Lucy Renshaw reviews

8 May 19'

Rachel Knill reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"A thoroughly enjoyable day was had at the upholstery workshop with Lucy. Lucy has created a lovely venue and a friendly and relaxed environment to work in. She was enthusiastic about her craft and willingly shared her experience providing valuable advice and encouragement to everyone. We were allowed to work at our own pace on our individual pieces sustained by an ample supply of excellent cakes and tea or coffee during the day. A tasty lunch was also provided in her kitchen. The day flew by and I was sorry when it was time to leave. I would definitely recommend this workshop - I left feeling more confident and inspired to attempt more projects in the future I would definitely attend again given half the chance!"

24 Mar 19'

Francina Whelan reviewed: Conscious Interior Decor; For holistic living

"A fantastic day with Lucy teaching me the basics of design concepts and the use of colours and textures. I have learned so much thank you Lucy and for your wonderful hospitality."

23 Mar 19'

Tara Madgwick reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"A superb course. Lucy not only made us all feel welcomed into her home and her workspace, but also supported each of us throughout the day with her deep technical and very practical knowledge. She has a great sense of style and in particular use of colour and fabrics and Lucy encouraged us all to embrace our own sense of creativity. Couldn’t fault the day and have gone on to complete my project and take on new ones. Just fantastic ... and my family are very impressed with my new found confidence to start different projects. Thoroughly recommend the day."

22 Mar 19'

Rosa Gilham reviewed: Conscious Interior Decor; For holistic living

"This workshop was amazing. Thank you Lucy for a relaxing and informative day. I gained so much in one day, learning about colour wheel, mood board, colour schemes, pattern and texture. Lucy was an excellent host and the lunch along with the delicious home bread and cakes was a treat. A lovely day wth lovely people. I would highly recommend this course."

20 Mar 19'

Helen reviewed: Conscious Interior Decor; For holistic living

"Really enjoyed the workshop with Lucy and the other ladies. I learned so much and felt inspired to go out and be more creative. I particularly liked the practical elements where we had a go at mixing colours and coming up with schemes. A very lovely day with delicious cake and lunch! Definitely recommended."

15 Feb 19'

Ruth Marchington reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Expert practical advice in a lovely environment. Lucy made sure we all progressed on our different projects and learned new skills. Thank you so much Lucy."

14 Feb 19'

Jane Pettican-Boyes reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"I totally enjoyed every moment of The Upholstery Course I attended, the venue was fabulous, Lucy was a knowledgeable instructor and a lovely lady. She made learning really enjoyable and was able to demonstrate what needed to be done in an enjoyable way. Homemade cake and coffee on arrival was a hit with me, and homemade soup for lunch was very tasty. I finished my project on the day, and I am now eager to learn more and would love to attend another course."

29 Nov 18'

Claire Early reviewed: Conscious Interior Decor; For holistic living

"Enjoyed a fabulous day with Lucy. I learnt a huge amount, had great fun and feel inspired! The day was relaxed, but we covered a lot and the practical exercises really helped me to understand the concepts we covered. It was nice working in a group and sharing ideas with each other. Lucy is a great teacher and host, providing delicious cakes, lunch and a warm welcome! I'm looking forward to doing further courses with her."

22 Oct 18'

Jane reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"An extremely enjoyable day at Lucy’s cosy home learning new upholstery skills, chatting with some lovely people and eating delicious soup and cakes - a perfect way to spend a Saturday. Lucy was most attentive and very knowledgeable in a relaxed setting and I was very pleased with the progress I made on re-upholstering my vanity chair. I would love to return for another workshop."

24 Sep 18'

Josie reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Thank you so much to Lucy and my fellow "upcyclers" for a most enjoyable day last week. Lucy provides an idyllic location and set up in her lovely homely kitchen and is full of inspiration and know-how! The day was so relaxed, fitting in cake breaks and a delicious bowl of soup, yet we all achieved such a lot! I wish I could go back every month!"

20 Sep 18'

Karen Gunn reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"What a wonderful day I had,after meeting the other girls on the course we started our very different projects.Lucy gave us all her undivided attention and I managed to come home with 2 finished items.We also had a lovely homemade lunch (soup and bread) plus plenty of drinks and cake supplied through the day. I have already decided to come again with a friend.Thanks again Lucy."

17 Sep 18'

ANNA WARREN reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"I had the most enjoyable day with like-minded people. Lucy Renshaw is the most lovely person you could meet! So sociable, friendly and talented. It was a wonderful environment to be in. Working in such a small group, Lucy was able to give us her undivided attention at all times. Hoping to do another project soon."

21 Jul 18'

Diane Morgan-Naylor reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Enjoyed a lovely day here with Lucy. With her knowledge and expertise I was able to complete my project in the day. Such a lovely environment to be creative, helped a long with plenty of refreshments and good food. An all round great experience!"

