Touchwood Glasgow reviews

23 Jan 23'

Thomas Roberts reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"Had a great time. Very relaxed and hands on. Learned a lot and the time flew by. "

22 Jan 23'

Liam reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"Excellent experience! Definitely would recommend! I can’t wait to actually use what I learned. Robert is very passionate about what he does and it shows. He is a great teacher. At any point of the day, he was willing to help out and offer pointers. Anyone can do it if I can! "

30 Nov 22'

Jules reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"A great course led by a very patient and knowledgeable teacher. Looking at the tree stump that we started with I never thought that I'd find the spoon inside - but I did! Left feeling very proud and would recommend this course."

Touchwood Glasgow responded:

" Thank you kindly, it was a real pleasure to spend the day with you guys 👌🏽"

25 Oct 22'

Vicki Murray reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"This was my first experience of wood carving & I thoroughly enjoyed it. The whole day was fantastic. Rab’s enthusiasm for woodcarving is contagious and his knowledge & expertise ensured everyone was able to make the most of the whole experience. Thank you! "

23 Sep 22'

Seb reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"Brilliant day. Rob is fab"

4 Sep 22'

Ian reviewed: Sharpening carving knives and axes

"I would throughly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn the dark arts of knife sharpening. Robert was a great tutor, showing, explaining and guiding with clear and concise instructions. Where I was unable to follow a certain action, Robert offered another way that suited my abilities. Even though the course was for three hours, Robert continued on till I was familiar with the skills I required to sharpen my tools. Robert is a very knowledgeable and friendly person who made the course an enjoyable experience. "

Touchwood Glasgow responded:

" Thanks for the lovely kind words, Ian, it was a pleasure to work with you through the sharpening processes. Hopefully you've got a good idea how to keep your tools in ship-shape now. I discovered that you'd left a honing stone some days after our sharpening night - it was camouflaged in amongst all the woody things on my workbench, hence it escaped our eyes when you were packing away your equipment! I will keep it for you, and you can drop in sometime that suits you to pick it up. All the best - and thanks again ?? "

21 Aug 22'

Mikey Mcglinchey reviewed: Sharpening carving knives and axes

"One of the most challenging aspects of learning spoon carving for me was keeping my tools sharp. Roberts demonstrations and instructions simplifies the whole process for me and gave me the confidence to repeat the process on my own. I can say that I have been able to take this knowledge away and apply it myself at home. I am now able to enjoy carving at home and have definitely improved my results in my carving."

21 Aug 22'

Mikey Mcglinchey reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"I have done many woodwork courses and a few spoon carving courses, this is definitely the best. You learn everything you need to be able to confidently create your own spoons, wood selection and splitting, use of the axe, sloid and hook knife and go home with a beautiful object . Robert is relaxed and knowledgeable. Everyone on the course was friendly, it was a really fun day."

19 Aug 22'

Ian reviewed: Sharpening carving knives and axes

"This is a course I would recommend for anyone who is new to the dark arts of knife sharpening. It was extremely an informative and helpful hands on course. Robert took me through the individual stages of sharpening an axe, carving knife, and a double edged hook knife. Seeing I was struggling with the hook knife he assessed my failings and found a better method that suited my abilities. When I finished the course I left with three very sharp carving tools and the knowledge of how to maintain those sharp edges. Robert was very good at passing on his knowledge of knife care as well as being very friendly and generous with his time. When I suddenly realised (surprised that the time had passed so quickly) it was 30 min passed stopping time and was ready to stop, Robert said it was fine and continued on till we had finished the final sharpening. The course was good value for the money. If you want to learn how to sharpen your carving tools I throughly recommend book a course with Robert. ?"

11 Aug 22'

Michael R reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"Was given this course as a gift for my birthday. I had a fantastic day, from meeting Robert and the other carvers to finally coming out with a spoon. The atmosphere is very relaxed, with plenty of space and time for learning and figuring out how to get a fresh log to turn into something resembling a spoon. All of the tools are provided, are very sharp, and are clearly explained before you're let loose on the unsuspecting wood. It was a really great day, and I'm very grateful to Robert for the teaching, and to my wife for the gift. Highly recommend."

9 Aug 22'

Annie reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"I had the pleasure to have a full day laughing and carving spoons in Robert's studio. Robert is an exceptional carver and teacher. It is definitely one of the best craft workshops I have ever been to. Go for it!"

8 Aug 22'

Andrew M reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"I had a memorable day at the woodcarving course on 6 August. The company was good, the mood relaxed and Robert was very generous with his knowledge and patient with his instruction. Altogether, a great way to spend the day and a terrific souvenir to take home. If you're thinking about it, do it . . . this course will enlighten you."

17 Jun 22'

Craig reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"A fantastic day, wood carving with Robert (and Craig) from Touchwood. I had never done any wood carving before and was a little apprehensive on arrival - however Robert was friendly and approachable and put me at ease very quickly. He patiently took me through each step, supporting me whenever needed. The course was a great introduction to wood carving and I would recommend to anyone interested, sign up and give it ago (I am also very proud of the spoon I created)"

12 Jun 22'

Nolwenn reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"Robert is a great teacher, passing on his knowledge and expertise while making sure that you are the one deciding what your spoon will be. He provides a nice space with a good selection of tools to use in a super friendly atmosphere."

