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Print and design are skills that can be used by all craftspeople. If you're looking to learn lino-cutting, lino printing, cyanotype, mono-printing, etching, collagraph, eco or natural printing look no further! Design is of course integral to the creative process and the translation of any work into print is an exciting and edifying process. Spend time on a workshop or course in a print or design studio and you will be inspired. Learn skills that will stay with you through life and tap into that creative streak!

Lancashire - Next course on 9th August 2018
This course could save you £3,671.20 per year if you make just 4 screens per day during 260 production days by teaching you the correct techniques for screen prep and and coating. You can also improve your efficiency by at least 12%, which all adds up to more profit for your business. This 3 day course in Lancashire is run by world-renowned Master Screen Printer Douglas Grigar. The Course: Master Screen Printer, Douglas Grigar covers...
Buckinghamshire - Next course on 30th August 2018
Colouricious Printology is a 3 day block printing course for textile surface design. Learn how to block print on a Colouricious Printology residential textile workshop teaching you how to block print onto fabric and paper, gelli printing & stencil art. All 3 days will be timetabled and structured. You will cover: Pattern theory, layering techniques, masking, block printing, gelli printing, decolourant, stencils & sewing projects.
Monoprinting using a Gelli Plate is simple and fun without the need for a printing press. The gratification is immediate, each print is truly unique. During this workshop you will explore a variety of Gelli Plate Printing techniques. You will experiment with layering colour and texture using stencils and masking techniques. You will leave this workshop having produced a variety of prints that stand alone or can be developed further in mixed media projects. This...
West Midlands
Learn how to use textile printing techniques in one day, in the relaxed surroundings of Penny’s home studio. You will experiment with mark making, repeat pattern and colour on small fabric samples to help develop your own ideas, with the use of stencil, block printing, hand painting and dyeing. You will then develop your final design onto a plain 100% cotton cushion cover to take home with you. No previous experience necessary. A maximum of...
Join Designer & Maker Ria Rich in her colourful studio situated in rural Northamptonshire where you can design and create a fabulous lampshade to compliment your home. In this all day workshop you will learn various fabric printing techniques such stencils with screens, resists and stamps etc to create your design. A selection of fabrics will be available for you to experiment on which will then be used to cover and construct a 20cm drum...
Caroline Davidson is an experienced textile teacher, artist ad designer who has recently gained an MA in Textile Culture at Norwich University College of the Arts and a qualification in Digital Textile Print at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Silkscreen printing courses at Pound Farm Barn take place in her studio and workshop. 'Having taught and produced work for over twenty years, I am passionate about all aspects of textiles. Specializing in design and...
Tyne and Wear - Next course on 8th September 2018
This course is designed for complete beginners or anyone who would like to learn eco printing printing, i.e. eco printing and medium printing. During this course you will learn various techniques, such as: fabric preparation for eco printing; introduction to plants for eco printing; eco printing (botanical printing) – using various techniques; eco printing (botanical printing)– printing large pieces of fabric; and eco printing (botanical printing)– printing on garments. It includes: Introduction to materials, mordants...
Essex - Next course on 7th September 2018
It’s tough to begin a creative project and staring at a blank page doesn’t make it any easier. This Creative Inspiration Day has been designed to give you some different points to jump off from and explore shape, colour and pattern. We will use block-printmaking techniques to bring some of these ideas to life, but if you are coming at this from a different creative process, feel free to deviate and use your own preferred...
Oxfordshire - Next course on 13th August 2018
Spend three glorious summer days exploring three fabulous printmaking techniques, in one stunning art studio and natural surroundings! Taught by professional artist and tutor Liam Biswell, you will delve into the world of dry-point etching, monoprints and screenprinting. During this inspiring course, you will learn: - How to select suitable images and reference materials - The key principles dry point etching – how to get stunning images and add extra dimensions with additional colours and...
A fun, relaxed two day course where you will learn the basics of designing and printing onto fabric. On Day One we explore relief printmaking, beginning with organic shapes and developing simple prints and designs. By the end of the day you will know how to get set up at home, have tried out several different brands of ink and explored printing complementary designs and patterns onto fabric with both temporary and permanent relief stamps....