7 Jul 18'

Kassidy reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Amazing day spent on this course i learned loads and came away with a newly upholtered chair and the confidence to do more. Very welcoming and lovely environment and Lucy gives great advice. Will definately be back for more!"

4 Jul 18'

Janette reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Lovely day very relaxed atmosphere, managed to complete my project with help and support from Lucy Thanks"

23 Jun 18'

Yumiko Tivers reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"I am writing this on behalf of my clients as I accompanied them as an interpreter in the course. Mr. and Mrs. Sato had a great time. Thank you so much, Lucy. They have already started thinking about the futue plan to come back from Japan to take your other courses. It was also such a lovely experience for them to learn upholstery in a private home with a beautiful setting. I am sure they will be back. Many thanks Yumiko"

12 Jun 18'

Ian Harris reviewed: Conscious Interior Decor; For holistic living

"I really enjoyed this course. We researched the work of a few designers and really liked Lucy's work and the number of participants on the day meant that we had a good interaction with Lucy. The setting was delightful and Lucy was happy to show us her home which meant we saw some very inspiring ideas. I am used to doing the design and building work and then abdicating all responsibility for the interiors to my wife. I now feel more informed and have started a journey of learning about colour and pattern along with the use and layout of spaces. My wife and I will work together to develop our home and I will be happier to be more involved in what I have always seen as difficult decisions. Having attended this course we will almost certainly be considering more adventurous interior schemes than we might have been scared of before. I also occasionally draw up plans for people and believe that I can add value to my work with some of the work that Lucy showed us in this introductory workshop. Ian"

12 Jun 18'

Liz Harris reviewed: Conscious Interior Decor; For holistic living

"This was a brilliant day which I know my husband and I will continue to use and reflect upon. I researched several similar courses and opted for Lucy's as she has small groups (ours was great fun) and I liked what she wrote about the day. We were not disappointed and were really pleased to have attended together: we learned about colour theory and used paints to test out our understanding; we considered colour and texture, height and layering; and we had plenty of groupwork and practical activities to ensure we understood what Lucy had taught us. The result of just this one day is that we look at colour with a greater understanding of its role, and we feel able to plan our colours with more confidence as we decorate our extension and renovations. We were able to discuss some of our ideas and questions with Lucy and were helped with fantastic suggestions and ideas that we want to use as soon as the building work is done! Lovely food, engaging and warm teaching, a beautiful location and a great group all contributed to a memorable day."

10 Jun 18'

Cheryl Grant reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Absolutely loved my day at Lucy Renshaw’s upholstery proud of everything I helpful...Lucy has given me the confidence to go out and buy a staple gun! I would def say to anyone who has an interest in having a will love it."

9 Jun 18'

Coralie Turpin reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Fantastic day! Lucy was so adaptable to everyone’s ideas for projects, would love to go back. Idyllic setting and lovely food. Very attentive tutor who has all the right tools and materials."

18 May 18'

Rachael reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"I had a wonderful time starting my project on lucy’s course. It was a relaxing and informal day. It was great to see other people’s different projects to get ideas and inspiration. Although my project was too big for a day course, I left with the confidence to finish it at home. Thank you Lucy"

8 May 18'

Yvonne Jones reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Really enjoyed the day. It’s the 2nd upholstery day I’ve done with Lucy and I’m thrilled with results from both. Covered a tub chair this time and although I didn’t get it finished Lucy gave me all the info I needed to complete the project at home. Lucy is very patient, professional and has excellent skills. I would definitely recommend her courses."

23 Apr 18'

Sam Wakefield reviewed: Conscious Interior Decor; For holistic living

"I attended a 1-2-1 session with Lucy about 2 weeks ago. I couldn't have asked for a better day. My aim was to get an understanding of interior design as a novice to develop a training package for the company I work for. Lucy was fantastic from start to finish, she asked exactly what my needs were and what I wanted to achieve form the day. This was completely bespoke and tailored to what I needed. When I arrived I was greeted with coffee and cake, we then went through the agenda of the day. Ate a fabulous lunch made by Lucy and again more coffee and cake before heading to the to the decorating centre which really helped put everything I had learnt into practice. The majority of the day was learning about colour and how to use it which was great as that was exactly what I had stated I needed. Highly recommend the course, Lucy was amazing, down to earth and ,made me feel very welcome. The day exceeded my expectations."

20 Mar 18'

Lynne Wilson reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"A great birthday treat! Great to work in a creative environment with such good support. Lucy has lots of expertise, ideas and has a relaxed and homely place for you to work in. The day flew by, I loved sharing it with my daughter, friend and another crafter. I left with something that far exceeded my expectations! We plan for this to be at least an annual experience - can't wait Thank you so much Lucy."

13 Mar 18'

Sim Green reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"three of us went for the day last saturday and had a brilliant time. We all came home with nearly completed projects... we will be going again soon!"

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