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Furniture restoration courses and workshops offer the opportunity to learn the skills require to restore beautiful pieces of furniture and antiques to their former glory. Learn to strip and restore frames, restore patina, gilding, examine textures and textiles used, look at modern and traditional styling and of course explore the fascinating history of furniture.

Image for Furniture Making - Essential Cabinetmaking Hand Skills  - 5 days in East Sussex
Next course on 17th July 2017
ABOUT THE COURSE The Cabinetmaking Skills Week is the course you’ve been waiting for. If you’re a complete beginner this will give you the perfect grounding; if you’ve been woodworking for a while, this will be a great tune-up, sorting out any bad habits and reinforcing fundamental skills. Everything in Woodwork is based on Sharpening so this is the initial focus. You MUST have a sharpening system at your fingertips that works for you, we...
Image for Wood Machining in East Sussex
Next course on 1st July 2017
The main elements covered for each machine will include safe working practices, adjusting/setting up, choice of blade & blade changing, jigs and dust extraction: Band-saw Dimensioning timber components Cutting dovetails, circles etc. Design & use of a point fence Cutting veneers Cutting tenons Table-saw with sliding table Dimensioning veneered board material using the scoring unit Cross cutting and cutting short lengths using the sliding table Removing a waney edge Cutting timber to dimension using the...
Image for 2 day Traditional Upholstery Workshop
This is an intensive 2 day Traditional Upholstery course based in central Bristol. £260 for 2 days including lunch and snacks. Bring your own piece of furniture to work on over the course. Alternatively you can buy a footstool from us. Our footstools are made by a local carpenter and you use all the traditional skills to upholster it from scratch. You only need to bring 1m of top fabric to cover it in. No...
Image for Antique Furniture Restoration Techniques in East Sussex
Next course on 21st August 2017
ABOUT THE COURSE This course is designed as a practical introduction to working on and restoring antique furniture and will cover many of the main areas and techniques required for repair and refinishing. Ideally students will have some woodworking experience or have attended our ‘Sharpening and Tuning’ course, so that structural repairs and splices etc. can be attempted with confidence. This course is, however, equally relevant for the complete beginner who can use the course...
Image for Art & Craft Days - Beginners Furniture Painting Workshop with Autentico Chalk Paints
Next course on 11th September 2017
Spend a day at our Butterfly Art & Craft Studio and learn how to paint a small piece of furniture using Autentico Chalk paints. Our tutor specialises in up-cycling character furniture giving it a professional lovingly restored finish. You’ll need to bring a small piece of furniture. We recommend no larger than 50cm x 50cm x 50 cm, don’t worry if you haven’t got anything suitable as we have pieces available from £5.00. Wear some...
Image for Demystifying Dovetails - Making a Dovetailed Drawer & Lock Fitting - in East Sussex
Next course on 31st July 2017
What you will Learn: SHARPENING REFRESHER – As always, sharp tools are the key to success THE TOOLS THAT WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE MAINTAINING A SUPER SHARP SAW – Blunt saw = Dodgy dovetails MASTERING THE DOVETAIL SAW – Tricks and exercises to help you saw straight HOW TO TUNE AND USE A CUTTING GAUGE TIMBER PREPARATION – Perfect dovetails need perfectly flat wood THROUGH DOVETAILS – Often thought of as the simplest but in...
Image for Introducing Fabric Decoupage
Learn some of the magical techniques of fabric decoupage whilst designing and decorating your own unique tissue box cover. The workshops will take place over one whole day plus half the next day (or three half days on a weekly basis) in our studio in Brampton, Cumbria. We need at least two participants for the course to proceed. Bookings now taken for January, February 2017, just contact us. Book as a group (2 minimum) and...
Image for Upholstery and furniture restoration courses
Join us on our rewarding and relaxing course, a workshop full of discovery where you will restore to its former beauty Grandma's or Grandpa's armchair or simply the family's piano stool. This course runs thoughout the year, workshops are tailor-made to suit the participants availablity and requirements, our workshop is situated in the heart of Birmingham's jewellery quarter, 42 vyse st, B18 6HF. Our tutor/assessor holder of a TDLB qualification is a highly skilled and...
Image for 2 day Traditional Upholstery Intensive Course- London
Next course on 6th May 2017
This is an intensive 2 day Traditional Upholstery course based in North London. £280 for 2 days including lunch and snacks. Bring your own piece of furniture to work on over the course as well as the top fabric. You can buy any upholstery materials needed to complete your project in the quantities you need (eg calico, horse hair, hessian, wadding, webbing) If you do not have a piece of furniture then you can buy...
Image for French Polishing & Modern Hand Finishes in East Sussex
Next course on 22nd May 2017
What you Will Learn: Preparing wood for finishing Colouring – using stains and chemicals Grain filling – various methods and materials Filling minor defects – various types of filler Polish – making shellac & wax polish Polishing – shellac “French polishing”, heat resistant systems, wax polish Using modern finshes, oils etc. Blending defects and repairs – cosmetic colouring systems