Amerton Arts Studio reviews

26 Nov 19'

Gemma reviewed: Two day clay animal sculpture course

"This is a great course where I learned lots of new techniques for modelling with clay to create a sculpture that I am proud of. Miranda is a brilliant tutor who helps every step of the way, instructive and encouraging. A really lovely day with a very friendly group, thank you."

26 Nov 19'

Geraldine Taylor reviewed: Introduction to life drawing

"Miranda is an excellent teacher she encourages you to try new ways to improve your skills and techniques using different media and helps to improve the way you look at the subject, a very enjoyable course."

26 Nov 19'

Ingrid Lackajis reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Chillington Hall

"I wanted to come back to stone carving after many decades and was delighted to find the opportunity, even more delighted that Miranda was such a great teacher. She explains tools and techniques as you go along, an understanding of your stone, and encourages you to see it aesthetically. My Thursday morning group is a wonderful, friendly group, and it is inspiring to see their achievements under Miranda’s guidance. Highly recommended."

26 Nov 19'

Marcia Cameron reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Chillington Hall

"I love this saturday morning stone carving course, it's a great way to escape after a busy week. I had no experience at all of stone carving before I started here, but with Mirandas expert tuiton I started off with simple achievable 2 dimensional designs and have progressed to more complex 3 dimensional pieces. All tools and materials are provided. Friendly bunch of like minded people."

26 Nov 19'

Marcia Cameron reviewed: Green Man clay sculpture course

"Great course at the Amerton Art Studio. Parking on site is free and there's a cafe and shop or take your own lunch. In the art studio tea and coffee and biscuits are provided. Miranda the tutor gives great instruction and really gets the best out of you. Lovely friendly group. Tools and everything you need is provided, maybe just take an apron if you think you need one."

26 Nov 19'

Marcia Cameron reviewed: Introduction to portrait sculpture

"Fantastic instruction! On a day course I sculpted a portrait head, I'm amazed at what I achieved in a day. Friendly group and good to spend time with like minded people of mixed abilities. Tea, coffee, biscuits and cake provided. Cafe shop facilities on site or take your own packed lunch. I can thoroughly recommend this course."

25 Nov 19'

Peter reviewed: Introduction to life drawing

"First class tuition. Miranda knows her stuff! What I like about her teaching is she helps the student to see where they are going wrong for themselves. She allows the student to correct their own mistakes rather than doing it for them. Very important in the learning process. I feel my progression each week. Excellent course, excellent tuition, in a cosy venue, with tea and biscuits. What more could any student want!"

5 Mar 19'

Norman Kelsall reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Chillington Hall

"What a great two day course, as a total beginner to stone carving I was really looking forward to it and was definitely not disappointed. Miranda is a superb teacher and with her gentle nudging and encouragement in the right direction ended the course with a lovely stone carving and a wish to carry on and do more carving. Thank you Miranda."

19 Aug 17'

Gillian Bertram reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Chillington Hall

"Knowledge and experience is something one acquires, to pass that knowledge onto other requires a good teacher and Miranda is one of the best. We are a class of mixed abilities all working at our own pace, should a chip too far remove a vital piece Miranda is quickly at your side with reassuring words to put you back on track. With her support, always encouraging you to make the final decision, you will produce a carving to be proud of."

18 Aug 17'

Phil Baskerville reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Chillington Hall

"I can't praise this course too highly. There is a cheerful and purposeful atmosphere in the class. Whether you're a novice or an expert, Miranda Wakeman will teach you the appropriate skills on an individual basis. She will discuss options with you but, like all good teachers, she will encourage you to become more confident by making your own decisions about how to develop your work."

5 Aug 17'

Vanessa Eardley reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Chillington Hall

"Starting with the basic techniques of using the right tools in the correct way, Miranda guides you to a level where you can 'lisen' to the stone to know you are hitting it correctly. She helps you to achieve your design idea with just the right amount of help. The others in the group are a great bunch and we have lots of laughs and interesting discussions while we 'bash' away. We work outdoors when it is fine weather and can make as much mess as we like but there is an indoor studio if it gets too wet or cold. Anyone wanting to learn something new with exercise ,fresh air and good company, this is the course for you!"

11 Jul 17'

Sian Morgan reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Chillington Hall

"As a complete novice to stone carving I found Miranda encouraging and informative, her enthusiasm infectious. She gently guides you through, sharing a depth of knowledge acquired over many years as a professional sculptor in a manner that is easy to understand. After just six weeks I have produced my first piece and am now completely hooked."

3 Jul 17'

Claire reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Chillington Hall

"I have been going to Miranda's stone carving classes for 2 years. She is an excellent teacher and has encouraged me to progress from complete beginner to more advanced pieces. The classes are really enjoyable and very friendly. Miranda provides guidance as needed and helps each person at their own pace. Working outdoors is great and there is indoor studio space if needed. I would strongly recommend this class to anyone wanting to try a new creative hobby."

3 Jul 17'

Linda Spencer reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Chillington Hall

"Miranda is a fantastic teacher. She knows just how to give advice and at the same time giving you the opportunity to make decisions and to reflect on your work. I have learnt so much and continue to do so and am really pleased with my sculptures. It is also a very sociable group and you can exchange ideas with others. I have been on the course for nearly three years (in all weathers!) and highly recommend it."

2 Jul 17'

Haleh Salari reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Chillington Hall

"An excellent class with an excellent teacher. Miranda is always happy to help you in order to achieve the best results."

2 Jul 17'

Rosemary Smith reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Chillington Hall

"I have been on many stone sculpture courses,Miranda's is by far the best.She is an expert in the field who knows exactly how to guide each individual pupil so that they produce really worthwhile pieces.This applies to complete beginners and to those with some carving experience.I drive from Wrexham to Amerton each Thursday-one and half hours-Winter and Summer!So it must worth it!"

2 Jul 17'

Barry Gait reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Chillington Hall

"I have a very non 'artistic' background and yet in the year I have been going I have made two pieces that I am very pleased with. This is principally due to Miranda's excellent teaching, both in the basic carving skills and in helping me to see shapes and relationships better. I can't recommend it too highly."

2 Jul 17'

jill Sumner reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Chillington Hall

"This course is excellent because Miranda guides us through the processes to reach the finished piece. Likewise, Miranda leaves us work out what we want to do and helps us to reach our goals. It is very good as you can catch up on sessions if you miss one; the stone carving runs on Thursdays and Saturdays."

2 Jul 17'

Andrew Douce reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Chillington Hall

"Miranda is a wonderful teacher She can really see what you are trying to achieve and put you back on track if you are going wrong I have never done stone carving before and I am really pleased with the 2 pieces that I have created I am really lucky to have such a great class so close to home"

21 Jun 17'

Bill Coles reviewed: Introduction to life sculpture in clay

"I've been doing this course for several years now and it's a highlight of my week. I'd recommend it to anyone like me, looking for a relative hobby in retirement, or seeking to regain confidence during a period of unemployment. I guarantee you'll be delighted by your ability to make art, especially if you've never done it before. We'd love you to join us."

20 Jun 17'

Pam Ryder reviewed: Introduction to life sculpture in clay

"I have been attending Miranda's clay sculpting classes for 4 years now. I am not local to Amerton Farm and have an hour long car journey from my home in Derbyshire. But it's worth it! When I started I had only a few months experience of modelling with clay and had never been tutored. Miranda's style of tutoring is informative, encouraging and supportive. Miranda really knows her subject and I always come away feeling I have made improvement and have gained a better understanding of the medium. It's a very nice group and everyone is supportive of each other and there is not a hint of competition, so a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I would recommend it to anyone seeking a creative outlet."

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