This is a high quality vibrant Giclee print taken of John Lennon The Beatles, from my ORIGINAL artwork. You will not find this image anywhere else. Lennon has been created entirely from ripped paper. Zoom In.. you will also see images and text relating to John Lennon and The Beatles. This will make a striking statement in your home or a wonderful gift for a loved one. Size It is 15inch high x13 1/4 wide. White mount and all cellophane wrapped .

How this was made

The ORIGINAL was a commission - it is created entirely from ripped paper - with images and text of John Lennon The Beatles within this image.




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I am a ripped paper and traditional artist. I create original artwork using ripped paper. I have been commissioned to create images of musicians, movie stars, sports personalities, family members and pets. Many of my signature pieces of art contain images and text relating to the person themselves. I always tell people ZOOM IN.

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