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Furniture restoration courses and workshops offer the opportunity to learn the skills require to restore beautiful pieces of furniture and antiques to their former glory. Learn to strip and restore frames, restore patina, gilding, examine textures and textiles used, look at modern and traditional styling and of course explore the fascinating history of furniture.

This one day beginners course at our Witney workshop is designed to give the student the fundamental basics of French polishing and woodcare and to give them a hands on day leaving them with the vital practical skills needed to refinish furniture. Each student will work on a small or large piece of their choice allowing them to go through the full process within one or two working days. The smaller piece being for the...
South Yorkshire
Join us for our monthly furniture painting courses held at our vintage & antique warehouse in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. You will learn how to prep, paint, wax and distress your items of furniture.
East Sussex - Next course on 13th April 2019
You will learn: The fundamentals of cabinet-making will be covered, including the following: • Planing techniques, dealing with ‘wind’ and ‘cupping’, flattening wide boards and squaring narrow edges • Preparing a ‘face side’ and ‘face edge’ • Using shooting-boards to plane narrow edges • Using squares and gauges • Cutting and planing timber to a fine tolerance • Exercises to develop the effective use of saws and chisels • Setting out and cutting accurate joints...
East Sussex - Next course on 12th August 2019
Time to make your first piece of furniture! Or, perhaps, time to make your first accurate, crisp, precisely-made, piece of furniture. This is a great follow-on course from ‘Skills Week’ but will also happily stand alone if you have at least a little woodworking experience. Successful furniture making is based on good design, well thought out construction, and accurate execution of all the many components and joints that will be brought together to create, not...
East Sussex - Next course on 10th December 2018
The Cabinetmaking Skills Week is the course you’ve been waiting for. If you’re a complete beginner this will give you the perfect grounding; if you’ve been woodworking for a while, this will be a great tune-up, sorting out any bad habits and reinforcing fundamental skills. Everything in Woodwork is based on Sharpening so this is the initial focus. You MUST have a sharpening system at your fingertips that works for you, we will look at...
At Craven Conservation, join a one day furniture restoration course which is flexible to meet the needs of students. We can tailor the course for total beginners to more experienced students. You can learn a new skill, meet new people and relax by doing something different from your day job. We have facilities for all aspects of furniture restoration and decorative arts. This includes subjects like general restoration, cabinetmaking, upholstery, surface finishing, woodturning, marquetry and...
Carmarthenshire - Next course on 24th November 2018
Two day workshop with Mick Sheridan . Learn from the great Master himself and upholster a drop-in seat using Welsh woollen fabrics from a choice of Melin Tregwynt and Cambrian Wool. We’ve had great fun buying a whole load of lovely chairs from a local auction. You’ll be de-constructing the old chair and re upholstering it, using tools such as hammers, tack removers, ballots pliers and a webbing stretcher. You’ll be stuffing the seat by...
East Sussex - Next course on 19th August 2019
What you Will Learn: Preparing wood for finishing Colouring – using stains and chemicals Grain filling – various methods and materials Filling minor defects – various types of filler Polish – making shellac & wax polish Polishing – shellac “French polishing”, heat resistant systems, wax polish Using modern finshes, oils etc. Blending defects and repairs – cosmetic colouring systems
Durham - Next course on 20th October 2018
On the first Saturday of every month here at The Wood Pile we host a Shabby Chiuc Course which lasts 3 hours, This 3-hour course will teach you how to upcycle your worn out old furniture with a makeover. We offer creative workshops on how to give new life to your old and boring furniture, we teach people young and old how to paint old or new furniture using only the best chalk paints in...
Our Part Time Upholstery Courses run in line with school term times and run for one session per week for six weeks under the watchful eye of our Master Upholsterer with 40 yrs experience and 20 yrs experience as a tutor. "Our Tutor, Alan, is one of those rare people whose passion for what he does has become a way of life." Class times as follows Monday afternoon 1:45pm - 4:45pm Tuesday evening 6pm -...