Boro-inspired embroidered and quilted Christmas Tree decorations (pair)



Two Christmas Tree Decorations presented on a recycled A5 card suspended from a glitter-style bunting cord

How this was made

The Christmas Trees have been individually made from hand-pieced Christmas fabrics, layered with batting, then backed with red muslin. After "turning out", they are hand quilted, in a boro-inspired embroidered style. One of each pair will also feature hand beading. Due to the random selection of fabrics, decoration on each tree will vary.

What's included in the price?

Two random quilted and embroidered Christmas Trees, each approximately 4"/10cm high (see image) on an A5 card. If you would prefer to order 2 x single trees, each on an A6 card recycled card, please make a note in the comments



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Suitable for

  • Christmas
  • UK Holiday
  • Fairs, festivals & exhibitions
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