Top 10 creative trends of 2022

What have the top creative trends been at CraftCourses so far in 2022? You might be surprised by a few or inspired to give them all a go. Read on to see if your favourite craft has made it into our top 10.

Pantone colour of the year 2022 17-3938 Very Peri
We know 2022 has been a turbulent one so far with extreme weather, the continuation of Covid-19 and political disruption across the globe. More than ever we need to stay positive, be resilient and remain grateful for the times when we can relax and unwind. The Pantone colour of the year 2022, 17-3938 Very Peri, has been chosen as it aims to help us embrace an 'altered landscape of possibilities, opening us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives.'

We know how essential creativity is to our mindfulness and wellbeing and the soar in searches for creative workshops and kits in the UK has taught us that there is still a huge appetite for creativity in all its forms! Read on to discover the top 10 creative trends for 2022 so far...


Fused glass craft from home kit
Wildflower meadow kit
North Norfolk Stained Glass

In at number 1 is fused glass. This addictive craft soared in popularity in 2021 and is holding firm position this year too. Workshops teaching fused glass across the UK are booking up quickly and fused glass kits to work on at home have also been a best seller for UK makers.


Epoxy resin workshop
Mini epoxy resin bench workshop
The River Shop- London

If you're a fan of TikTok, Instagram or Pinterest, you will surely have seen hundreds of examples of resin crafts this year. From key-rings to paperweights, bespoke furniture to works of art, epoxy resin has found its way in to the hearts of crafters everywhere and the possibilities seem limitless. Check out our full range of resin art courses as well as options for learning specifically about resin jewellery.


Woodturning at Blended Monkey

Woodturning intermediate level
Blended Monkey- Cambridgeshire

A traditional craft, that is still holding a top position with contemporary students at CraftCourses, is the art of using a woodturning lathe. This requires skilled craftsmanship, patience and care but the results can be mesmerising. Browse our extensive range of woodturning courses or find the one closest to you here.


Creative metalwork- WTF workshops in Bristol
Creative metalwork and welding
WTF Workshops- Bristol

Being able to create interesting, sculptural and practical objects from metal has hit the top trends for this year. Whether you're excited to restore a vintage car or make a sculpture for your garden browse our range of welding courses all across the UK.


Clarke Knives- bladesmithing experience day
Bladesmithing experience day
Clarke Knives- Wiltshire

Fancy a day at the forge? This 'hotter than hot' creative experience, is a favourite amongst CraftCourses students. Some have made a sword, a kitchen chopping knife, a fire poker or even an axe! Find a blacksmithing course near you.


Brush lettering kit by Jen Roffe
Brush lettering kit
Jen Roffe

Watch out emails! Hand written letters are on the UP! Lockdown has revealed a new resurgence of people writing to one another, and actually adding a stamp to an envelope. With this, has come the rise in popularity of calligraphy classes and kits and also incredible brush lettering kits.


Mandala drawing- live online
Mandala drawing for beginners
Mandala Meadow- Live online

Drawing an image that has repeated patterns is proven to support one's concentration, mindfulness and ultimately one's wellbeing. The drawing of mandalas is both meditative and extremely addictive, so no wonder it's been a popular choice for CraftCourses students in 2022. Find a drawing class near you and relax into your own creative expression. 


Needle felting live online workshop
Humpback whale, needle felting workshop
The Wooly Rabbit- Online, on-demand

This addictive craft has taken the creative world by storm in 2022. Crafters have recreated their beloved pets in felt, added felt to a piece of embroidery art and even created life size sculptures. You can learn from home with an online needle-felting course or kit for needle-felting beginners or take an in-person needle-felting workshop.


Basket weaving workshops UK
Basket weaving workshop
Jon the Basket - Malvern

Creating vessels from willow is an ancient tradition and a skill that still captures student's imagination today. Every contemporary interior design magazine will be sure to include basketry or some size, colour or design in their scheme. Check out our full range of UK based basket weaving workshops.


Silver jewellery for beginners
Silver jewellery making
Salt Way Silver - Droitwich

Creating bespoke and delicate jewellery, from silver, is a top trend for 2022, and we feel it's here to stay. With workshops teaching jewellery all across the UK you can learn to set stones, design your own wedding rings or make simple and stunning pendants like those pictured. 

Did your favourite craft make it to the top 10?

If you're looking for a craft experience this year and you think we could help, please contact us, our team are always happy to help you find the perfect creative opportunities for you. 
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