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Introduction to mount cutting: perfect for painters & photographers

Duration: One day (10.00 to 4.30)

Price: £90

Book with: Lynne Friel
at Lynne Friel

22 Westhampnett Road
West Sussex
PO19 7HW

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About the Course

This one day workshop is suitable for complete beginners or for those wanting to refresh their mount cutting skills. Cutting your own mounts allows you to use standard size frames and recycle existing ones.

Perfect for painters, crafters, photographers, calligraphers, textile artists, in fact anyone wanting to make their pictures look their best. Excellent presentation makes a world of difference, and if you sell your work professional presentation is essential.

* Learn to cut accurate, bespoke, single mounts using a handheld mount cutter
* Calculate sizes so you can fit your pictures into readymade or recycled frames
* Experiment with mounts and frames to see how they change your picture
* By lunchtime you will have mounted your first couple of pictures
* Spend the afternoon cutting mounts for your pictures and practising your new skills
* Discover what the back of the frame should look like
* Take home several mounted pictures wrapped in cellophane and ready to prop on a shelf or drop in a frame

Straightforward and friendly tuition with plenty of individual attention, maximum of three to a workshop. I will cover using the correct materials, tools and techniques. There will be lots of tips and shortcuts as well as illustrated handouts.

Specialist workshops are available for those wanting to take their skills further, these include double mounting, float mounting, cutting mounts for box frames, multi apertures and gutter mounts for pastels.

I also run a private one day workshop, please get in touch for details.

If booking with a CraftCourses voucher for part or all of the course fee, please fill in the contact form above. Your voucher code must be provided at the point of booking.

What's included in the price?

Two sheets of mountboard, use of an individual handheld mount cutter and all the tools and other materials that might be needed. There will be lots of tea/coffee and homemade cake, please bring a packed lunch.

Please bring several pictures. If you have any frames you want to use or recycle please bring these too.

I have just received my Platinum Award for 50 five star reviews, to see them please click below on 'All reviews for this provider'.

Want to review this course?

I had a very productive day on this course. Lynne is an excellent and patient tutor. I was new to cutting mounts, although I've done a fair amount of straightforward cutting, I have never before used a beveled cutter. I returned home with three mounted pieces, one of which was an etching I'd done many years ago which had been spoiled by being stuck with non archival tape to a board. I'm very happy to say that it has been rescued as best as it can be and is now safe for me to frame. I did get confused at one point, but Lynne was at hand to put me right. She is a very encouraging tutor and I would certainly recommend her courses.

- - #23036

Due to an up-coming exhibition, I urgently needed to learn about mount cutting, but Lynne taught us mount cutting together with framing, which in fact one needs to learn for proper presentation of the work.

Lynne pays absolute attention to the details, and even when I made a mistake, she showed me how to recover from it.

Lynne also gave us plenty of practical and valuable information which cannot be found on the internet, based on her many years of experience.

It was a workshop conducted in a warm and very friendly atmosphere, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.

- - #22553

I have attended two courses with Lynne and would highly recommend them, both the journal making and mount cutting. Lynne is a experienced and calm teacher and willing to share her vast knowledgeable on the subjects she is teaching. Working in a small group setting meant no one was left out and understood clearly what was going on. Lynne bakes a lovely cake as well!

- - #22397

As a photographer, there is the creative flow of taking, processing, cropping and printing a photograph, but attending Lynne's excellent course reinforced emphatically for me that mounting is another essential part of that creative flow, and one not to be neglected or handed over to a framing shop!

Lynne is an excellent teacher, attentive and responsive to the needs of her students, and I was very pleased indeed to take home my mounted work at the end of the day to show off. The day was well structured, with good notes and demonstrations moving quickly on to preparing and cutting mounts ourselves, we were so engrossed and caught up in it we lost track of time!

An excellent day, and very pleased indeed that I attended.

- - #22210

Really informative day and surprisingly satisfying! Learned more than expected and will definitely be booking the next level course

- - #22113

An excellent course that Lynne has structured and organised down to the finest detail. Lynne is a brilliant, patient tutor attending to each student individually and inspiring us with confidence. Lynne has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she shares willingly. A thoroughly enjoyable day wherein I feel I have learnt so much about every aspect of the mount cutting process. The clear and comprehensive notes are excellent too. I would recommend this course most highly.

- - #22094

I can't imagine a better or more enjoyable introduction to mount cutting. Lynne got us hands on straight away and by the end of the well-organised day all three of us in the group had received individual attention as needed and produced two professionally mounted pictures. Lynne's very clear and methodical approach along with the very informative handout left me feeling confident that I would retain all I had learnt. I'm now raring to go!

- - #22076

Very good and enjoyable course. Lynne is very organised (everything was laid out before our arrival) and a great teacher. The class was small and tuition was shared equally amongst the participants. Not only did we learn how to make professional looking mounts but also how to professionally position and secure artworks within the mounts for long term protection. There was discussion on choice of materials, mounting styles and we received a comprehensive set of notes to take away. Most importantly, I now feel confident to make my own professional looking mounts.

