This Beginner's Spindle Spinning course will take you though all the basics that you need to create your first three yarns using a drop spindle. The course is made up of recorded videos and downloadable documents plus a curated kit with everything you need to get started. It is spilt into sections that work well over 5 weeks but is self guided so you can take as long as you need for each section. Each week covers a different topic Introduction- how to set up your spindle Week 1- Spinning from combed tops. Covering how twist works and the park and draft method of spinning. Week 2 - Spinning from carded rolags. The differences between woollen and worsted spinning. Week 3 - Plying and finishing yarn why it's necessary and common mistakes with spinning balanced yarns. Week 4- Suspended spinning with combed tops and plying one thread on itself Week 5 - Spinning carded batts and finishing a single thread.

What's included in the price?

The course is accompanied by a curated kit which includes all the materials and tools you will need. Everything is labelled so you know which fibres to use each week. Kits include - spindle - leader thread - one pure wool combed top - one set of roles - one blended wool combed top - one blend wool batt with recycled sari silk - cotton project bag - card bobbins to store samples of your finished yarns All fibres used will have been washed but wool can aggravate some skin conditions, please get in contact if you have concerns.

What you will need

A laptop or tablet to view videos and text.




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The Slow Yarn Spinner is the culmination of my passion for hand spinning in the city of Norwich. I love the process of making yarn from scratch and sharing the millennia old craft of spinning. But spinning in the city has its limitations, lack of space or access to raw materials. Over years of spinning in an urban environment, I have learnt the tips and tricks needed to make beautiful yarns in small or busy spaces. Hand spinning is one of the slowest possible ways to make fabric but when we slow down it gives us time in our busy lives. Time to be creative and really think about the fibres that make the clothes we wear. The ethos of my business is to work sustainably with materials that are environmentally friendly. I am working towards traceability of the wool fibres I use from farm to fabric and showcasing the variety and versatility of wool grown in the UK. My online courses and in person workshops bring this slowness and creativity to traditional hand spinning and wool processing methods using simple tools. As a city spinner I understand the limitations that others face such, as local of easy access to materials or space to wash and dry fleeces and aim to make the craft as accessible as possible. As a Norwich based business I like to include stories from the city's rich textile heritage in my in person workshops. My hand spun yarns and spinning kits use breed specific wool with known origins. To add colour I use other materials like recycled sari silk and lap waste wool that would have otherwise gone to waste.

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