The Little Craftery reviews

4 Oct 22'

Steve Marnier reviewed: Mosaics for Beginners - West Sussex

"Excellent day. The basics are very easy but complex curves are a challenge. However the final grouting transforms everything! Wendy is a great guide and source of inspiration, and she covers a multitude of craft skills"

2 Oct 22'

Tina reviewed: Introduction to Beaded Jewellery - West Sussex

"I had a great time with Wendy learning how to make beaded jewellery and look forward to using the knowledge to re thread various necklaces I have broken. Wendy is very knowledgeable and helpful with a calming presence and generous with cups of tea. "

23 Sep 22'

Tamsin reviewed: Felting - Christmas Baubles

"Excellent very relaxed and fun, thank you."

20 Sep 22'

Leigh reviewed: Making Wax Wraps

"My mum and I really enjoyed this course, a great experience and got to go home with 4 wax wraps each (which are already in use!). Wendy is a very knowledgeable crafter, I highly recommend signing up, thank you!"

15 Sep 22'

Linda S reviewed: Macrame - Wall Art

"Lovely productive afternoon which has inspired me to join other classes! Very well explained and demonstrated. Very proud of my wall hanging. "

4 Sep 22'

Lorraine Willis reviewed: Wet Felted Flowers

"This was the second wet felting course because we enjoyed the first one so much. The instructions were clear and having the instructor making one at the same time helped a lot. She was encouraging and friendly and I would recommend to anyone."

2 Sep 22'

Sue Lopez reviewed: Mosaics for Beginners - West Sussex

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Haven’t concentrated so much for ages!! Lots of different coloured glass to work with and Wendy was at hand for advice. I was pleased with my almost end result, it was nice and colourful. Wendy has offered to grout it, although You also have the option to do this yourself. Wendy offered us refreshments and biscuits to keep us going"

1 Sep 22'

Ruth Carty reviewed: Wet Felted Pots

"Bought this as a birthday gift and we weren’t disappointed. Spent a very happy morning crafting a beautiful little pot each - surprisingly energetic and a lot of work goes into each little pot, but it’s so satisfying and Wendy is a very reassuring and helpful tutor. We were well supported at each stage of the process and left with our creations, wanting to have another go and make another of these unique little pots- so we bought the wool from Wendy and can’t wait to try it at home! "

31 Aug 22'

Sarah Gibbs reviewed: Introduction to Beaded Jewellery - West Sussex

"I thoroughly enjoyed my 2.5 hours with Wendy yesterday for the Beaded Jewellery course. I made a bracelet and a pair of earrings, and I have bought some tools from Wendy so that I can continue at home with threading and making some jewellery from beads that I have already collected. It is quite an intricate skill to learn and Wendy guided me through it step by step. It was a throughly relaxing and enjoyable afternoon."

30 Aug 22'

Debbie reviewed: Jewellery Making & Beading - Treasure Necklace

"I made two bracelets rather than a necklace and found the morning calm and therapeutic. It was really interesting to learn the different ways of putting beads and charms together. A really enjoyable morning. "

26 Aug 22'

Tanya Riches reviewed: Mosaics for Beginners - West Sussex

"I did the beginners mosaic course yesterday and can't believe how quick the four hours went. I was completely absorbed and loved every minute of it. The atmosphere was so relaxing and Wendy was there all the time to guide me when I needed it. Would strongly recommend this to anyone."

25 Aug 22'

Yvonne 15 reviewed: Mosaics for Beginners - West Sussex

"Lovely day learning to mosaic with Wendy. Very relaxing atmosphere and great workshop. Inspired to make more at home. Would recommend this course and others that Wendy teaches. "

25 Aug 22'

Yvonne15 reviewed: Mosaics for Beginners - West Sussex

"I thoroughly loved learning how to do mosaic yesterday with Wendy. she is a great tutor, very knowledgeable in many craft areas and very patient...especially as I was learning a new skill. I so enjoyed the experience and am aiming to make more mosaics at home. I would definitely recommend attending one of Wendy's classes, they are fun and relaxing. A great day out. I shall be heading back to her lovely studio to learn felting next time. "