- - #21249

Had a really fantastic day learning how to cut mounts from beginning to end. Lynne was an excellent tutor and was able to give a lot of one to one instruction and guidance. We were delighted with the end results, thoroughly enjoyed our day and would highly recommended this course to others. Lynne’s professional experience, attention to detail and friendly helpful approach makes this course one not to be missed by anyone wishing to mount their own work with confidence and to a very high standard. Thanks again Lynne

- - #21235

I had an inspiring day with Lynne and saw with my own eyes how adding or changing the mount can transform a picture. Mount cutting really is an essential skill for all artists and Lynne is an excellent teacher to learn with. She was well-prepared, always clear in her instructions, paid attention to necessary detail, and was altogether immensely generous with her time and input. And her homemade cake was second to none. Altogether an excellent workshop.

- - #19705

Excellent practical day learning techniques for mounting my photographs and putting it into practice with the support of Lynne and with a small group of other participants. I was very pleased with the four mounted photographs I completed and am well prepared to do more back home. Great day out to learn a useful and creative skill and meet others in a friendly workshop. As an amateur photographer just starting to mount photos for club competitions this session was first class. I travelled 50 miles to the event and it was worth the time. Highly recommended.

- - #19704

What a great course. I feel like I got such a good insight into a brilliant new skill. Lynne was very patient & had such knowledge. Highly recommended this course!

- - #18478

This workshop is excellent. It is very well structured and takes the participants through the whole process of preparing a painting or photograph for an exhibition. Class sizes are a maximum of 4 which makes a very friendly learning environment. There are excellent course notes and Lynne demonstrates and explains very clearly how to measure up and cut mounts. She is very knowledgeable and flexible so that she can respond positively to all the various images that the participants provide.

- - #18396

Before attending this course I was a complete novice and had little idea of what it would involved. I turned up with some of my grandson's artwork, feeling apprehensive but was quickly put at ease by Lynne's friendly manner. Her instructions were clear (excellent paperwork was provided) and she demonstrated each stage which was good for a kinaesthetic learner like me. Nothing was too much for Lynne and she was quick to help when I made a mistake, offering advice on how to deal with this, keeping me calm. As the day progressed I grew in confidence, eventually taking home beautifully framed pictures; my grandson is delighted with them! I now have the equipment and am enthusiastic to use my new found knowledge.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Lynne's course.

- - #16601

An excellent value course to learn the basics of mount cutting. Lynne clearly has a lot of experience which she is very willing to share. The course was well structured with excellent course notes and preparation yet Lynne was able to be very flexible and accommodating to each student and the individual needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course.

- - #15596

Two days ago I spent a wonderful day with Lynne, our gifted teacher. I learnt so much. At each stage we were carefully guided through the process. As with many things careful preparation leads to success. By the end of the day we had successfully cut and mounted several pictures.
I have since mounted two more pictures at home with equal success. To have the confidence to carry on at home shows how well I was taught. I would highly recommend this course.

- - #15527

As a complete novice, Lynne's warm and generous nature removed any nerves that I had before the course. The well stocked studio was comfortable and relaxed and Lynne's teaching was patient yet full of passion and enthusiasm. Leaving the studio at the end of the day with my newly mounted artworks was a very special type of joy. Oh, and the homemade cake, mmm..! I would highly recommend this course.

- - #14530

I booked on this course after being criticised by a judge at my photographic society for surface mounting a photo I entered into a competition. I wasn't sure whether it would be worth the trip down to Chichester from Cheshire, but the whole day was so informative and enjoyable that I have no regrets. Lynne took us through the whole process step by step, with clear instructions (backed up by notes to take away) and lots of advice on how to avoid mistakes and, just as important, how to put them right when we made them. Lynne's methodical approach taught us good habits that will, I'm sure, stand us in good stead in the future. I got everything I wanted from the course, and more besides, as Lynne showed us how how to "look for the picture" in our image. I would recommend the course to any photographer wanting to mount pictures for competition, or for framing. The cherry cake was good too!

- - #13963

My husband surprised me by booking me in for this one day course. Lynne was very welcoming into her own home and provided a beautiful homemade cherry cake and ground coffee throughout the day. The course was brilliant, Lynne is a good tutor ,explaining the task so well and offered help and extra support when a problem arose .I feel this induction introduced me to mounting photos with confidence and I would highly recommended it .Lynne shared knowledge and guidance on required equipment .It was so good being in a small friendly group of people sharing the same interest.

- - #13568

I spent a superb day with Lynne last Saturday at the Maltings in Farnham. I had never cut a mount before but by the end of the day I felt completely confident. She is a brilliant teacher - gives great advice on equipment and technique with lots of tips to help things go well each time. Also shows you how to mount so as to be able to make use of ready made easily available frames. She guides you in how to best present your chosen pictures or photographs and by the end of the day I had completely finished three and one more well on its way. I highly recommend this course.

