Lucy Renshaw reviews

13 Mar 18'

Janine reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"I booked Lucy for an upholstery course for my Step Mums Birthday. It was a fantastic day with us all up cycling our pieces. Lucy gave excellent tuition, provided ideas, shared materials and made a lovely lunch. Working in her kitchen you get a real family feel looking out on rolling fields that create a really relaxed atmosphere. We now want to make it a yearly retreat!! I’m really please with my project too. Thank you Lucy !"

13 Mar 18'

Lisa reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"I recently spent a day with Lucy in her beautiful home in the Derbyshire countryside. Lucy was so welcoming, encouraging, and lunch tea and cake was lovely! I throughly recommend attending one of her workshops, to spend a day engrossed in a project with such support was so therapeutic. I am hooked and totally want to return with another project . Thank you Lucy for such a lovely day."

12 Mar 18'

Heidi reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"I wanted to learn upholstery for an A Level project I was studying at school. Lucy helped me produce a fantastic upholstered chair. Her tips and expertise helped me gain confidence to complete my project in school to a high standard! The day was relaxed and good fun, the lunch was amazing! Thank you Lucy."

16 Feb 18'

Upholstery reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Spent a day with Lucy recently in her lovely home on an upholstery project. As someone relatively new to this Lucy proved to be an excellent teacher and I learned lots of new skills. The day was informative, interesting , enjoyable and productive and I achieved what I hoped to on the day. Thank you also for the lovely lunch and cakes!"

14 Feb 18'

Louise Cramp reviewed: Conscious Interior Decor; For holistic living

"What a fantastic course. Although only 1 day , I feel like I learned so much. Colour wheel ordered and mood board already in the pipeline. This is a great course to kick start you into being more creative and having the confidence to design your own, instead of Next or John Lewis's help! Lucy is a excellent communicator , and made sure she spoke to each one while doing the pratical. I would recommend this course to all wishing to learn more about interior design. Beautiful setting, lovely people and plenty of cake- what more do you need ?"

13 Feb 18'

Frances Abernethy reviewed: Conscious Interior Decor; For holistic living

"A complete novice here to Interior Design and thoroughly enjoyed my day, it was excellent. I will look at fabrics, colours, textures etc. in a totally whole new light, after attending the taster. Lucy, is very informative, and a lovely host & tutor, offering tips and assistance on the tasks. I found it all quite inspiring, so much so that on my return home ordered my colour wheel, interior design book and upholstery kit. As, I attended Lucy's one day Upholstery course, last month which was interesting, fun and I learnt a lot. Lunch & cakes on both days, was delicious in a lovely setting of Derbyshire. I would definitely recommend a course with Lucy's."

13 Feb 18'

Lesley Osborne reviewed: Conscious Interior Decor; For holistic living

"Absolutely loved the one day interior workshop. I feel as if I have come away with so much information . When I got home straight away I ordered a colour wheel . Putting different textures together and patterns really opened my eyes to what can work in a room. Lucy was really lovely and explained everything so well so it's was easy to understand. And the lunch and cakes were amazing . Would definitely do another day ."

10 Feb 18'

Amanda Shipside reviewed: Conscious Interior Decor; For holistic living

"A great day with Lucy. Informative and practical learning. Time to practice mixing paints to achieve the desired colours and matching fabrics. Along with great tips. Lucy helps you find your own style and enhance it. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to avoid making costly mistakes when self styling your home. Thank you Lucy"

23 Jan 18'

Claire Rose reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"What a really enjoyable day! Very welcoming, Lucy was attentive, informative and patient. As a complete 're-upholstery' novice, Lucy shared tips and guidance from which tools were needed for my project (antique piano stool which need stripping and re-covering) to next steps to make this into an on-going hobby. The tea, cake and soup were also fantastic ! Thank you Lucy."

22 Jan 18'

claire ferrer reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"I really enjoyed the day and despite having a large project (which Lucy had warned me beforehand would not be feasible to finish on the day ) , the day and tuition gave me new skills and confidence to tackle something I'd never have started on my own - and am now well on the way to completing. it was great fun learning from others projects too ; really worthwhile day thank you !"

20 Jan 18'

Linda Spence reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"What an amazing day. I am so proud of the chair I reupholstered. Lucy was inspiring, attentive and so happy to pass her knowledge on. I learned so much from her, not just through her help and advice on my project but also through her help and advice to the other person on the course. I very nearly finished my chair on the course but with the skills learned I had no problems finishing off the following day at home. Thank you Lucy"

11 Dec 17'

Lucy Wardle reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Fabulous day at Lucy’s lovely Home. The course is fantastic, very friendly and welcoming and Lucy is very knowledgeable!"

11 Dec 17'

Laura Higgins reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"We had such a great day with Lucy! I tackled a chair project I wouldn't have figured out on my own and learned lots of skills for future projects. The setting was picturesque and relaxed and Lucy was full of knowledge and a great teacher. The group of ladies on the day were lovely, and the homemade lunch and cake was delicious. I will be booking onto another course in the future."

28 Nov 17'

Sue reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"A fabulous day learning to upholster dining chairs in a beautiful, relaxed setting. Lucy is a super teacher - warm, supportive and encouraging. So kind going the extra mile to lend me her tools so I can finish off at home -much appreciated! As mentioned in other reviews, the coffee, cake and such are amazing and really add to a great experience. Will definitely be back with another project."

25 Nov 17'

Mike reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"I had a really enjoyable and productive day - a great introduction to upholstery in lovely surroundings and with the relaxed guidance Lucy dispenses as freely as the tea and cake. Managed to get four drop-in seats reupholstered to a better standard than I thought possible for a first attempt, plus a piano stool seat 80% done without rushing. Although it was all new to me, it was quite therapeutic when I got into it and the day seemed to flash by. The resources, tools, materials and ambience are all excellent, but Lucy provides the spark and has the know-how to make it into a splendid day."

