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11 Nov 13'

Cheryl Morgan reviewed: Patchwork Course - 5weeks

"I really enjoyed attending the Christmas Crochet course, I met some lovely ladies there, also our tutor Elizabeth was fantastic, she taught us so well, that I understood straight away what I should do next and she made it made it very simple to follow. I am looking forward to the next course. I feel really confident to start some project on my own now."

11 Nov 13'

Fran Quinn reviewed: Beginners spinning

"I loved this course, Cathy takes you from handling the raw fleece to spinning your first skein, she is patient and thorough. I really recommend this course."

11 Nov 13'

JILL LEDWIDGE reviewed: Beginners spinning

"Fun, friendly, expert tuition and encouragement. What more can I say."

11 Nov 13'

Rosemary Tyler reviewed: Beginners spinning

"I have been to Cathy course, just out of curiosity and was hooked. I now have my own wheel and have encouraged other to go to Cathy's course."

9 Nov 13'

Nancy reviewed: A fabulous introduction to fused glass - one day course

"Siobhan is fantastic - really kind and friendly which makes it so easy to learn the techniques from her, as you don't feel silly asking questions! (And she makes a good cup of tea too!) She had the patience of a saint in working with us all - complete strangers of different ages, abilities and ideas of what we wanted to achieve from the day. I would thoroughly recommend going to do this course, and am sure I'll be back at some point to do some more :) For those who don't drive it also great that the transport links are so good."

8 Nov 13'

Tony Webster reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I attended this course as a complete beginner and was delighted at the confidence that Richard and Mark gave me in one week. They achieved the perfect balance between giving help and advice when it was needed and leaving me to have a go by myself. R & M showed great patience and good humour and created a very warm and easy working environment . I made a step stool which I was very proud of and would recommend the course without hesitation or reservation to anyone who is, or thinks they may be, interested in woodworking."

8 Nov 13'

Nigel reviewed: Make Scented Candles & Tealights

"Fab course if you wish to learn all about candle making; it covers so much and you really do learn all that you need to know to be able to do it by yourself. Had a really good day and felt totally inspired by the experience and cannot wait to make my own products. The teachers are lovely and knowledgeable - am thrilled that I made the effort to go on this course - highly recommended."

8 Nov 13'

Joan reviewed: Mosaic Workshop

"I'm not arty and needed a lot of help. I was guided through my choice of project and the best colours to use with sensitivity to inspire confidence. I got exactly what I wanted which was to spend a day in good company trying something new. Time just flew by - it was very absorbing and much freer than I'd expected. And there was a really tasty home-cooked lunch."

7 Nov 13'

Rowley reviewed: Wood carving and Love Spoons

"Excellent tutor, from novice to experienced student Sharon has the ability and knowledge to make your choice of carving in what ever form become something special. Thank you Sharon for your time, patience and instruction."

6 Nov 13'

Nicola Barnes reviewed: Make Scented Candles & Tealights

"Really good value. Had a great time and learnt loads. Really happy with my candle (smells lovely) and wax tarts - can't wait to start making my own."

6 Nov 13'

Darna reviewed: Make Scented Candles & Tealights

"Fun day, learned a lot and got to make a fab candle and wax tarts to take home"

6 Nov 13'

Chris Hajdukiewicz reviewed: A fabulous introduction to fused glass - one day course

"A fantastic course, I learnt so much and produced some beautiful work. I can't wait for my next course here."

5 Nov 13'

Sophie DSouza reviewed: How to paint stained glass

"I had long wanted to study glass painting with Williams and Byrne but found it difficult to take time out of my busy stained glass studio. Getting a Professional Development award from the Worshipful Company of Glaziers was the excuse I needed and it proved to be one of the most valuable things I could have done. My three days with W&B were rigorous and intense. I was taken, step by step through all the skills and techniques I would need to replicate their single fire method. No detail was spared. Everything I needed to know, from what brushes (and where I could buy them) to use to how to hold my bridge and paint brush were covered. And, of course how to mix the perfect. I made copious notes which are a great reference to me when I get a bit stuck in my workshop. I don't think I will ever be able to paint with the consistency, discipline and expertise of W&B but I at least have the tools now to try. Many thanks to David and Stephen for their patience and commitment to the teaching process. I loved every moment. Good lunches too!"

4 Nov 13'

Geoff Cadogan-Cowper reviewed: How to paint stained glass

"All art is tension between technique and concept. When beautiful but fractious glass is involved, good techniques are a must. I travelled from Australia and spent two very full and structured days working purely on techniques with Stephen and David. It was worth every moment. It has given me confidence and comfort in technique whilst I explore conceptualisations."

1 Nov 13'

Helen Dale reviewed: Hand-stitched leather tote, satchel or messenger bag course

"I would definitely recommend this course. Gaynor was an excellent teacher and very patient. I learnt a huge amount in the two days i was there. Gaynor was also a great help in sharing her knowledge of the best places to buy tools and leather. I've already ordered my first batch of leather!"

30 Oct 13'

SSh reviewed: One day introductory course to candle making

"Excellent course - I would highly recommend it. Sakeena is very knowledgable and excellent, patient teacher who makes the whole session lots of fun. I have done the introductory and intermediate candle classes and have booked natural remedies."

30 Oct 13'

Verity Darby reviewed: Fun with Felt Flowers

"Good instruction, well organised and great fun. Came away with two nice flowers."

30 Oct 13'

Geraldine Blake reviewed: A fabulous introduction to fused glass - one day course

"Great day out and despite having no natural ability, with Siobhan's help and encouragement, managed to produce a rather fetching 'plate'. Would happily recommend to anyone."

25 Oct 13'

Jenny reviewed: Stained Glass Workshop - Two Day

"I enjoyed my weekend very much, Dawn and Jan gave very good instructions and they were more than willing to give their assistance when asked"

24 Oct 13'

Louise Smith reviewed: Stained Glass Workshop - Two Day

"Really enjoyed the course, thank you."

23 Oct 13'

Andy and Sue Travis reviewed: Stained Glass Workshop - Two Day

"Most enjoyable weekend course. Right pace, good instruction, right size of course, spot on."

23 Oct 13'

Lesley Pace reviewed: Introduction to traditional green wood turning course

"Simon demonstrated at our gardening club meeting. His presentation was extremely clear and enthusiastic. He had gone to a lot of trouble to bring the equipment to set up in our village hall, and brought the craft to life. We all now appreciate how much hard work and skill goes into the making of craft objects. We would recommend him as a speaker at other groups."

19 Oct 13'

Diane McFadden reviewed: Tapestry weaving workshop for beginners

"A great day out, even for someone like me - not arty at all. Coffee and home baking to start, a lovely lunch with a spot or two of wine, and to finish of the day tea and cakes. After a very apprehensive start it was al guns going ............. Wanted to be more adventurous than my teacher thought, as a result was last finished. Very proud of my work, and am hoping to get it framed. D"

16 Oct 13'

Jim McManners OBE reviewed: A stool making day

"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, everything from the drive up through the boarders on a beautiful day to the session in the pub at the end. Best of course was the work. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday. we worked individually but with just enough help to make us all successful and with lots of team work when needed. The venue is excellent with a real old fashioned feel of timeless workshop and an adjoining craft center to inspire us to want to do more. Eion and Gail have got this just right, the right balance of challenge and help, nothing soppy! hard work and very satisfying."

15 Oct 13'

Jim Murray reviewed: How to paint stained glass

"Stephen. Thank you for the latest ebooks and bonus DVD pack. Brilliant service and communication. I look forward to booking a course at your studio in future."

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