- - #13280

An fantastic day spent with Lynne at Studio Tuesday in Haslemere. I arrived as a complete novice but by the end of the day I felt completely comfortable with all stages of picture mounting. Lynne demonstrated all aspects of the process and ensured, step by step, that I understood and was able to work competently on my own. The course also included 'finding the picture' and considering different mount sizes and borders. She showed patience and understanding and passed on lots of tips and suggestions to make the process easier. On the day I mounted two photographs and framed one of them. Very pleased. Thank you Lynne

- - #12781

I joined this workshop in Farnham on Saturday without the slightest clue about how to mount a picture or photograph. By the end of the day I was a 'professional'! Lynne is a superb tutor; she demonstrates and explains very clearly and, with such a small class of just six, is able to constantly give advice and tips as we each created our own 'masterpieces'. I'm so pleased to have learnt this skill and would absolutely recommend this course.

- - #11101

Excellent group and one to one tuition. Friendly small class. A great skill to learn.

- - #11085

I spent a fantastic day with Lynne at Rum's Egg in Romsey learning how to mount and display my textile art work. She gave very clear instructions and went through the process with us individually after the demonstration. I am thrilled to be able to make professional looking mounts for my work and the textiles look so much better than they did at the start of the day. I have bought most of the tools now and can't wait to put my new skills to good use.

- - #11027

What a great course this is. I spent a fantastic day with Lynne (who is a great host as well as tutor). A lovely lady who is so helpful and encouraging. I learnt so much about mount cutting and displaying art work/textiles. A mine of information and happy to share this with her students. Lynne has great patience too. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in displaying art work. I hope to do more courses with Lynne in the future.

- - #10764

I was lucky to have an individual one day course with Lynne who kindly fitted me in to her busy schedule. Having been cutting my own mounts for sometime I was making errors and wanted to raise my standard. What a hugely informative day I had. I came away with so many tips and ideas and knowledge on how to do it all properly that I am thrilled I made the investment. Thank you Lynne for a great day.

- - #10368

I attended Lynne's course in January 2017. My aim was to learn enough skills to mount my paintings in both acrylics and pastels in order to display them effectively.
The information and and direction provided was first class and I was able by the end of the day to have completed the mounts for three paintings. In addition the environment in Lynne's studio was excellent and the working conditions comfortable and conducive for the purpose required.
I now feel I have the necessary confidence to tackle any of my future needs and perhaps help friends and family if they would like a favourite photo or painting mounted.

- - #7581

As an amateur wild-life photographer wishing to mount my own photographs for display, this was an ideal one-day course. Lynne is an excellent teacher who covers the subject professionally and in great detail, whilst at the same time making the learning process great fun. All the necessary equipment is provided at your own workspace, together with instruction sheets and diagrams. The subject is covered in a clear, concise, easy to assimilate fashion before you start to put what you have learnt in to practice and cut your first mount. Breaks for coffee and delicious home-made cake, provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which to get to know your fellow students. By the end of the day it is exciting to see your own pictures properly mounted and most satisfying to realise that you have done the work yourself. Lynne provides a detailed Suppliers List for you to take home and has some equipment and board which you may purchase if you wish. An excellent course.

- - #6854

I recently attended the 1 day mount cutting course and found it extremely useful. I had previously attended a picture framing course in London which only touched on mount cutting so wanted to learn more about it. Lynne is an excellent teacher and has the patience on an angel. The tips and techniques that she teaches are well thought out and easy to understand. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn and understand how important having the right mount is to show pictures and photos off.

- - #6853

The Introduction to Mount Cutting course offered a very well balanced mix of tuition and hands on practical experience. Lynne explained the principles and best practice of how to present your work, gave clear step by step instructions (including useful handouts to take home!), and helpful demonstrations of how to measure, mark up and cut your mounts. We had each brought our own projects to the workshop, and the small group size meant that Lynne was able to give everybody plenty of individual attention and advice. By the end of the day I had cut several very professional-looking mounts, and would now feel confident to achieve this on my own. All in all an excellent course, and a very enjoyable and useful day.

- - #6377

Lynne's Introduction to Mount Cutting course was probably the best one day course I have been on.

Lynne made each step in the process very clear and easy to follow, and by the end of the day I had cut several mounts which were ready for immediate use. She made the measuring and marking up - the tricky part of the process - extremely straight forward and I went away able to make my own mounts at home with confidence.

Lynne's demonstrations of how to sketch a plan, how to use the mount to frame creatively and how to use the cutting tools were excellent, as was her individual teaching to each member of the group. Since I was also taught how to make a backing for the mount and how to position and secure the artwork ready for framing, I left feeling that I had achieved a great deal in a few hours.

- - #6356

This was an excellent course and not just about cutting mount board. I learnt about some of the things you need to consider when presenting your picture/print etc, specifically the size of the mount opening, width of the mount borders and more creative positioning of the picture/print. That said a good proportion of the course was spent learning how to mark up and cut your mount board. To help with this I was given an introduction on how to use all the required tools and even a few tips on how to fix/hide any mistakes that I made whilst cutting. I was able to cut 7 mounts by the end of the course and now feel confident enough to continue at home in my own workshop.

- - #4874

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Thursday 14th November 2019
Saturday 23rd November 2019
Saturday 1st February 2020
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