing and knifesmithing. As this is a blacksmith knife, you will be learning to draw out the metal, taper the end and put a scroll onto it. The knifemaking is the blade end where you will learn to make a bevelled edge, you will learn to sharpen the blade with a knife grinder, heat treat the metal and finish the knife. You...
This is a specialist 3 day class concentrating on the particular techniques of forging a kitchen knife. We will forge a 7 – 8 inch kitchen knife. No prior experience is needed and the class will guide you through: · Using a coke forge and gas forge · Forging the blade to shape · Thermocycling (reducing grain growth, which is an undesirable effect of over heating steel) · Blade shaping, using grinder file and abrasive...