Lucy Renshaw reviews

8 Jun 22'

Kate Wallace reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Lovely day spent in fabulous surroundings learning a thing or two about furniture upcycling"

29 Apr 22'

Clare Gunby reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"I went on the one-day upholstery course and loved it! The studio is in beautiful countryside, Lucy's knowledge and assistance is top-notch and the homemade cake was delicious. The small group sizes mean you get a lot of one-to-one. The conversations we had about creativity, women and wellbeing were great. I felt creative, relaxed and at peace throughout/afterwards. I recommend Lucy and her courses to everyone."

9 Mar 22'

Jenny reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"My husband purchased an upholstery experience for me for a birthday surprise. The day was very relaxed yet very productive. In 6 hours I was able to transform a chair and learnt so much along the way. I wasn't quite finished, so Lucy equipped me with all the materials and knowledge I needed in order to complete my project. The location was fabulous and definitely added to the whole experience. I instantly felt at ease in Lucy's company. She was so patient and explained each stage so clearly to me instantly dispelling my fears about being a complete novice and having no experience. Thank you Lucy for a lovely day creating and learning about upholstery."

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" It was so lovely to meet you Jenny! Thank you for your kind reviewx"

18 Feb 22'

Karan Hopkinson reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Wow, what a fabulous day! As a complete beginner, Lucy gave me the confidence to get stuck in and have a go. This completely pushed me out of my comfort zone and I loved every minute! Lucy was so knowledgeable and supportive, guiding us to learn new skills. Definitely looking forward to my next course, thank you ☺️"

11 Jan 22'

Shirley reviewed: HOME RETREAT:Colour therapy: Essential tools to help with your well being

"Unfortunately this was not at all what I expected, and consequently didn't really meet my needs. I was not looking for yoga, cooking, or gardening tips but more about the theory of colours and in particular how to put colours together which would be relevant to my knitting and crafting hobbies. Having had a scientific career, I am understandably sceptical about the mystic and spiritual aspects of yoga and didn't feel this was relevant to the discussion about colour. I didn't really feel I learnt much at all about colour theory, although I can see that this approach would appeal to some. For what was offered, the course seemed very over-priced."

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" Hi Shirley I'm so sorry you had such a negative experience with my Retreat. I'm wondering if this was a gift....As the elements of the course are listed and described on the website. I think you are correct, it obviously wasn't the right course for you. I do however, offer courses, both online and face to face which cover just colour theory, which may have been more suitable. However, my passion lies in the link between physical and energetic colour. There will always be a divide on beliefs and opinions! The course has over 4 hours of footage, but if you were not receptive, I can appreciate your thoughts on the cost. Warm wishes Lucy"

8 Dec 21'

Jeanne Barber reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"What a fabulous day!! Lucy is a lovely lady with so much knowledge and so many ideas to refurbish your project item. So delighted with my newly upholstered chair and I’ve learned some new skills to help me with future projects. All set in Lucy’s super workshop with copious amounts of tea and homemade cakes and met some lovely ladies on the course too. I enjoyed every minute!!"

7 Dec 21'

Jasmin reviewed: Conscious Interior Decor; For holistic living

"I often want to redecorate a room but am paralysed by the fear of “getting it wrong”. This day course has made me feel so much more confident that I can create a lovely feel in my home, now I just need to put it into practise! Thank you Lucy."

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" Thank you Jasmin, so lovely to hear your confidence has grown- that’s what it’s all about! Hope to see you again x"

2 Dec 21'

Anna Sharpe reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Lucy’s upholstery course is perfect for anyone wanting to learn skills and revive tired furniture. I had such a great day in her beautiful workshop. I learnt so much and completed my bench to an outstanding finish using simple but effective techniques. Lucy was so calm and encouraging, nothing was too much trouble and she even supplied me with all new stuffing for my bench and lining which made all the difference to my piece. I will certainly be booking again. We even had a bit of colour therapy which was so interesting and made me feel so relaxed and balanced. Absolutely lovely and knowledgeable woman. Was a pleasure to meet her."

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" So kind Anna! Thank you so much.....A girl after my own heart with colour and pattern! I’ll look forward to seeing your business flourish Xxxx"

25 Nov 21'

Julie Walster reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Just wanted to share how amazing Lucy’s courses are. Having initially undertaken Lucy’s Interior Design Course and latterly Lucy’s Upholstery Day I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone to book a course and have a go. Lucy delivers innovative ideas with easy understanding in a calming sensitive setting. Not only do you learn new skills you leave feeling balanced and rejuvenated. Oh and the cakes are very nice too!"

