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Learn the proper techniques to handle your power tools or hand tools on specialist courses and workshops all across the UK. Includes courses in maintaining and sharpening your tools.

For the course dates please click on the link above. This five day woodwork course - 'tools' complements my other five day course in wood. To find this course click on 'The Wood Workshop' above and scroll down. These are self interest woodwork courses where my aim is to give you the confidence and the knowledge to use basic hand tools and some of the more common power tools, to show you how to look...
Tool Sharpening - one day course 9:30am-4pm There is no better way to get in touch with the heritage of Sheffield and its great tradition of steel blade making than learning to sharpen your own tools effectively. Did you know that many tools are sold blunt? Spend the day learning a number of techniques using various sharpening equipment for green woodworking tools, i.e. axes, drawknives, billhooks, turning tools, chisels, slashers in the lovely surroundings of...
Devon - Next course on 11th March 2018
Sharp tools are the essence of good woodworking. On this one-day course I will show you how to get your tools into tip top condition. All the main green woodworking tools will be covered - draw knife and spoke-shave, whittling and hook knives, travisher, chisels and planes. Learn the theory and practice of tool sharpening. Bring your own tools. I will provide sharpening stones but please bring your own sharpening equipment for assessment and possible...
North Yorkshire - Next course on 29th May 2018
Spend 4 days learning to make the tools of a blacksmith/bladesmith - hammer, tongs, drifts, cutting chisels, fullers. These are examples of some of the tools you can make. This course can also be made into single courses of one day to make a single item at a cost of £280 per day. No places will be booked without a deposit of £150 being made on the day of booking.
Welcome to the Great British Woodshop. For those hungry to get their hands on the big toys this is the course for you. If you're already comfortable with hand tools and want those jobs to go faster with less effort then a power tool is the answer. In this course students will learn how to set up and use the tools safely and which is the best tool for each job from rough work to...
East Sussex - Next course on 28th July 2018
What you will learn: Tuning • Flattening and fine tuning the castings and various components that make up any plane • Setting up a cutting gauge and if necessary upgrading the blade Sharpening • Grinding bevels using bench grinder and whetstone grinder • Grinding / honing angles • Flattening bench stones • Honing techniques with bench stones – freehand and using honing guides • Making and using a strop • Techniques for sharpening shaped blades...
East Sussex
This half day course is designed for anyone who is just starting out in DIY or who is maybe thinking about getting a tool kit together. And if it's a bit of a confidence boost you're after, then this is the course for you. We'll be looking at a wide variety of kit and tools and you'll get the chance to try out everything for yourself in a safe and semi-comfortable workshop environment. Come and...
West Midlands
I MADE IT: Girls with power tools This one day ‘hands on’ workshop will explore a variety of construction techniques using easily available tools, materials and processes accessible by beginners. Introducing you to a range of hand and power tools this workshop is designed to empower you giving you the confidence to undertake simple DIY tasks in your own home. We will enable you to design and construct a simple wooden shelf and demonstrate how...
One day leather tool cover making course at the Heritage Skills Centre at Lincoln Castle. Why not create your own tool covers this autumn on our new leatherwork course. Design and craft your own covers to protect those all important tools. Maybe you have a craft knife that needs a sheath? Or an axe that needs the edge protecting? Working mainly with hard leathers you will be able to dye, decorate and form a bespoke...
Tees Valley - Next course on 20th April 2018
You will learn how to make a blacksmith's basic tool kit. Over the three days you will make a complete set of the most essential tools needed to get you started and to become self-sufficient. All the tools you make will be yours to keep. Once in possession of this toolkit, you will be able to go on to make more tools for yourself. Many people who have taken the 3-day beginner's course find that...