The Little Craftery reviews

31 Jan 23'

Lesley Evans reviewed: Macrame - Chunky Rope Necklace

"I recently made a chunky macrame necklace with Wendy. The class was well attended and the pace was just right. I didn’t feel pressured to complete quickly and even had time to make another two. Wendy makes you feel very welcome and felt it was a relaxed afternoon. Thank you! "

31 Jan 23'

Marta reviewed: Macrame - Chunky Rope Necklace

"I recently did a macrame necklace workshop with Wendy in The Little Craftery and it was fabulous! Clear instructions on how to make your very own modern necklace, and lots of materials types and colours to choose from. I not only had a great time but I came out with a skill I can use it to make fantastic gifts for my friends and family."

29 Jan 23'

Janine Salvage reviewed: Natural Cold-Process Soap Making

"I did the soap making course with my daughter and we loved it! Wendy was very friendly and explained the process clearly step by step. The Craftery is a lovely space to work in and we had a great afternoon making soap, and can't wait to make more. Really looking forward to doing our next course. Great fun & good value. Thank you Wendy"

27 Jan 23'

Julie Shute reviewed: Wet Felted Pots

"I went with my 2 sisters and this is the second felting course we've had with Wendy; the first being flowers and this being pots. Both times have been thoroughly enjoyable. Wendy is calm, friendly, and encouraging and explains things simply and clearly, it also helps that she creates alongside so for those who learn better from watching rather than listening, it's a bonus. The shop is a treasure trove of creations and is very inspiring. The coffee is delicious and time flies by. The technique for felting pots is quite physical but very satisfying. I'm looking forward to booking another lesson soon to create something else. And it's a great idea for a birthday gift too. I'd thoroughly recommend The Little Craftery."

25 Jan 23'

Elise reviewed: Wet Felting - Jewellery and Beads

"Took the course with my mom, we had a great time. The activity was the right amount of challenging and we’ve got two beautiful necklaces each to show for it. Value for money felt really good. Highly recommend!"

22 Dec 22'

Carrie reviewed: Beaded Snowflakes

"Really enjoyed making these beautiful snowflakes. They were easier than they look especially with Wendy's help as she is a great tutor."

14 Dec 22'

Harriet reviewed: Macrame - Christmas Decorations

"I had such an enjoyable Sunday morning making Macrame Christmas decorations with Wendy and meeting and chatting with other lovely ladies. Wendy explained everything really clearly and has a lovely workshop. "

1 Dec 22'

Suzzette Naylor reviewed: Macrame - Christmas Decorations

"I love Macramé and no better place to learn than with Wendy at the Little Craftery. She has the patience of a saint, very much needed in my case, And I came home with the sweetest little Christmas decs that I made myself. Not only that but the prices she charges are very affordable. With everything included."

1 Dec 22'

Sarah reviewed: Natural Cold-Process Soap Making

"Really enjoyed learning soap making with Wendy. She explained and demonstrated the whole process really clearly. It was a fun, interesting and relaxing morning. I’m really looking forward to doing some more craft courses with Wendy and I definitely recommend them to anyone who is interested."

30 Nov 22'

Sarah reviewed: Beaded Snowflakes

"Such a lovely craft session, I was so engrossed I didn’t think about anything else for the entire time I was there. Wendy is so lovely and such a good teacher!"

20 Nov 22'

Nicky Harris reviewed: Eco Soy Wax Container Candles

"Wendy made this candle making course lots of fun, and it was also a lovely relaxing activity with friends. She explained everything very clearly, and we all produced some beautiful fragranced candles. A thoroughly enjoyable workshop, with a wonderful tutor. I highly recommend this workshop. "

18 Nov 22'

Suzzette Naylor reviewed: Making Wax Wraps

"Finally! I know how to make wax wraps. Have tried with you tube and other 'learning' places and they all made a right mess of my kitchen and everything around me. However Wendy has this really simple way of making exactly the same (but somewhat better) thing with very little mess. Be careful is all she says. So I was careful and made three great wax wraps and now my sister is coming to visit me, I am making some more the Wendy way. My sister does lots of packed lunches and I have been promising to make her some for ages. It seemed so easy in a book or on line, forget it!! The Wendy way is so much easier. "

