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Calligraphy courses, classes and workshops taught all across the UK. Learn calligraphy techniques with experienced tutors and make your greeting cards and invitations extra special. Would you like to learn calligraphy - the art of beautiful writing? Courses are offered for both experienced and beginner calligraphers. Join a calligraphy course, workshop or group and be inspired by expert tuition of this ancient art form. Every civilisation that uses the written word to convey meaning and communication has developed styles of calligraphy... imbuing the written text with extra layers of meaning, value and importance.

Gloucestershire - Next course on 15th October 2018
During the session, key modern calligraphy basics will be covered; how to use the essential tools, mark making drills to practice applying pressure to your new pen, and alphabet practices before moving on to whole words. Emma from Emerald Paper Design will be giving demonstrations each step of the way, as well as being on hand for individual guidance. All participants will get a goodie bag to take away it will contain: 1 nib, 1...
Greater London
During the Babooche brush calligraphy workshop you will learn the fundamentals of modern calligraphy and how to use a brush and ink to hand write beautiful calligraphy and shapes. At a Babooche modern calligraphy workshop you will start off by learning and practising some basic strokes to get a feel of how to use your brush and ink before moving into the lower case alphabet and then capitals. We will then practise a phrase or...
Join calligrapher & lettering artist Julie Chaney for a full-day calligraphy class in the riverside village of Mistley. Immerse yourself in the art of beautiful writing - for pleasure, relaxation or study. After a short introduction to a variety of calligraphic styles, we will begin with the basics of forming elegant letters using pencil, dip pen and ink.  An array of tools and techniques used will also be explored and experimented with. There will be...
Online & Cambridgeshire
Half day calligraphy workshops at my home near Ely, Cambs, suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced, flexible dates, approximately fortnightly, no commitment beyond each workshop. Small groups of 3-6. Individual tuition with plenty of demonstration. Well-known professional calligrapher, fellow of the Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society and the Society of Scribes & Illuminators. You can learn a script of your choice, experiment with scripts and work towards finished calligraphic compositions. Also offered is...
Tired of spending your working week in front of a computer screen? Why not have a go at learning a new creative skill like modern calligraphy? During the Babooche Calligraphy beginners modern calligraphy workshop you will learn the fundamentals of modern calligraphy and how to use a dip pen and ink to hand write beautiful calligraphy and shapes.  At a Babooche modern calligraphy workshop you will start off by learning and practicing some basic strokes...
Hampshire - Next course on 21st August 2018
Come and learn how to use a nib and ink to achieve modern calligraphy lettering that is so popular today. You'll be guided step by step with basic letterforms and then be able to adapt them to your own style choices. With practice you'll be able to use your skills on cards, invitations, envelopes, wall art and many other projects. Beginners and Intermediates are welcome.
Led by Suzie Dicker, founder of luxury stationery brand A L'aise, this beginner's workshop will guide you through making your first stroke to writing beautiful quotes that will be lovely enough to hang on your wall at home! Whether you are a bride-to-be wanting hand-write your wedding invitations, or you'd like to enhance your art journalling skills, you can create a unique and beautiful lettering form that is totally individual.
Shropshire - Next course on 5th October 2018
Learn the Art of Calligraphy. Beginning with using felt pens to learn the Foundational alphabet, we'll then move on to dip pens and ink to create your own piece of calligraphy or bookmark. All materials are included for the workshop and we'll supply you with a small starter pack to help you in developing your new skill at home. Light refreshments provided but please bring a packed lunch.
Content will include learning a script, letter spacing and its use in lay-out and design of brief texts. More experienced calligraphers can learn/fine-tune scripts and/or experiment with script variations with led exercises and projects, and use in short texts, scripts to select from will include, italic, foundational hand, uncial, Roman capitals, italic capitals, copperplate amongst others. This 3 day calligraphy course is suitable for all levels – beginner to advanced – as much of the...
Lancashire - Next course on 20th October 2018
This is a 6 week, 2.5 hours per week course in traditional calligraphy aimed at complete beginners or those with some experience. You'll be learning the Uncial script (Celtic-style lettering), taught by an experienced calligrapher. Starting with a short pencil exercise, you'll learn how to form the letters using a broad -edged pen, space the words and sentences and finally have the skills to produce a small project in colour. You'll learn about layout, tools...