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9 Dec 13'

allana aitken reviewed: PickOne weekend weaving course

"Had a great time over the weekend course. It was very informative and took you through the whole process of weaving from warping the loom to finishing the scarf. Being able to take the loom home to finish the project was great because you actually have something to show for the weekend. :) I would recommend this course to anyone interesting in learning about weaving."

9 Dec 13'

Chloe Purton reviewed: Food Energetics: Spring’s Rising

"Absolutely loved it! Great fun, friendly atmosphere, plenty of individual attention. Would love to do more."

8 Dec 13'

penn Shewring reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"It was perfect. Richard was a brilliant teacher and the whole atmosphere of the week was fun but focussed. I had a great week and took home beautiful steps so I can now reach all the cupboards in my kitchen."

7 Dec 13'

Barry hodges reviewed: Blacksmith Experience Day - North Norfolk

"Bought the experience day for my wife as it was something she wanted to try. James and Roger made it a great day. They were very patience and informative. We enjoyed the day so much that we have the now purchased our own forge. It was a feeling of achievement to leave at the end of the day with something we had made and have as a memory. Would certainly recommend the course to people of all levels of experience. I am looking to attend another course at Holkham in the new year."

6 Dec 13'

Catherine reviewed: One day introductory course to candle making

"I would highly recommend this course. It left me inspired, enthused, relaxed and gave me a sense of achievement at the lovely candles I made and took home. My home has scented and coloured candles which give a beautiful ambience. The tutor was friendly, knowledgeable and patient with me. I totally enjoyed it and cannot wait to book my next course with Lumieres de Londres. It was good value for money and a lovely experience."

4 Dec 13'

Rona MacLean reviewed: Tapestry weaving workshop for beginners

"I have now done three of Jane's courses - tapestry weaving is addictive! Everything is so well organised and all materials are supplied enabling students to produce a wee tapestry to be proud of. Jane gives lots of help and encouragement, demonstrating some of the technicalities in a way that even the most cack-handed can follow. We were given a very clear instruction booklet and there is lots in the studio to inspire. The time passes all too quickly. A terrific day all round! Oh! The catering is terrific too, a delicious lunch plus lovely home baking at the start and finish."

3 Dec 13'

Alana Sayers reviewed: Tapestry weaving workshop for beginners

"This is a brilliant course and would definitely recommend it to beginners and experienced students alike. Jane is a fantastic teacher and has infinite patience. Her studio is a lovely place to work in and she is very inspiring. Lunch and refreshments are delicious and it is a very convivial atmosphere in which to work! I was warned that her courses are addictive and I can see why!!! Would highly recommend Alana Sayers"

3 Dec 13'

Charles Dowding reviewed: Blacksmith Experience Day - North Norfolk

"Went on the course with a friend and really enjoyed it, learned a lot and made some things. Roger and James looked after us well. Would like to go back to learn more skills and make something more complicated."

2 Dec 13'

Mandyb reviewed: Full day fused glass course

"What a great course! Kim & Sharon are excellent tutors, friendly and patient. We were shown the basics about glass cutting & fusing before being let loose to create our own designs. Kim & Sharon were on hand to assist & advise at all times and it was good to be allowed freedom to create whatever we wanted with no restriction on the glass resources. There was lots of time to create our items and I made far more than I expected to be able to. We were treated to delicious pastries & bacon rolls on arrival, risotto for lunch and mince pies & cream before we left, with lots of juice, coffee & wine throughout the day. Kim's hospitality is second to none! I would love to have another go at this course one day and now I know how it works I will be prepared to have ideas about what I would like to make before the day, so I do not waste too much time 'thinking' instead of 'doing'. This course is great value for money and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys being creative."

30 Nov 13'

nessa reviewed: Full day fused glass course

"We had the best day,starting with a lovely bacon roll and coffee. We then were shown how to cut the glass and layer it without cutting our fingers off!! I must have made about 10 different things,ranging from a coaster to a snowman to hang on the Christmas tree. We were then made a lovely lunch,followed by more fusing. We then ended the day with a mince pie and coffee,i have to say the day just flew by. top marks :)"

30 Nov 13'

Bethan reviewed: Candle making workshops

"I have just participated in a candle making workshop run by Angharad from wax the matter,and it was great!!!! We all had the chance to make 6 candles each (including bees wax, rape seed, gel wax and paraffin wax) ! I had such an amazing experience thanks to Angharad, and I would certainly recommend it to others! Thanks"

25 Nov 13'

Karen Bisset reviewed: PickOne weekend weaving course

"I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend with James and was amazed at what we all managed to produce. The class size, facilities and tea and cake were all excellent. James is a great teacher and very patient!"

25 Nov 13'

Christine Burd reviewed: Letter Carving in Stone

"Excellent course and tutor. Complete beginners can really achieve something worthwhile and it is a thrill to achieve your first project. Very satisfying weekend."

21 Nov 13'

Rachel Harris reviewed: Stained Glass Workshop - Two Day

"I loved the weekend. Really felt that I learned new skills and it was a great feeling of accomplishment being able to bring pieces of finished work home. I've got the bug and will be back for more."

