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The Humpback Whale needle felting course guides you through the process of making an 18 inch whale with a step by step video tutorial. (No physical product will be sent to you) The detailed instructional video tutorial has been broken down into easy to follow lessons so you can follow along at your own pace in your own time. On the course page you will find the step by step lessons guiding you through the process of making your whale and some PDF documents which contain templates and measurements to help you with getting the right size and shapes for your whale. You will need to print them on to A4 paper at home. Course lessons include: ➡️ the basics of using a simple armature so you can pose your whale ➡️ building up the core shape of the whale ready for adding a top coat of coloured wool ➡️ learn how to ensure symmetry so you can avoid wonky dorsal fins and mismatched eyes! ➡️ step by step instructions for making tubercules, the blow hole, eyes and dorsal fin When you have finished your whale you will feel more confident and even prefer making larger woolly sculptures. You will have learned to think about the position of your armature within your woolly sculpture which in turn will influence how you apply the core wool to build up the desired shape. You will also have learned how to align features and patterns with symmetry to create a well balanced whale with minimal wonkiness!

What's included in the price?

A detailed 23 lesson course with PDF templates.

What you will need

To make your whale you will need the following materials: Core wool 200g 50g each of carded coloured wool in grey, light blue and dark blue 20g of carded coloured wool in white a pinch of black and brown carded wool 2.5mm steel wire for the armature 3 pipe cleaners The printable template sheets to guide you with the shapes and sizes You will also need the following tools/equipment Felting needles and a mat to felt on Pliers for bending the wire A felt pen for marking A measuring tape Sewing pins to help with marking out symmetry ​ Optional but useful: Masking tape to cover cut end of the wire You may want to card the wool to blend colours, so carders will come in handy but it's not essential




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Hello, I'm Elaine from the The Woolly Rabbit. I design needle felting kits and run courses teaching people how to needle felt. I have a degree in textile design and am a mum to three children and a few feathered and furred critters. I enjoy making animals from sheep's wool and also painting animal portraits using pastel pencil.

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