Line and wash, or pen and wash if you prefer, is an expressive and versatile way of working. In essence, ink lines are used together with washes of colour, either transparent watercolour or ink washes. This mixing of media allows the artist to take advantage of the strengths of both. The lines are used to define edges and details, while the washes develop colour and emotion. Tone and form may be developed with the linework or added using the watercolour depending on the artist’s preference. This element of choice is a recurring theme we will explore throughout this course. We will look at the different pens, inks and watercolours available and then how to combine them to best effect. The course uses buildings, people, flowers, animals and objects as our subject matter. The lessons we learn with each are transferable to whatever you wish to paint. You have lifetime access to the course and can study when and where you choose. I hope you really enjoy it! Line and Wash Painting will be published in Jan 2022 by The Crowood Press. It will be my third book.

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Ten different video lessons take you through: Pens Ink Watercolour Drawing exercises Which comes first, line or colour? Watersoluble pens Dip pen and ink Dynamic outlining Urban sketch Portrait All reference materials are included.



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Liz lives and works in a small village in Berkshire. She has been showing her work through exhibitions and galleries since 2009. A selection of her paintings are published by Artko, Artwall and Wraptious. Her first book, 'Painting watercolours on canvas' was published by the Crowood Press in June 2019. She writes for The Leisure Painter and Paint Magazine. She aims to help you see the animals and flora we so often overlook and by so doing to nurture a more caring attitude to the environment.

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