The Little Craftery reviews

5 Aug 21'

April Smith reviewed: Macrame - wall art

"Absolutely loved learning how to make a macrame wall hanging. This class is such good value as you come away with a beautiful piece of art to hang up, but also with the skills to be able to do it again at home. Wendy is a great teacher and so patient. The little touches really go a long way, such as offering biscuits, tea and coffee and giving us a little 'how to' leaflet to take home so we know how to replicate the same hanger at home. I wouldn't hesitate to book another course here and already have one lined up in a couple of weeks time."

4 Aug 21'

Lisa Putland reviewed: Wet felting - jewellery and beads

"My Mum and I absolutely loved this! Wendy was fantastic with giving clear instructions and made the whole evening enjoyable in a calm little quirky hub :) Thanks Wendy…. We will see you again :) xx"

2 Aug 21'

Natalie reviewed: Origami stars

"A relaxed, informal craft session. Wendy was friendly and welcoming."

27 Jul 21'

Toni Risebro reviewed: Introduction to candlemaking

"Another very enjoyable couple of hours with Wendy, learning about candle making. Wendy answered all my questions knowledgably and is infinitely patient. I came away with a selection of 4 candles and 4 tea lights and bought supplies to make some more. This is the second course I have done with Wendy and can thoroughly recommend her."

27 Jul 21'

Liz reviewed: Papermaking - Handmade Recycled Paper

"I had a lovely time making paper. Wendy was really good and patient teaching. There was a lovely variety of materials to make the paper and I made 4 pieces in total. Very pleased with them. I also got to take the mould home so I can make more. Would highly recommend. I'm looking forward to doing more courses with Wendy soon."

27 Jul 21'

ANGELA WOODGATE reviewed: Introduction to candlemaking

"I did this workshop with my 2 daughters and we all enjoyed a relaxing and therapeutic experience, and we were pleased to have made a selection of different candles to take away with us. Thank you Wendy."

17 Jul 21'

Mary Finan reviewed: Introduction to candlemaking

"Really enjoyed this candlemaking course, so much so that I am interested in carrying on making them at home. Wendy is a brilliant teacher with lots of patience. She takes time to explain everything and is willing to help if you get stuck with anything. I have done other courses with her, and have booked her Silk Paper Making course for the autumn."

10 Jul 21'

Lynnette reviewed: Papermaking - Handmade Recycled Paper

"My friend and I had a lovely time making decorative paper with Wendy. She supplied a nice mixture of dried flowers, glitter (eco), papers, seeds and even tea bags to make our individual sheets. Friendly, informative and a lovely couple of hours. We each made five different pieces and were given the molds to take home to continue crafting. Would definitely recommend."

8 Jul 21'

Angela reviewed: Introduction to candlemaking

"Really lovely evening candle making … great teacher , encouraging and friendly ."

2 Jul 21'

Toni Risebro reviewed: Papermaking - Handmade Recycled Paper

"I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot in the 2 hours. Wendy is very friendly and knowledgeable. This is a craft you can easily do at home without needing too much equipment."

28 Jun 21'

Ruby reviewed: Introduction to Beaded Jewellery - West Sussex

"Excellent guide for beginners to learn jewellery making. I had fun. Thank you 🤩"

27 Jun 21'

Celia Davis reviewed: Mosaics for beginners - West Sussex

"I would definitely recommend this course. Wendy was welcoming and very well organised. She gave us very clear instructions to start with and then offered us help and advise when we asked for it. We loved the choice of all the tiles and designs. The time went by very quickly and we were very pleased with our mosaic creations. We feel inspired to try to do more mosaic work. Thank you so much Wendy for such an enjoyable day and for sharing your expertise with us. Celia, Beth and Liz"

24 Jun 21'

Kelly reviewed: Macrame - wall art

"Wendy couldnt have been more helpful or patient. We were all complete beginners and all ended up with beautiful pieces of wall art and had a very enjoyable morning! Wendy was really flexible after one of our group got stuck in traffic and kindly purchased gluten free snacks for us which we relly appreciated Thoroughly recommend!"

21 Jun 21'

Hayley reviewed: Mosaics for beginners - West Sussex

"This workshop is excellent and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to learn something new. The choice of mount type and shapes was really good as was the different types of mosaic tiles. Wendy was really nice and extremely helpful and was always willing to listen to any questions I had. All equipment was provided to ensure we could fulfil the course safely. The explanations were clear and really useful. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this course and have already purchased lots of mosaic bits to start new projects at home. Thank you Wendy for a fantastic few hours and more importantly for your time."

