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Candlemaking courses

Candle-making courses, classes and workshops taught all across the UK. Want to learn the art of making your own candles? Making candles is not only a useful and cost effective hobby but is also incredibly satisfying. Attending a candle making course can light up your days by showing you how to create attractive and elegant candles using gel, paraffin, beeswax, soy and tallow. Learn how to properly embed the wick, carve beautiful candles and incorporate perfumes, scents, essential oils and colour into your candle designs.

London - Next course on 7th April 2019
Candle Masterclass - Town House Spitalfields Workshops will last for about 1.5 hours and will be hosted by Lucy Heale, Founder of The London Refinery. Attendees will start with learning about how our sense of smell works and how fragrance affects our mood and emotions. They will then learn about the different fragrance families and what top, middle and base notes are. They will then learn how to use the range of essential oils to...
Candle Product Development Service You want to create a candle brand and you want a retail ready product developed for you as you appreciate that product development without knowledge and expertise could take you months and years to have a safe, legal and commercially viable product to sell to the public. You are seeking a service where you will get a finished product with a formula that you can easily replicate yourself, list of suppliers...
The Candle Class (for up to two students) includes the following: An introduction to tools and equipment. Health and safety guidelines. For example the safe preparation of the wax. An introduction to materials. Waxes. A description of commonly used waxes, their properties and uses in candle production. Measuring the correct quantites of wax and additives required. Perfume, testing for suitability, their effect on colour and burning. Wick, showing different types, sizes and types of candles...
Surrey - Next course on 30th March 2019
This three hour workshop will teach you how to make a variety of beautiful candles. Choose from a range of fragrances and dyes to personalise your very own candle range.
Norfolk - Next course on 24th February 2019
** Special Offer** ***Book 2 places on the same course for £60*** Valid until 31st March 2019 This workshop is intended for complete beginners. Create your own signature fragrance soy wax candle. Choose from a wide range of fragrance oils to make a bespoke soy wax, wooden wick, container candle. Learn the art of candle making and some of the science behind a beautiful candle including choice of wax, wick selection, fragrance levels and safety...
This course is targeted at people who are interested in carving candles or have decided to open a small business. What will you learn in that Workshop: 1. The technology of manufacturing of candle blanks: • Selection of candle molds; • Preparation technology of the wick; • The composition and proportions of the material; • The correct choice of melting temperature range. 2. Preparation and application of colored paraffin onto the candle base (blank): •...
County Durham
Our Christmas Workshops give you the chance to experiment with some wonderful christmas scents. Make our signature two-toned christmas candle which has Mistletoe and Wine for Christmas and then merges into a delightful Prosecco fragrance ready to rock the New Year in. Or come up with your own combination. Come and join us for a fun filled day of safe candle making. Making handmade gifts such as candles is a rewarding and fun skill for...
Suffolk - Next course on 8th March 2019
This candle making workshop will be held inside The Barn at Nutshells Tea Room, Stowupland, Suffolk. This will be a relaxed, fun and informative day suitable for beginner and novice candle makers. It will be very much a hands on day where you will learn about the art and science of candle making. There will be a maximum of six people on the day so there will be plenty of time for individual attention and...
West Sussex - Next course on 26th February 2019
There are all sorts of benefits to using pure, natural beeswax candles. It's kinder to the environment than paraffin wax, and can neutralise pollutants in the air, eliminating odours, dust, and mould. They can even help to ease symptoms of allergies and asthma. Plus, rolled beeswax candles are so easy and fun to make, without the mess of melting and pouring! On this class you'll learn different techniques to make several designs and styles of...
This online course is designed for you if you are determined to create an extraordinary candle brand. Perhaps you are confident in making candles but you are absolutely unsure as to where to start from, what laws to comply with, how to establish a niche market and set up an unique value proposition. You struggle with defining your own customer, you are targeting wrong audience, perhaps you have made candles for friends and family and...