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Foraging and wild food walks and courses are taught in woods, meadows and hedgerows across the UK. Learn to identify and harvest wild greens, edible leaves, herbs and mushrooms with expert foragers and herbalists in the picturesque wilderness of our green country. Collecting your own wild food (and medicine) is immensely satisfying and healthy - not to mention cost effective! Food foraging is an ancient skill that gets us back to the very basics of human life. Foraging workshops and walks make for a great day out in the fresh air, chatting with fellow foragers and learning delicious new recipes.

East Sussex
A day in the woods foraging your materials and using stone-age tools to learn specific bushcraft skills. On offer is wild fire-making, wild cordage (string) and bone needle-making. Empowering, creative, skills for life... you'll find all the details under 'courses' on our website, via the button above. We aim to give you a satisfying learning experience as well as an enjoyable time away from it all. To support you in getting the most from your...
Summer Dyes from the Countryside - one day course at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. Take a basket and wander through the meadows, investigate the hedgerows and gardens to identify and collect traditional dye material in season. Berries and barks, roots, flowers and fruits all provide wonderful natural ingredients. Participants will prepare dye baths of vibrant and glowing natural colours and dip and dye samples to take home. The historic use of dye plants and...
Foraging Day at Hafod Estate, Ystwyth Valley, Ceredigion (about 12 miles from Aberystwyth) Join professional forager Jade Mellor for a full day of wild food foraging. Spring is a time of abundance and new life. Of fresh, green leaves, edible blooms and the most tender, tasty and nutritious wild food. Join me in this very special opportunity to spend a whole day foraging in the heart of the beautiful, magical, Hafod estate . We will...
Gloucestershire - Next course on 17th March 2018
This course is designed to give you an overnight bushcraft experience, putting your skills to the test under the guidance of our instructors. Over the 24hrs you will learn and practice a number of skills including, fire lighting, shelter building, game preparation, backwoods cooking techniques, wild food foraging and snares and traps. After an initial introduction and safety briefing you’ll be given all the tools you need to survive this 24hr experience. Your first task...
Gloucestershire - Next course on 5th May 2018
This weeklong bushcraft course is designed to take you away from modern luxuries and help you to become less reliant on them. Throughout this weeklong course you will be taught different bushcraft skills, which you will have mastered by the end of the course. Being a weeklong bushcraft course you really do get to grips with the day to day running of the camp, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the natural surroundings...
Gloucestershire - Next course on 20th April 2018
The Bushcraft Weekend course is designed to build on the essential bushcraft skills. This weekend course is specifically intended for the intermediate bushcrafter. The skills learnt on this course will enable you to go out into the wilderness and know how to light a fire without matches and build a woodland shelter to spend a night or two in without a problem Upon arrival you will be greeted by one of our instructors and after...
Forage for local, seasonal dye plants for the vat along with beautiful shaped and textured flora for eco-printing on to paper and fabric. Eco-printing is a wonderful technique that records the unique signature of a leaf or flower creating a lasting record of a time and place. During this one day event you will eco-print a pure silk cushion to take away with you along with additional paper samples that can be made into a...
Northumberland - Next course on 19th May 2018
Our half day foray is an excellent introduction to the experience of discovering wild foods. We will guide you through different habitats teaching you how to explore the landscape, identify and harvest the seasonal wild foods it offers. The experience is wondrous; depending upon the time of year you could find yourself munching on tree leaves, flowers, plants, berries or some truly astonishing mushrooms! The Northumberland landscape presents a splendid array of edible flora, fauna...
Join Jade Mellor of Wild Pickings on a private foraging walk with a group of family or friends. Half day, morning or afternoon walks & workshops, specifically tailored to your interests (forest, hedgerow, seashore or a mix). Jade has been a professional forager for nearly ten years, collecting wild food from the beautiful hedgerows, woodlands and coast of West Wales. "I pick what is seasonally abundant, with care and sensitivity, always leaving plenty to go...
North Yorkshire - Next course on 10th March 2018
Spend a day in the woods walking and learning about what free food can be foraged . Learn to forage wild food and mushrooms. Learn how to identify and eat without fear. This is an in-depth course depending on the season and location. A coastal version can also be undertaken. No places will be booked without payment being made on the day of booking.