18 Nov 22'

Suzzette Naylor reviewed: Introduction to Beaded Jewellery - West Sussex

"Although I had dabbled in making jewellery, Wendy showed me where I was going wrong and how easy everything should be. It was a small class and it felt like I was in friends workroom 'playing'. I made three pairs of earrings and a necklace in just a couple of hours. Not bad for an OAP, with arthritic fingers (and everything else)"

13 Nov 22'

Charlene reviewed: Macrame - Beaded Bracelet

"My friend and I did this class with Wendy. We are delighted with our bracelets! 😁"

13 Nov 22'

Hannah reviewed: Beaded Snowflakes

"Really enjoyed this class, a little fiddly to begin with but Wendy was very patient and sorted us out when we went wrong! Now deciding which other classes to do."

12 Nov 22'

Kathlyn Riley reviewed: Beaded Snowflakes

"6 of us did this workshop with Wendy. It was amazing how different the stars turned out as we chose our own colour scheme. Each one of us was thrilled with the results. Other kits were bought to make at home. Wendy was superb at dealing with all our cries for help. Thank you Wendy. "

12 Nov 22'

Lynn reviewed: Beaded Snowflakes

"Had a lovely crafting session making a beaded snowflake. Wendy is friendly, patient and ensures you have some fun and therapeutic time. Will definitely return to join Wendy for another crafting session."

11 Nov 22'

Marj McMenemy reviewed: Felting - Christmas Baubles

"Thoroughly enjoyed the Xmas Bauble felting course with 2 friends. Wendy is a very relaxed host, the complimentary coffee was a lovely addition and it was great to spend the morning crafting, listening to music and chatting with friends! Would love to go back and join Wendy for another course! "

11 Nov 22'

Lisa Swan reviewed: Eco Soy Wax Container Candles

"Lovely place. Easy to get to and a very cosy crafty atmosphere on a wet day. Wendy was very knowledgeable and a constant source of relaxed friendly advice guiding our colour and perfume choices. Highly recommend 😊"

11 Nov 22'

Jane reviewed: Felting - Christmas Baubles

"I would thoroughly recommend the felting course with Wendy. Very interesting to learn a new skill with your friends and go home with a great Christmas bauble! Wendy was very good at teaching and good company. The mug of hot chocolate , at no extra charge, an added bonus! We will be back to learn another skill. Thank you Wendy."

10 Nov 22'

Michelle linfield reviewed: Needle Felting - Penguin

"Wendy is a lovely lady and we thoroughly enjoyed our needle felting class, a very relaxed atmosphere, great playlist I recommend having a go it was fun and I learnt a lot, we will definitely be back to try something else, hidden gem in Worthing "

9 Nov 22'

Ceri reviewed: Double-Sided Lampshade Making

"Thanks Wendy for a truly enjoyable and informative course. We have the bug thanks to your guidance an enthusiasm!"

9 Nov 22'

Jill reviewed: Beaded Snowflakes

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Beaded Snowflake course which I attended last Monday. I struggled to begin with but Wendy was so patient and encouraging that I finally got to grips with the process. I’m proud of what I achieved. Great environment to work in and wonderful hot chocolate provided!!"

5 Nov 22'

Jenny Garner reviewed: Natural Cold-Process Soap Making

"Wendy is extremely generous with her time, knowledge and resources. I had a fabulous time making soap at The Little Craftery. I had wanted to try soap making for ages but never felt confident enough to start, lye sounded so scary, this course is fantastic to get you started. It's simple and friendly, using equipment from the home and a selection of recipes with great tuition. The resources available are extensive, essential oils, fragrances, additions for texture and colour...choosing is the hardest part of the course, it all looked and smelt so lovely! I have now 8 big bars of cut soap curing in my spare room which is making the room smell heavenly. I have used the online resource shop and got kitted out with all I need for home soap making...I feel confident enough now and I am planning to try all the recipes in the wonderful colour handbook before embarking on trying a "flavour" combination of my own. Thanks Wendy, you're a star!"

5 Nov 22'

Jane reviewed: Mosaics for Beginners - West Sussex

"Thank you Wendy for a great day making my mosaic seagull, he looks so cute. Really enjoyed the relaxed approach and straightforward instructions. I think I may need to do another course!"

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