21 Nov 13'

Juliet Bennett reviewed: Pottery Basics with Jacqui Atkin

"It was an enjoyable day where I learnt new things and confirmed things I thought I knew but wasn't sure! Thank you."

19 Nov 13'

Jo Priest reviewed: Silk Screen Printing

"I Just cant say enough about the content and the excellent method Dionne has of teaching. I have completed 3 of Dionnes workshops at home, they are so manageable, she sets out what will be covered, and all the materials you will need in advance. She explains everything in a straight forward easily understood way, in bite sized pieces too, via a short video each day. which can be watched over & over again. Dionne also provides notes to print out too. So you are able to take your at home tutorials at a later date.The support given on line & meeting your fellow students is fun too and really makes you feel a part of the group."

18 Nov 13'

David Fenton-Jones reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"I attended one of Peter's 'Introduction to Green Woodworking' courses at Growers Organics earlier in the year. I had a fabulous time learning some of the techniques needed to work with un-seasoned wood. Peter is a very friendly, gentle teacher with the patience of a saint. He made all of us feel relaxed and free to work at our own speed, learning the best ways to use the tools provided as we went. No question was deemed to silly or basic and we all felt comfortable to ask for his advice when we wanted to. I made a beautiful side table, which has pride if place in my home now, and is a daily reminder of the fun time I spent at Growers. I met some lovely people who were fellow students for the weekend. Jo and Charlie who run Growers Organics were wonderfully hospitable too and were a Joy to get to know. All in all I can wholeheartedly recommend that anyone who is in two minds as to whether to sign up for a course or not, to go for it. You will not regret it. You will come away with New friends and great inspiration. A great course, thank you Peter."

18 Nov 13'

Wendy reviewed: One day introductory course to candle making

"Good fun, informative, came away with a head full of ideas and aching feet:-) Highly recommended for the complete novice: no pressure, lots of patience."

17 Nov 13'

Colin Hunter reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"Filled with trepidation about the potential result of my first venture into the Woodwork World, it was a relief to be under the expert tutelage of the ever patient Richard and Mark. They were eager to encourage the best from the Students for the week, with tactful tips and imparting knowledge at a rate we could absorb. As a result we all left for home with a feeling of achievement; with pieces that will grace the Living areas rather than be hidden in a dark corner of a Hallway. Passing muster as the respective Families examine the work, with surprise at the result, must be one of the greatest feelings. The enthusiasm from the Course is still running high, with my head full of fresh hope and ideas for independent projects. See you both next Autumn for Part 2!"

17 Nov 13'

Jamie reviewed: Introduction to traditional green wood turning course

"Had a great day. Simon was a great teacher and I made something I didn't believe I could. Want to do more - perhaps the 2 day advanced course next year.."

17 Nov 13'

Chris reviewed: Introduction to traditional green wood turning course

"My 14 year old son and I had a fantastic day. Never thought we could make something so nice from a log in such a short time. Simon's teaching was amazing. I would recommend this course to anybody."

17 Nov 13'

Vinny Commons reviewed: Advanced throwing masterclass with David Frith

"1.lots of good food, /tuition for capable potters ..but some gaping weaknessess..2 I did fill in form and left in on desk so i dont understand..why that wasnt sufficient...?since all potters sat ..on low wheels there wasnt an option to stand we were getting used to new throwing details..and prescribed a position the work was done from[ sitting] but iam a standing thrower.!it was awkward.2 Some people were out of their depths...they could hardly centre the i suggest you grade your throwing courses eg beginners/ advanced , even intermediate.3 only one way of wedging the clay was used...most people couldnt do struggled to get a quality piece of clay to work with...why couldnt cut and slam have been set up?..a little more thought required.4..I am stating it as i saw it ...since you asked ..but please remember there were many positives....lastly if you wish , i would be happy to lead a intermediate or beginners course ..if you felt it was appropriate.....Please respond stating that my comments did get through to you ...since i did fill in a sheet that came with the course ..and i dont know what has become of it.? Vinny Common 07808960418"

15 Nov 13'

Dale Mellor reviewed: How to paint stained glass

"Read Sophie DSouza.... her comments nail it ! If you are serious about acquiring SKILL, this is the place to do it. Whatever the financial cost involved you will not regret the investment. Thanks Stephen & David... I believe I can paint !"

15 Nov 13'

Yve Peck reviewed: Caricatures in Clay

"Thoroughly enjoyable & relaxed two day course learning how to create a stoneware mural sculpture. Neil Dalrymple is hugely talented & extremely knowledgeable & informative. Neil demonstrated various methods & techniques which could be employed in a wide range of sculptures. The small group enabled Neil to offer sufficient guidance to each individual & everybody on the course created some wonderful work. Overall, the course was very good value for money & I would recommend this course to anybody interested in learning how to sculpt."

14 Nov 13'

Lisa reviewed: One day introductory course to candle making

"Fantastic "hands on" day of learning with great hints & tips! Sakeena is a fun teacher that enables what look like complicated techniques to become simple with her teaching style. Highly recommended!"

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