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Heritage crafts courses

Learn traditional heritage crafts at courses and workshops all over the UK. Heritage crafts are so important to our culture and living heritage - we need to keep these skills alive by learning and practicing them or they will not survive! Heritage skills can be as diverse as dry stone walling, wheel-wrighting, ploughing, rope making, gate and hurdle making, wattle and daub techniques, spoon carving, whittling and many more.

UK - Next course on 21st June 2019
**We're offering this workshop at the fabulous Hayloft, Horsenden Farm, Perivale UB6 7PQ. Have a look at our social media for pictures ** Our leather craft workshop days are designed to be all about you…. getting hands on and making your very own clutch bag or small tablet device case/sleeve (iPad etc). Not suitable for laptops for being too thick and large. Having worked in the industry for over ten years, our workshop classes are...
Our two day blacksmithing courses run over a weekend A two day non residential blacksmithing for beginners course in beautiful Carmarthen, West Wales. Courses run once a month. Group size is never more than four at a time to ensure personal attention. Our courses have featured in the Sunday Telegraph and The Guardian. You will make plenty of items to take home. One day taster courses are also available at £130 per day. Aaron is...
Cumbria - Next course on 20th September 2019
This workshop is suitable for complete beginners or those who have carved before but are self taught and want to improve their skills. Adults only, or over 16 when accompanied by a paying adult. This workshop will be limited to 8 participants. The workshop will focus specifically on the following areas: • Appropriate wood selection • How long can we keep wood and it still be good for carving • Where in the log to...
Powys - Next course on 15th July 2019
This is a detailed course in brain tanning. We will be beginning with a raw deer skin, and you’ll take home a soft, wearable, brain tanned buckskin. During this 4 day course we’ll go through every step of the process in detail so that you can take this skill home with you along with your buckskin. (scraping, dressing, softening and smoking) The focus will be on finishing a whole hide each. Buckskin is a very...
County Durham - Next course on 12th October 2019
Join Clive & Wendy Elsdon of Evancliffe Leathercraft in this Introduction to Leatherwork Course. This one day course will introduce you to the principles of hand crafted leatherwork through the making of your own hand stitched, hand dyed, leather belt. A hands on course during which you will learn how to mark out, cut and dye vegetable tanned leather to make a belt. You will then prepare it for stitching and practice the technique of...
East Sussex - Next course on 4th July 2019
Try your hand at hexagonal weave basketry and make a hexagonal-weave basket while discovering pattern and unity in nature and many of the world’s traditional cultures. Deepen your understanding of the order in nature and how to apply principles of harmony such as the golden ratio into your work and design practice. You'll also learn how to weave a traditional willow tatza (celtic knot) basket and woven spheres.
Cumbria - Next course on 22nd June 2019
This workshop is suitable for those that are completely new to working with wood and participants do not need any prior experience of weaving. Adults only, or over 16 when accompanied by a paying adult. This workshop will be limited to 8 participants. The workshop will focus specifically on the following areas: • Choosing a suitable tree for harvesting splint material • Pounding a log to create splints • Grading splints suitable for different elements...
Worcestershire - Next course on 29th September 2019
You can make a multi-coloured round shopping basket on this one day course. Learn ancient weaving techniques and take home your own creation. Jon and Becky are both qualified teachers and have been teaching basket making for 25 years. We have taught many hundreds of people to make their own coloured willow baskets using locally grown and Somerset willows. Other courses are also available. If you are a beginner and you want to make a...
1 to 1 Session. Experience a day in a working forge right in the centre of Bristol City. Learn a variety of blacksmithing techniques in a relaxed environment and create a range of items made by you to take home. Taught by Joanna Williams, Artist Blacksmith of Fire Iron Art. We start the day with an introduction to health and safety and an induction into the forge. You will learn some fundamental forging techniques to...
Surrey - Next course on 22nd June 2019
Join one of my bobbin lace making workshops, or, have your own 1-2-1 session. For those who encounter a problem, with an existing pattern; Tina also holds a Lace surgery as & when required. Tina has 26 years experience in making bobbin lace, able to teach in Binche, Bedfordshire, Crysanthemum, Flanders, Honiton, Idrija, Milanese, Russian and Torchon. She is also able to provide guidance for beginners doing Bucks Point. Why not come along and work...

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