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Bushcraft courses, workshops and forest schools across the UK. Bushcraft courses cover survival training, wilderness and foraging skills. You'll learn about equipment, surviving in the natural environment and -most of all- the joys of having an outdoors adventure!

This is a detailed course in brain tanning. We will be beginning with a raw deer skin, and you’ll take home a soft, wearable, brain tanned buckskin. During this 4 day course we’ll go through every step of the process in detail so that you can take this skill home with you along with your buckskin. (scraping, dressing, softening and smoking) The focus will be on finishing a whole hide each. Buckskin is a very...
West Yorkshire
Looking for a unique and creative experience? Want to learn new practical skills? What about a one-to-one or small group day of green woodwork in Engine Wood? Your day of green woodcarving using traditional tools and techniques can individually tailored to suit the you. The nature of a one-to-one/small group day means the topics to be covered can be chosen by youl and the date can be arranged to suit your timetable. Your day could...
East Sussex - Next course on 29th September 2018
Learn how to make baskets from foraged materials which we gather on the day from the woodland site. On offer is a wide variety of techniques and materials including bramble, bark, bone, wild rose, grass, reed mace, bulrush. Learn about the whole cycle of production- harvesting the raw materials & processing them, through to completing a beautiful and useful basket to take home with you. Please note: courses are scheduled to coincide with the seasonal...
East Sussex - Next course on 26th October 2018
On this popular 2-day course you’ll be in the woods making hand built pottery, using clay that we’ll dig from the land on the day. This in-depth course provides a thorough understanding of what’s involved in making wild pottery, and gives you a hands-on appreciation of the origins of this craft. An exciting, elemental and alchemical process: earth, water, wood, fire- it’s all in there. You’ll learn how to fire your pots successfully in an...
Somerset - Next course on 27th October 2018
Experience making your own handcrafted spoons in an outdoor workshop within a beautiful woodland setting on the edge of the Mendip hills in Somerset. Enjoy cooking your lunch outside over the fire, eating with one of our hand carved spoons which you can take home (worth £25) Spoon carving is an ancient craft which has continued into a very contemporary one. The use of simple hand tools gives you the freedom to carve in the...
Join us in our wood near Warminster and learn about the ancient rural craft of charcoal making. Course dates are flexible and it runs on demand, can be run at weekends and through out the week. The course will cover the following: Saw and Split Wood Unloading and loading the charcoal kiln Light the charcoal kiln Cap off the kiln Control the burn Shut the kiln down Take home a bag of charcoal
We will collect wild grasses to coil and create unique and delicate baskets. The course will be held at Bwlch Corog, Wales Wild Land Foundation's pioneering rewilding site. Here they are allowing native woodland habitat to restore naturally. Simon Ayres from the charity will lead a walk and talk as part of the weekend. ​ The Saturday night will also include magical tales from local storyteller Milly Jackdaw. TIMETABLE Please arrive by 4pm on the...
monmouthshire - Next course on 14th October 2018
After popular demand I have decided to run another frame basket making workshop this time using some willow and hedgerow materials. This fun weaving workshop will happen in the beautiful surroundings of Usk Castle in the Oak room. With the autumn well on the way this is a great time of year to make your own foraging basket. We will start at 10 with a cuppa and an introduction to the materials before getting under...
This course will teach you the traditional art of hurdle-making using riven Ash, harvested direct from Court Wood, in the grounds of the historic and beautiful Llanvihangel Court. