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Introducing Touchwood Glasgow, a full day greenwood carving workshop inviting participants to learn the basic skills required to hand-carve small useful objects, with the focus on a traditional wooden spoon. This workshop is suitable for complete beginners or those with a limited experience of woodcarving. I’ve been into working with wood for more than 30yrs, I studied Heritage Woodwork in 1995, though since then I’ve also studied Garden Design & Construction, Digital Photography (HND) and Fine Art (BAhons). My interest in wood as a creative medium has never left me however, and is something I’ve always nurtured to some lesser or greater extent. I’ve been carving spoons since 2015, and have found it to be a creatively beneficial (and addictive!) activity to inspire in others. Hence, I find myself in a position to offer anyone interested in the process the opportunity to come along and learn the basics skills and techniques of the craft. Not only is it my belief that woodcarving is a highly creative and personally tactile way to study form, but it is indeed a very ancient art form in its own right. The practice inspires a generative connection to trees, and in turn connects the trees to us. Through woodcarving, we inevitably become more interested in trees and their widely varied characteristics, thus we become more conscious of the natural ecosystem around us. Woodcarving, and the subsequent unavoidable study of wood, is one pathway towards a greater awareness of the nature and presence of the trees in our environment. As we find ourselves living in a world saturated in fast technology and digital consumption, woodcarving provides us with an opportunity to step back and take a breather. The whole process - beginning with sourcing and seeking out a natural sustainable material - is nature based, and affords us with a slowed-down appreciation for the make-it-yourself approach to owning everyday useful household objects. In my view, it is a small step towards a more environmentally conscious way of living, and therefore a kind of activism! The workshop will run on Saturdays at Torrisdale Street Studios, 100 Torrisdale Street, Govanhill Glasgow G42, from 10am - 1pm (1hr lunch break) 2pm - 5pm. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address within 24hrs of payment Each available workshop date will provide space for four. One-to-one workshops are also available on request. PLEASE NOTE: This is a very hands-on workshop which involves the intensive use of EXTREMELY sharp tools. Interested parties should be clearly aware of this aspect of the workshop prior to their decision to book a space. A degree of proficiency and care is the responsibility of each participant, as is the respect for handling sharp instruments in close proximity to other workshop attendees.

What's included in the price?

Beginning with a blank piece of locally & sustainably sourced tree, you will be guided through these 10 basic steps as follows: • Selecting a suitable wood-blank for spoon carving - wood types and their qualities • Introduction to the tools and how to use them safely - hewing axe, carving knife, hook-knife, draw-knife, and the shave-horse. • Splitting/creating a spoon billet using an axe • Axe-work - effective strategic waste wood removal • Marking out and carving wood using a variety of specialist/traditional knife-hold techniques • Finishing the spoon - final touches • Preserving your wooden spoon • Advice on tool maintenance & sharpening • Advice on what tools to buy, and where to buy them • Some tools may also be available for purchase on the day Tea/coffee & snacks will be provided throughout the day. Each participant will take away with them a unique hand carved spoon, but more importantly, you’ll take with you the basic knowledge to carve wood safely and creatively in your own time. A post-workshop useful information and advice sheet (PDF) will be sent to each and every attendee to help guide and inspire carving continuity.


8 hours

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Easy - Cancellation and a full refund can be obtained up to 2 weeks before the course starts



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