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" Thank you so much Julie, it was a pleasure to spend the day with you xxxxx"

17 Nov 21'

Mandy Rees reviewed: Conscious Interior Decor; For holistic living

"Thank you Lucy for a really inspiring and relaxing day in gorgeous surroundings. I learnt so much about how holistic design includes all the senses and especially enjoyed the session about how colours work together, something I normally find a bit daunting. There was a really good balance between teaching, with lots of useful examples and advice, and hands on tasks and discussions. The course really opened my eyes and has given me refreshed enthusiasm to get going on my next project."

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" Thank you Mandy! It was really lovely to spend the day with you xxx"

15 Nov 21'

Ali Pacey reviewed: Conscious Interior Decor; For holistic living

"Finally got to attend this course after over 18 months and was really looking forward to it. I guessed Lucy was very holistic and the whole day was so energising and inspiring, I came away with many ideas and a greater knowledge of the type of interior decor that's best for me. I'm looking at everything at home and in photos differently. I gained so much from the day, I would highly recommend the workshop. Thank you Lucy."

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" So lovely to see you last week and thank you so much for your kindness xxxx Good luck with your creative journey xx"

20 Oct 21'

Paula Bell reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"My friend and I had a lovely day yesterday with Lucy , we both achieved what we had hoped we would and left with knowledge and confidence to start rejuvenating upholstered furniture in the future. Lucy’s coffee and cakes were an added bonus, delicious."

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" Really Lovely to meet you both, well done on your projects xxxx"

6 Oct 21'

Nicola reviewed: Colour for ultimate well being: Retreat in Nature

"I found the colour retreat to be just what I needed after a difficult year – it was incredibly relaxing; I had the time and the space to forget about the stresses and strains of life, to take time out to replenish my depleted energy levels, and I found Lucy to be very warm and inspiring. Since the course I have found that I am noticing colour more, recognising the effect it has on me, and looking out for colourful clothes, food, and things for the home to brighten my family's time spent indoors, especially now winter is on its way. I loved the emphasis on autumn and connecting with nature, as Autumn is my favourite time of year, and I think we could all benefit from connecting with nature more. I really enjoyed the home-made cakes, herbal teas, and lunch, and the setting was beautiful – it really helped to create a sense of retreating from the everyday world."

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" Thank you so much for your kind review. I’m so glad you were able to get the rest and rejuvenation you needed! Enjoy your journey of discovering more about the benefits of colour and hope to see you again x"

21 Jul 21'

Jasmin reviewed: Colour for ultimate well being: Retreat in Nature

"I was unsure whether this day would be a little to “out there” for me, but I need not have worried, it was great! I arrived feeling tired and stressed and I left feeling relaxed and energised. The setting was lovely, and the day was really insightful in terms of how colour can affect our mood, how we all have our own individual preferences, thoughts on home decor, impact of food choices etc. The food and drink provided were delicious too. I loved it. Since the day I’ve been eating more colourful food, I’m wearing more colourful clothes, and I’m re-thinking my colour scheme for my house!"

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" Thank you Jasmin It was so lovely to have you for the day and I’m delighted to hear you are bringing colour into your life in lots of ways! Hope to see you again x"

14 Jul 21'

Mims reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"After completing Lucy's online Interior Design course, I was inspired to learn more about how to transform a home with sustainability in mind. Lucy's upholstery course was perfect for this. It was great to be able to take along a project of my choice and I learnt lots of skills and techniques in a truly beautiful setting. Lucy is very welcoming, patient and encouraging and her homemade cakes are just delicious!"

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" Thank you so much for your kind words! Keep me posted with your creations! Xxx"

5 Jul 21'

Carla reviewed: Colour for ultimate well being: Retreat in Nature

"I really enjoyed Lucy’s colour retreat, it helped me to unwind and regroup. Lucy’s passion for colour is infectious and it was so interesting to experience it growing from a one dimensional concept into an accessible language as the day progressed and we looked at all the different ways in which colour nurtures us in nature, food and our subconscious. Lucy and all the other participants were supportive and there was sense of everybody’s unique thoughts and feelings being valid and welcome. Lucy Kay’s talk about food and colour was fascinating, and the healthy salads, cakes and teas throughout the day.. delicious!"

