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Heritage crafts courses

Learn traditional heritage crafts at courses and workshops all over the UK. Heritage crafts are so important to our culture and living heritage - we need to keep these skills alive by learning and practicing them or they will not survive! Heritage skills can be as diverse as dry stone walling, wheel-wrighting, ploughing, rope making, gate and hurdle making, wattle and daub techniques, spoon carving, whittling and many more.

Highlands - Next course on 14th September 2019
Come and join us for a week of traditional craft, gentle walks and optional morning yoga - a truly relaxing week for creative people who would like a bit of the outdoors. Over the week participants can have a go at natural dyeing outdoors in the woods. Foraging for dye plants, making botanical dyes from what they have foraged and learning about ancient imported dyes. Guests will dye local fleece as well as fleece from...
Earth pigments are things like ochres - naturally coloured clays and rocks that have been used for colour since prehistoric times. They're strong, lightfast and permanent, and hugely versatile in how they can be used. As well as looking into the background of how the pigments have been used, this is a hands-on course. we'll use earth pigments as our prehistoric ancestors did, and then we'll look at the many ways we can use them...
Learn a new craft with a group of absolute beginners. Learn the art of embossing on pewter to produce a stunning cover for a notebook and a pen in this lustrous metal. You will be taught the basics of hand embossing on sheet pewter, as well as how to give it an aged look. You can enhance designs with coloured inks or embellish it with jewels. I will guide you through the process from the...
Greater Manchester - Next course on 16th March 2019
Join Ella to create your own pewter vessel, ideal as a pen/brush pot or to hold a succulent, with a day packed full of pewtersmithing skills! Using Pewter, a lead free metal, and rolling mill which is a traditional metalwork tool Ella will guide you through adding pattern and texture to metal. We will experiment with found and foraged textures such as mesh, lace and feathers to create delicate decoration on the pewter before bashing...
Join us for a fun two days to learn the delicate art of Stumpwork Embroidery. This workshop is designed for those who already have a basic knowledge of embroidery and are interested in creating beautiful 3D embroidery pieces. The classes are no bigger than 4 to ensure that everyone is able to have individual help and guidance and enables students to work at their own speed.
Join us for a fun two day workshop to learn the delicate art of Goldwork Embroidery. This workshop is designed for those who have a basic knowledge of embroidery and want to create a stunning piece of Goldwork embroidery using real gold and gold thread. The classes are no bigger than 4 to ensure that everyone is able to have individual help and guidance and enables students to work at their own speed.
Cumbria - Next course on 26th May 2019
Calling all Artophiles! This residential weekend workshop teaches all aspects of traditional teddy-bear making, using only the finest quality materials. The workshop runs from 10.00-4.00pm on Saturday and Sunday, during which you will learn how to create a 14", fully jointed traditional mohair teddy bear with glass eyes and filled with stuffing, complete with growler. You can choose from a small range of mohairs and ultra suede ears and pads to create a completely individual...
Excellent Gift for a Unique and Skill Building Experience... Ironart are delighted to offer one-day ‘Introduction to Blacksmithing’ at our workshops in Larkhall, on the outskirts of beautiful Georgian Bath. These one-day courses are aimed at complete beginners and are tutored by two of Ironart’s most experienced artist blacksmiths: Jason Balchin and Martin Smith. Ironart one-day blacksmithing are limited to just four people per session and tend to sell out quickly, so please book early...
Afsana's 10 years experience in the wedding and bridal industry has given her first hand insight in what it takes to become a Henna Artist, but more importantly how to thrive in the business. Together with her postgraduate research in Education Studies she has comprised a henna training syllabus which aims to equip students with everything they need to know in how to become a professional Henna Artist. The course covers everything from the 'History...
Greater London - Next course on 8th January 2019
This course runs over four consecutive weekday evenings between 7 and 9.30pm and offers an introduction to making furniture from 'green' unseasoned wood using techniques that have been practised for thousands of years. You'll learn how to split logs into rough billets using a maul, wedges and froe, and then how to shape them further using an axe and drawknife. After that, you’ll then get to experience the wonders of turning wood on a foot-powered...