15 Jun 21'

Sue reviewed: Making wax wraps

"Really relaxed course and as usual Wendy was fun and informative in her instruction (and she makes a decent cup of tea). This course was fun to do and I am really pleased with my wax wraps which have already been put to good use. Will definately being buying some supplies from Wendy to make some more."

14 Jun 21'

Suzzette Naylor reviewed: Beaded snowflakes

"I did this course with Wendy, pre covid and although there were four of us, she never got flustered or upset when one of us made a mistake, which was pretty often as we were all newbies. I still have my snow flake and two more (from kits I bought from here) as does my granddaughter. I gave her one for Christmas. Wendy is lovely and knowledgeable, she doesn't 'wing it'; she is well prepared for whatever she is doing and it is a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours."

14 Jun 21'

Suzzette Naylor reviewed: Macrame - wall art

"There was only me as Wendy is only doling small classes or singles at present due to the virus. But I got on really well. I did another macrame with her so had a little bit of a head start but still I'm not very good but Wendy is very patient and watches everything you do and helps to stop making a mistake that will take a long time to undo and redo. I'm so proud of it, and Wendy gave ideas how I could adapt this hanging to be a little different and how to go on and make others. You get all the supplies you need and instructions to take home to try it at home. I love it there. Can't go wrong, either on your own or with up to two friends, you will everything Wendy teaches and there is a lot. Even for me that crafts all the time. There is always something new."

14 Jun 21'

Suzzette Naylor reviewed: Hand rolled beeswax candles

"I attended this class some while ago, and had a great time. Bought some more supplies and went and showed them at church, and at my annual get together with my sisters. (prior to covid) Everyone I showed found it very easy, because thats the way Wendy shows you how to do it. Easily. Good value too because you take home what you make."

14 Jun 21'

Barbara Hellett reviewed: Double-sided lampshade making

"What a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. Wendy was patient and very knowledgeable and we achieved a really professional finish to our lampshades! Defining going to make more and attend more workshops with Wendy."

12 Jun 21'

Rochelle Abrahams reviewed: Silk paper-making

"This course is a must if you enjoy trying something new. It is very enjoyable and so much materials to choose from it’s amazing. Time is never a problems and Wendy is so patient and explains very well and nothing is too much trouble. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend this course."

6 Jun 21'

N Sterland reviewed: Double-sided lampshade making

"Fantastic course would highly recommend it. Total zone out for three hours, enjoyed Wendy humour and her patience. The lampshade look fantastic. What I like is Wendy attention to detail, she provides techniques/tips for a professional finish and helped me achieve this. So pleased and very chuffed with my personalised lampshade."

25 May 21'

Rachel reviewed: Mosaics for beginners - West Sussex

"Thoroughly enjoyed some time out for myself, (it was my birthday treat) making a a mosaic of a beach hut. Something simple that I could finish in four hours, frame & put on my wall. It's beautiful & I just love it. Wendy was lovely, very friendly & helpful. I felt relaxed. Gorgeous cosy little studio too!"

24 May 21'

Suzzette Naylor reviewed: Macrame - beaded bracelet

"I made this bracelet before the Covid restrictions, and it was my first attempt at Macrame. I gave the bracelet to my sister and she loves it, very pleased as she is very difficult to please. And I enjoyed making it. I have done several classes with Wendy and am never disappointed, she is welcoming and patient, she needs to be with me I'm afraid. I do a lot of crafting but always go to Wendy to learn new crafts. She gives me an excellent basis on which to build skills to go and make other things, or indeed teach others at church."

24 May 21'

Suzzette Naylor reviewed: Macrame - feather

"I have made a few things with Wendy and whilst I am a 'seasoned' crafter, Wendy always finds something new that intrigues me. The Macrame feather was my second attempt at Macrame and even though Wendy had to tell me several times where I had gone wrong, she never lost patience with me. Just corrected where I went wrong and off we went till next time. Due to Covid, her classes are smaller than usual but even so they are fun, I would recommend The Little Craftery to anyone who wants to learn a new craft."

22 May 21'

Irene Holbourn-Lloyd reviewed: Wet felted flowers

"After all the restrictions of the last year was wonderful to finally get to make some wet felted flowers. My first attempts were not too bad, thank you Wendy for your patience, and I have come away inspired to do more."

The Little Craftery responded:

" Thanks Irene! Your flowers were beautiful (and I fully intend to copy your colour choices next time)! I look forward to seeing you again at your candle making class in June. :)"

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