21 Nov 17'

Pat reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Wonderful place for creative workshops set in the heart of Derbyshire. Lucy gives a very warm welcome and the whole day is punctuated by frequent hot drinks, home-made cakes and also a really tasty lunch. It was very interesting to see the various projects that students were involved in and glean snippets of useful information. Lucy is very generous with her advice, not just on how to make things, but where to find the best bargains or recycling centres. I needed some follow up advice from Lucy and she replied very promptly - all in all a very enjoyable workshop."

21 Nov 17'

Amanda reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"My friends and I had a fabulous day on the upholstery course. A beautiful setting at Lucy's home with home made cakes endless cups of tea and a hearty lunch. Lucy's knowledge, skill and patience helped us all. As beginners we did not know what to expect but found we quickly began to learn and we were all really pleased with our results. I am definitely going to book another course. Thank you Lucy x"

13 Nov 17'

Susan Brown reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Great way to spend a day with girlfriends in beautiful surroundings along with delicious homemade cakes and lunch. We had lots of fun as well as producing some nice pieces. Lucy was lovely and really helpful and patient. As a complete novice I personally learnt an incredible amount and I’ve now definitely been bitten by the Upholstery bug. Looking forward to my next project. Thank you Lucy"

13 Nov 17'

Jill Cornforth reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Probably worth admitting upfront that I'm a returning customer on Lucy's workshops - which is a good review in itself! As ever, the day flew by with Lucy being attentive, knowledgeable, helpful and keeping us supplied with delicious lunch and cake! I think that Lucy gets the balance just right - you want to come away feeling like you've achieved something and learnt new skills but equally (for me at least) the day feels like a treat and not all hard work. I find that every time I attend one of Lucy's workshops, I come away inspired by new ideas, both from Lucy herself and the other attendees. I think it's a real positive that people take different projects as it gives an opportunity to pick up different tips throughout the day. I came away from the day with a recovered seat pad for a drop-seat chair, a new cushion to brighten up my living room, an enthusiasm to start a project I've been putting off for over a year and a smile on my face!"

1 Nov 17'

Cathie McDonnell reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"Having practised upholstery a few years ago I had the opportunity to return to it when my son said he needed a chair re-upholstering. Just the excuse I needed to take it up again now that I am retired. I decided that I needed a kick start to help me get underway so I attended one of Lucy's workshops. I knew that it was a huge project to undertake in one day but with the help and guidance I received from Lucy before, during and after the course, she has given me the confidence to achieve my goal. On the day I benefitted from learning new skills and techniques combined with Lucy's advice, help and enthusiasm. I was impressed with Lucy's breadth of knowledge which enabled her to work with the different projects on the day. Lucy's hospitality was perfect. She baked some delicious cakes and scones and made a wholesome soup for lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed the company and the relaxed environment of her beautiful home. I was exhausted at the end of the day having achieved so much. I look forward to attending another course next year."

24 Oct 17'

Debbie reviewed: Conscious Interior Decor; For holistic living

"I've now attended 2 Interior Design days with Lucy and the same group of ladies. We all enjoyed the first day so much and wanted to learn more, so we booked a second day. We're also hoping to book a third day in 2018. We've covered the basic principles of interior design (a mix of theory and practical tasks) and had the opportunity to discuss our own ideas and projects along the way - these days are really inspiring and have helped me with my own projects at home. Lucy is an excellent host - I love the informal, relaxed atmosphere for learning and the home made food and drinks throughout the day are fantastic! I would highly recommend these courses."

20 Oct 17'

Ally Gilbertson reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"What a fabulous day we had on Lucy’s Upholstery Workshop. A beautiful venue, a warm welcome & a cuppa and we were off. Ideas, materials & fabrics, tools and lots of expert advice we’re all readily available from Lucy. The day flew by and after a lunch of homemade soup & breads, we were all itching to crack on and we all achieved completed projects by the end of the day. Lucy was always there to guide us in a caring & creative way. And now we have all caught the ‘Lucy Renshaw creative bug’, we can’t wait to put our new skills into practice & to do more workshops with Lucy."

20 Oct 17'

Lisa Tomlinson reviewed: Upholstery and upcycling furniture and interiors

"What a fantastic day - Lucy was so helpful and experienced. The venue was perfect, she had loads of tips and tricks. She has lots of materials and extras that helped us shape and create our upholstery projects. I so wish I could post a before and after picture of my blanket box. Lucy made us a perfect home cooked lunch and she fuelled us with home made scones and tea coming out of our ears all day. The best thing was we all had different projects and different levels of experience - and Lucy adapted her style to all of us. She was patient, knowledgeable, creative and had loads of tip, tricks and work arounds. I highly recommend the whole experience and one I am going to repeat."

10 Oct 17'

Sarah Shelton reviewed: Conscious Interior Decor; For holistic living

"Another brilliant course yet again! We did a part 2 interior design with the same ladies as in part one. This covered the scale drawing, lighting and flooring. The food was delicious as usual and the cakes in plentiful supply. Do not attempt to come if you are on a diet it will not work! Our tutor Lucy was a wonderful host, lots of great information hints and tips. These courses are highly recommended. Look forward to part three instalment in 2018"

19 Sep 17'

sarah jane reviewed: Conscious Interior Decor; For holistic living

"Cant praise Lucy enough for a great and informative day. Learned so much about my own style and how to achieve the look I want in my new home. Don't be put off by mention of Lucys love of colour _ am pretty conservative but she was able to help me inject some colour into my very traditional room."

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