2 Apr 22'

Sandra reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"Robert's carving workshop I took last Saturday provided for an excellent day of relaxing craft! Definitely a space where you can have a laugh with a lovely and easy going tutor who is really passionate about wood carving, and provided you with the skills and tools to carve something personal, original! That really feels great! I can't recommend this workshop enough, it felt authentic and highly cathartic!"

30 Mar 22'

Michelle reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"I would highly recommend this workshop! Alison and I were looking to learn a new skill and try out something new. The spoon carving workshop was great, Robert was attentive and knowledgeable in his field as well as personable and down to earth. The carving stations were equally spaced apart and as it was in small groups it was reassuring in terms of Covid risk. After looking and touching an array of different carved spoons, all done by Robert, we spoke about the best wood for carving and styles of carving. The work shop was in depth and it was great hearing about the history behind the axes and carving tools and getting an insight into Roberts obvious passion for carving. The workshop in itself was well equipped and a really relaxed atmosphere. An authentic experience that will stay with me, and I have my lovely chicken feed scoop pride of place ( in the chicken feed bag of course). I also am grateful for a follow-up beginners guide which will give me a realistic jump start to wood carving at home."

30 Mar 22'

Les Dean reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"Robert is clearly passionate about wood carving and his enthusiasm rubbed off on ourselves. He was clear and concise in all safety and technical matters from start to finish and explained each process in sufficient detail that allowed us to create our own individual spoons. Happy to recommend Robert to those interested and perhaps those who might not think they are!"

29 Mar 22'

Lucy reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"This was an excellent course and one I'd be happy to recommend. I had absolutely no experience of wood carving going in to the course but by the end of the day was the proud owner of a lovely spoon I'd made myself. Robert is a brilliant teacher with years of experience and clearly very knowledgeable about wood carving. He was able to provide hands on advice and support while also allowing lots of freedom to make my own creative choices. The group of people attending were also very supportive and this made for a lovely atmosphere. I was delighted with what I was helped to accomplish in just one day and hope to repeat the course again at some point to see what else I can come up with."

27 Mar 22'

Alison reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"I would highly recommend the course. There was enough space for individual creativity rather than making a set design, and as a teacher this takes experience to stand back rather than control the experience. Three of us started with three logs and ended up with spoons which couldn’t have been more different from one another and were all lovely. In this way the teaching was excellent, we weren’t shown what to do so much as shown how to make what we wanted to happen safely and get a good result. Our little group was great company too, between staring at pieces of wood we has some laughs too. From time to time Robert quietly stepped in to progress the work when we got a bit overwhelmed, sore hands or puzzled as to how to do the next part. Expect a long day, lots of concentration, a few dips where it seems impossible, and then suddenly progress, in short a genuine experience of the challenges of working with wood."

21 Mar 22'

Ewan reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"This is a fantastic course which has been thoughtfully and meticulously put together by Robert. My partner and I spent a fantastic day learning all the steps in the process of carving a spoon. Robert had laid out a selection of his spoons as well as his tools to help us imagine our own designs and the process we were about to learn about before we then set off on our own creative endeavours! Robert was an incredible teacher and explained every step of the process very clealry. His passion for wood carving was infectious and left me wanting to explore the subject in much greater detail. I will definitely be buying tools to begin exploring wood carving further and this is all thanks to having attended this brilliant workshop."

21 Mar 22'

Katrina reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"The workshop was very informative and lots of fun! The whole day was very well organised, with Robert providing demonstration and guidance at every step of the process. Robert is a great teacher who is clearly passionate about his craft. He was patient at guiding me until I could get the hang of things. A fantastic experience which I would highly recommend!"

9 Mar 22'

Lewis reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"Robert was a great teacher and very knowledgeable about the wood carving process. I spent a lovely Saturday morning and afternoon and the lovely workshop and made a lovely large wooden spoon. Robert was very patient when helping me with my lack of ability with the hook knife! A wonderful experience."

5 Mar 22'

Mathilde reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"Robert's workshop was absolutely brilliant. The day passed so quickly. We started from scratch and axed a log of wood ourselves to carve our future spoons. We learned to used all the tools, which I loved. Robert found the right balance between teaching/giving advice and giving us space to solve problems, while always being available to help and step in when needed. He is also very passionate and knowledgeable about carving so I felt like I learn a lot. I enjoyed it so much I would actually do it again! And we all left with beautiful spoons and spatulas. I highly recommend it."

28 Feb 22'

Mikey reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"Great friendly atmosphere, clear instructions and lots of fun. Delighted to come away with a nice and functional object and some new skills."

27 Feb 22'

Myrto reviewed: Spoon Carving with Touchwood Glasgow

"A fantastic workshop to explore a new creative medium, wood carving. Started from a branch and left with a spoon/spatula which I actually can't wait to use. Robert is a chill and knowledgeable teacher that let's you safely experiment, advises techniques and keeps an eye on you so it's safe to try them ~ with respect to people's abilities and comfort level. I had been looking forward to this workshop and was absolutley not disappointed. Would highly recommend to try it out."

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