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" Really lovely to meet you Carla, I’m so glad you enjoyed the day. Hope to see you again x"

5 Jul 21'

Lucy Kay reviewed: Colour for ultimate well being: Retreat in Nature

"What a wonderful day spent in the beautiful surroundings of Lucy's home and garden. The yoga and meditation sessions were fabulous - and different to anything I've experienced before. The discussion around colours and how they relate to our mood, personality, emotions and chakras was fascinating. It really slotted in nicely with how the different colours of foods support different areas of the body. Nice little introduction to herbs and their colours and properties too. Overall it was just a gorgeous day. It felt very much like a retreat, time for me, time in nature, time surrounded by colour, lovely people and nutritious, beautiful food. I would highly recommend Lucy and this course."

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" Thank you Lucy, a very kind review. Hope to see you again soon x"

2 Jul 21'

Sandra reviewed: Colour for ultimate well being: Retreat in Nature

"A really interesting, enjoyable and relaxing day. With the beautiful setting of Lucy’s garden, and lovely food, being the icing on the cake. I came away with a much greater awareness of why we are drawn to certain colours and their influence on our lives. As an added bonus, the yoga and guided meditation left me more relaxed than I have been in months. Thank you, Lucy for a great day."

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" Thanks so much for leaving such a kind review. I do hope to see you again x"

2 Jul 21'

Sally Wood reviewed: Colour for ultimate well being: Retreat in Nature

"Wow- this day course literally was what it says in the title…in fact more so! This exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Lucy has such a calm, friendly relaxing presence, aided by her incredible setting of her home and stunning British country garden. Following the freshly picked herbal teas on arrival (and I am usually an avid English breakfast tea drinker!), followed by some yoga, I immediately felt at ease and my mind a million miles away from my work, kids/usual hectic mindset, which is a rarity. As a result I felt really able to tune in to the amazing theories of colour and the different ways we can proactively bring colour into our lives depending on what we may be needing/seeking- I found this fascinating. The links between this and the nutritional benefits of colour provided by Lucy Kay was just brilliant. Lunch was divine with home made (gluten free- thank you) fresh vibrant lunch and all helping making up the colourful delicious salad with Lucy Kay really helped cement just how easy, but yet how yummy and satisfying bringing more colour in to your diet can be. The day finished off picking out various colours from nature that we were drawn to, or bits of colour from Lucy’s collection to prompt consideration of our natural seasonal colour tendencies. I left feeling truly treated to such valuable insight and treated to proper ‘me-time’ as well as genuinely useful “take-home” ideas. Brilliant- I thoroughly recommend and I shall be back, thank you!"

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" Thank you for such a detailed review Sally! It was lovely to spend the day with you. Hope you’ve been enjoying the lemon balm and catnip..... I haven’t forgotten to pot some up for you x"

14 Jan 21'

heather eardley reviewed: HOME RETREAT:Colour therapy: Essential tools to help with your well being

"This was a great retreat to do online -especially during lockdown! A good mix of activities, meditation and reflective time. I really enjoyed cooking along with Lucy and the gardening presentation inspired me to grow a rainbow of colour . A follow up call a few days later was a great way to get to know Lucy better and to do more with colour in my home . Many thanks ?"

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" Thank you for your lovely review. New yoga session and colour for the home will be added by fri xxxxx"

7 Jan 21'

Mary-Lynne Blackburn reviewed: Interior design and decor: Make your home your sanctuary

"This course is really enjoyable and inspiring. Lucy presents the rules of interior design then gives you the confidence to break them as well as follow them! I love her ethos of reusing and upcycling, so any space can be made beautiful and personal whatever the budget. Looking forward to her upholstery workshop."

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" Thank you so much Mary! Very much looking forward to meeting you in person x"

21 Oct 20'

Tony Brearley reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Had a fabulous time and learnt so much that can’t wait to try it all out on various pieces of reclaimed furniture - great space to work in with great cakes and coffee to keep you going - thanks for the great experience"

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" Thanks so much for a lovely review....good luck with all your ideas and business venture. You have natural skills and great ideas!x"

14 Oct 20'

Rachel reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Lucy. I learnt so much and I am delighted with the footstool I re-upholstered with Lucy's guidance. Lovely location, great facilities and very knowledgeable teacher. It was also really nice to have home-baked cakes and lovely hot pots of tea - a wonderful treat and definitely recommended :)"

Lucy Renshaw responded:

" Thanks so much for your review! It was lovely to meet you x"

2 Oct 20'

Karina reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Fabulous day - I learnt so many new skills in just one day and really enjoyed the relaxed and welcoming environment. Great cakes too!"

9 Sep 20'

suzanne robinson reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"I had a lovely day with Lucy. The course was fabulous, I was a novice in upholstery but Lucy made me feel confident enough to start to tackle the chair I brought it. Definitely would recommend and will attend another course when I have time."

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