This course consists of three modules from my longer ‘Painting in watercolours on canvas’, packaged together for the artist who is already working in watercolours on canvas. You might not need the basics, but you are looking to take your art further. We will prepare a highly textured surface, then go on the explore how ink behaves on the surface before painting a beautiful pair of kingfishers.

What's included in the price?

1. Introduction - is this the right course for you? This course is intended to be as close as possible to sitting next to me in my studio learning from me. It is for those who have already painted in watercolour on canvas. If you haven't you will benefit from my longer course 'Painting watercolours on canvas', which will take you through everything from what is watercolour ground, to sealing your paintings. This course takes three lessons from the longer course which are of particular interest to the more experienced artist and makes them available without the parts you already know. 2. Creating a textured canvas - how might you start to take your watercolours further? By working on a textured surface. I show you a few ways of achieving an interesting surface, though no doubt you will think of plenty more! The one we are concentrating on is using tissue paper to make highly textured canvas which is perfect for landscapes, seascapes, architectural subjects and animals. 3. Ink and watercolour - using waterproof Indian ink as an under painting to our watercolours is a way of overcoming the challenge of the layering. We explore how the ink behaves and then use the textured canvas to create a beautiful study of two kingfishers. 4. Sealing and finishing - how can we protect, frame and hang our work to show it off? I will take you through different varnishing options and introduce you to cold wax medium too.

What you will need

An off cut of mountboard prepared with three layers of watercolour ground to experiment with ink upon Canvas - 50x50cm narrow edge canvas (or choose your size) Tissue paper - acid free, white, sufficient to cover the canvas PVA glue - acid free Watercolour ground - of your choice Applicator and container for glue Waterproof Indian ink Fineliner pigment ink pens (eg Microns) in a couple of sizes eg 0.7, 0.4mm Watercolours - I use tube due to the size of the canvas, but if you have pans, please use them. Artist quality is my preference: phthalo blue, turquoise, French ultramarine, quinacridone gold, quinacridone Sienna, quinacridone magenta Brushes - large round (size 16), medium round (size 8), rigger (size 2) Water pots, spray bottle, kitchen towel, pencil, eraser




Liz Chaderton Artist

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Liz lives and works in a small village in Berkshire. She has been showing her work through exhibitions and galleries since 2009. A selection of her paintings are published by Artko, Artwall and Wraptious. Her first book, 'Painting watercolours on canvas' was published by the Crowood Press in June 2019 and her fifth is due to be published in late 2023. She writes for The Leisure Painter and other art magazines and teaches extensively on YouTube. She aims to help you see the animals and flora we so often overlook and by so doing to nurture a more caring attitude to the environment.

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