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Spoon carving courses

Spoon carving courses and workshops all across the UK. Learn from experienced wooden spoon carvers - this could be the most satisfying thing you have ever done!

Birmingham - Next course on 14th August 2019
In this two and a half day spoon carving course you will cover everything necessary to fill your home with beautiful and useful wooden objects. From tree to spoon, JoJo will guide you through safe and efficient use of the three simple tools you need for this craft – an axe, a knife and a spoon knife. You will focus on good technique and efficiency, giving you all the skills to carve great wooden spoons...
Camp, carve and canoe weekend Friday 26th - Saturday 27th April Weekend includes: Friday night wild-camping pitch on Alderfen Marshes conservation area. A one-day spoon carving workshop to learn and refine your green wood carving skills. An optional second night camping with a Sunday morning Canadian canoe trail through an RSPB conservation area on the Norfolk Broads.
Surrey - Next course on 31st May 2019
Learn a traditional rural craft when carving your own wooden spoon from locally sourced green wood. The techniques you will use stem back hundreds of years. First you will be taught how to safely use a variety of the hand tools before learning to split wood and develop knife and chisel skills. You will then create your own wooden spoon that can be used in your home and even passed down as a family heirloom....
Cumbria - Next course on 14th September 2019
Carving decorative and useful utensils from wood is an ancient skill. Learn the easy, time-honoured and low-tech way of carving creative spoons and gifts out of wood. Revel in shape and colours, whilst learning safe carving and finishing techniques to enable you to continue on your own. If you choose, you can add colour to your carvings or enjoy their natural beauty. The Swedish carving tradition uses mainly axe and knife, which sets it apart...
Norfolk - Next course on 8th June 2019
This course is an interactive and enjoyable introduction to green wood carving in the beautiful rural setting of the Alderfen Marshes. Let your creative juices flow as you source your green timber from the 9 acre site and then learn to split, chop and carve your log into a unique spoon. Take your new skills (and your spoon) home with you, ready to tackle your next green wood carving project. On the day you will:...
The spoon carving course will focus on the traditional techniques of carving a spoon from green wood. Students will be shown how to select and split the wood using a tool called a froe, process it using a shave horse and draw knife, then final shaping using specialist spoon carving knives and chisels. Emphasis is placed both on good design and carving techniques. The bowl turning course will focus on the traditional techniques of turning...
Two day Kuksa carving course with Jon Mac, a leading exponent of spoon and Kuksa carving. Camping and carving in beautiful rural Devon. A two day course with Jon Mac at a beautiful rural location in Torbryan, Devon. Jon will teach you how to carve a Kuksa (wooden drinking cup) from green Birch, using traditional camp or bushcraft tools, namely Axe, straight knife and hook knife. The first day will involve Axe work, blanking out...
Learn how to make a stunning spoon in silver. You will decide on your design, how deep the spoon will be and the design of the handle. Fabricate a spoon by learning how to pierce, form and solder silver. Using a template to create the shapes you want. With two separate pieces of metal you will create the bowl and handle. These will then be soldered together to make a beautiful caddy spoon. All abilities...
West Yorkshire
Looking for a unique and creative experience? Want to learn new practical skills? What about a one-to-one or small group day of green woodwork based on Otley Chevin Forest Park? Your day of green woodcarving using traditional tools and techniques can be individually tailored to suit you. The nature of a one-to-one/small group day means the topics to be covered can be chosen by you and the date can be arranged to suit your timetable....
West Yorkshire
We’re heading over to Headingley to open a pop-up shop and workspace. We’ll be selling our ceramic jewellery and hosting ceramic tasters and drop-in sessions from Wednesday 29 November to Saturday 9 December. The shop is Carousel, 80 Otley Road in Far Headingley. Carousel is a rotating event space. The space is situated in the middle of a busy parade of shops with a variety of independent retailers. Tasters & Drop-in Schedule: Wednesday 29 November...