This is a book that really WILL teach you how to spin. Janet wrote it because she was fed up seeing books about how to spin that glossed over the actual nuts and bolts of how to do it. So she carefully analysed the process and the book contains over 140 photos, showing the process step by step. It is written the way Janet teaches and has easy to follow contents pages, eg you can look up a problem you may be having, like 'the yarn won't wind onto the bobbin' and go straight to that page. The book covers both spindles and spinning wheels and takes you to the point where you are spinning exotic or trickier fibres such as silk, alpaca or angora.

What's included in the price?

The book itself and postage.

What you will need

- A 'high top' hand spindle or a contemporary spinning wheel suitable for beginners, such as an Ashford. - Some pre-prepared wool fibre that is medium, such as British wool tops, rather than fine like merino. This can be bought from a main spinning supplier.



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