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Find pen and ink workshops with talented artist tutors around the UK. Explore ink as an art medium, used with paints, water or bleach. Re-discover the simple fountain pen as a tool for creativity.

A relaxing arty evening with wine! Suitable from complete beginners to professionals. The monthly ‘theme’ is revealed when you arrive. Artwork samples are available to inspire you with lots of different media to experiment with! I’m available all evening to help & there is a cheese & biscuits break. Perfect art class for those unable to commit to regular class, & an unusual gift idea!
Buckinghamshire - Next course on 24th November 2018
MindFlow Art Retreat, monthly workshops are for identifying how to use spirituality and emotions to unleash your creativity. Healing through Art is designed to help you become more self-aware and creative. I will support you to explore your imagination to create, use your emotions to access subconscious emotions and images. So often we look for the answers outside, if only we realised that everything we need is within. My creative journey has been an enlightening...
Greater London - Next course on 5th June 2019
Do you know your Baroque from your Bauhaus? In this survey of design and decorative style from the Renaissance to the Post-war period, learn how to look at objects with a connoisseur ‘s eye. By the end of the course you will be able to Recognise mainstream decorative trends in Western decorative art and design through visual analysis. Gain confidence in dating works of art through knowledge of key motifs and ideas Enrich your experience...
Cumbria - Next course on 28th November 2018
New courses for 2018 March 2018 - Landscapes in Ink and Bleach Experiment with various types of ink and a gentle bleach solutions for interesting textures and effects. “Accidental’ reactions between both mediums create dramatic landscape and sky effects, or a more controlled approach can be taken to keep the work ‘tight’. The stunning scenery of the Lake District will be our inspiration for the day. November 2018 Christmas Cards with Ink and Bleach Have...
Monmouthshire - Next course on 11th May 2019
Discover how to use drawing to bring you to your next level as an artist. The goal of this workshop is to introduce, and experiment with, a variety of tools and techniques that are fun, reinforce your skills and sharpen your decision-making when it comes to line, shape, tone, texture composition and personal expression. Suitable for all abilities.
Gloucestershire - Next course on 15th January 2019
Make quality time for yourself and join this enjoyable course for adults on Tuesday evenings. This NEW course is suitable for those who have some experience in drawing and painting and wish to further develop their skills in various media. Advice and guidance will be provided on a one to one basis to meet your individual needs in a fun, relaxed and non-intimidating environment. If you have been a student on the Art for beginners...
Hertfordshire - Next course on 1st December 2018
After two very popular Beginner's courses earlier this year, we are delighted to be able to provide this really lovely Christmas themed course at CLP. Led by Suzie Dicker, founder of luxury stationery brand A L'aise, this workshop will guide you through making your first stroke to writing beautiful tags and cards that you can really personalise for special friends and relations. Once learnt, you can also use this craft to enhance your journalling skills...
You will be thinking about how to combine different mediums that can complement and enhance painting and drawing. You will learn what it means to describe something as colour fast and how this translates into finished work that can be shown safely in light without worrying about fading or loss of colour. A key part of this process is learning what it meant by the term ‘mark making’ and how this can often refer to...
Ever wanted to try your hand at Calligraphy? Why not come along to our small and friendly Saturday morning class where you'll be shown how to form beautiful letters using traditional dip pen and ink. We'll also try out some quills and bamboo pens with different inks and paints. So many lovely styles of lettering to learn and you don't need to have neat handwriting! Aimed at Beginners but Improvers can benefit too. Children are...
Drawing Skills workshop is a an enjoyable and relaxing day in a beautiful Art Studio. You will spend the day using pencils, charcoal and chalk and pen and ink mark making, sketching and learning numerous drawing techniques. A variety of surfaces and papers are used to experiment on. The afternoon is spent drawing a still life using the implement and surface of your choice. I am an Art teacher with over 20 years experience teaching...