22 Aug 22'

Kevin Goodwin reviewed: Mosaics for Beginners - West Sussex

"I did this course with my partner last Friday in Wendy's workshop. We had not tried mosaics before. It was very instructive and good that she was working on a small piece in parallel with us. Wendy had a wide range of tiles to choose from, ranging from small squares to larger ones, offcuts of tiles, circular ones, shiny ones, pebble shaped ones, etc, in a diverse range of colours and hues. The 4 hours went surprisingly quickly and we opted to take the pieces home to grout after she demonstrated how to do this, although you can leave them with Wendy to do if you wish. The location is close to parking and the background music in the workshop great as you disappear into relaxing mosaic making. Definitely worthwhile doing and we are already thinking about mosaic projects to do at home having taken the course."

14 Aug 22'

Mei Loh reviewed: Introduction to Beaded Jewellery - West Sussex

"I really enjoyed introduction to beaded jewellery class with Wendy, she is calm and very patient, I’m looking forward to attend more of her classes in future."

8 Aug 22'

Naomi reviewed: Paper Making - Hand Made Recycled Paper

"My husband and I had a great time on Wendy's paper-making course to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Wendy had everything so well organised, and she explained really clearly how to do each step, along with demonstrating it for us before we then had a go. We came away with some lovely pieces of handmade paper, and we plan to make some more here at home! "

8 Aug 22'

Juliet W reviewed: Double-Sided Lampshade Making

"Went to the lampshade making class with my sisters and it was fantastic. We learned the whole process and they looked amazing. Will definitely be making more now at home. This is my second course with Wendy, the first being soap making (again highly recommend) and have booked on for the beaded snowflake course! "

8 Aug 22'

Georgia E reviewed: Double-Sided Lampshade Making

"Fab! This is our second course at the little craftery and have our third booked already. Definitely going to use the skills learnt to replicate at home! Thanks Wendy"

30 Jul 22'

Kathlyn Riley reviewed: Macrame - Plant Hangers

"Had a wonderful time making my second plant hanger. Wendy is very helpful and assists all the way. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to create a lovely hanger. Thank you. "

28 Jul 22'

Anna reviewed: Macrame - Wall Art

"Spent a lovely afternoon with a friend doing the macrame wall hanging. Wendy went through the steps at our pace and, when necessary, was excellent at identifying where we had gone wrong and how to correct ourselves. The course could be improved with an handout to remind you of the knots names with ‘how to’ reminders; we were concentrating so much, we forgot to write anything down!"

28 Jul 22'

Pamela Ratcliff reviewed: Mosaics for Beginners - West Sussex

"I attended this course yesterday and got thoroughly absorbed in it. Wendy was very knowledgeable and gave lots of advice, hints and tips. The range of tessarai was impressive, lots of colours to choose from. Kind and friendly course."

12 Jul 22'

Kath reviewed: Macrame - Beaded Bracelet

"I absolutely loved my Macrame plant hanger class with you yesterday. My plant is hanging in the window right now. However, I will have to make a new home for the plant as it is too hot there, but I couldn't wait to use my beautiful hanger. I am well impressed with myself for achieving this master piece under your very friendly, relaxed class. I will be telling my sisters all about it tomorrow night on our monthly girlie night. Thank you so much. "

11 Jul 22'

Fiona reviewed: Paper Making - Hand Made Recycled Paper

"My daughter and I had a great time with Wendy learning to make paper. The course was very well organised; all the equipment was laid out ready for us and Wendy was very good at explaining what we needed to do and offering lots of instruction on the different ways we could achieve different effects. She was also very patient and friendly. It was a great way to spend a morning and we are both looking forward to doing our next course. Thank you Wendy."

11 Jul 22'

Nuwani reviewed: Felting - Christmas Baubles

"We had a wonderful relaxing morning creating our felt baubles. Wendy was so welcoming and the cup of tea was just what we needed. Having never done any type of felt making before, Wendy was just brilliant at breaking down the steps. I would highly recommend this class"

10 Jul 22'

Millie reviewed: Macrame - Wall Art

"Fantastic course. Was a small group (me and my mum) so gave us a good chance to get the hang of it. Was also lovely chatting to Wendy. Would recommend to anyone."

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