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Foraging and wild food walks and courses are taught in woods, meadows and hedgerows across the UK. Learn to identify and harvest wild greens, edible leaves, herbs and mushrooms with expert foragers and herbalists in the picturesque wilderness of our green country. Collecting your own wild food (and medicine) is immensely satisfying and healthy - not to mention cost effective! Food foraging is an ancient skill that gets us back to the very basics of human life. Foraging workshops and walks make for a great day out in the fresh air, chatting with fellow foragers and learning delicious new recipes.

Herefordshire - Next course on 22nd September 2018
Autumn roots weekend course: dandelion, elecampane, marshmallow & horseradish practical sessions 22nd & 23rd September, 10am –4pm both days Harvesting herbal roots for health and wellbeing Course Overview We will be using the principles of using seasonal tonic herbs for maintaining our health and wellbeing. We will use freshly foraged dandelion, elecampnae, marshmallow and horseradish roots and make various different preparations from them. This will include making a decoction, an infused oil, a syrup, an...
Perthshire - Next course on 3rd November 2018
Residential weekend course in the Scottish Highlands, learning bushcraft skills, run by the Field Studies Council. This course is designed to develop basic bushcraft skills. No prior knowledge is required but participants must be over 16 years old. Sessions will be led in and around the grounds of Kindrogan Field Centre and will include: basic knife and tool skills, woodworking, shelter building, fire-making using flint, steel and bow drill friction techniques, tinder making, basic wild...
East Sussex
A day in the woods foraging your materials and using stone-age tools to learn specific bushcraft skills. On offer is wild fire-making, wild cordage (string) and bone needle-making. Empowering, creative, skills for life... you'll find all the details on our website courses calendar page, via the button above. We aim to give you a satisfying learning experience as well as an enjoyable time away from it all. To support you in getting the most from...
Pembrokeshire - Next course on 14th September 2018
Come and join us on our Driftwood Art & Coastal Foraging weekend. You will be staying in a lovely Georgian house overlooking the stunning Teifi estuary. This is a break with a difference! A wonderful coastal themed weekend of creativity in West Wales. All workshop tutors are well respected, experienced, local artists and crafts people. Groups are small, averaging 6 people, and you will receive individual attention and be helped to discover your unique creative...
Northumberland - Next course on 25th August 2018
Our half day foray is an excellent introduction to the experience of discovering wild foods. We will guide you through different habitats teaching you how to explore the landscape, identify and harvest the seasonal wild foods it offers. The experience is wondrous; depending upon the time of year you could find yourself munching on tree leaves, flowers, plants, berries or some truly astonishing mushrooms! The Northumberland landscape presents a splendid array of edible flora, fauna...
Lincolnshire - Next course on 13th October 2018
Have you ever wanted to learn how to identify common, locally found plants? How about learning how to make medicine using the contents of your spice rack, or using easily obtained ingredients? Why not join me for a two day session where you will learn all of these skills and more, including: How to gather, dry and prepare your own herbs How to make a variety of different plant medicines How to use those plant...
Hampshire - Next course on 16th September 2018
Learn how to make delicious preserves from foraged and home grown ingredients on this training course in the Hampshire South Downs. We will make a chutney and a fruit jam on the course and participants will be able to get hands-on with every stage of the process, including: foraging for and preparing the ingredients measuring out quantities and cooking up the preserves checking the jam has reached setting point sterilising and sealing jars of the...
Merseyside - Next course on 13th October 2018
Forage for local, seasonal dye plants for the vat along with beautiful shaped and textured flora for eco-printing on to paper and fabric. Eco-printing is a wonderful technique that records the unique signature of a leaf or flower creating a lasting record of a time and place. During this one day event you will eco-print a pure silk cushion to take away with you along with additional paper samples that can be made into a...
Join Jade Mellor of Wild Pickings on a private foraging walk with a group of family or friends. Half day, morning or afternoon walks & workshops, specifically tailored to your interests (forest, hedgerow, seashore or a mix). Jade has been a professional forager for nearly ten years, collecting wild food from the beautiful hedgerows, woodlands and coast of West Wales. "I pick what is seasonally abundant, with care and sensitivity, always leaving plenty to go...
A fun and relaxed afternoon of craft - no experience necessary. You'll be shown how to make a simple wreath base from birch twigs and other natural materials. We'll then decorate paper mache eggs and create flowers from ribbon and hessian. All elements will be combined to create a colourful wreath to celebrate the arrival of spring.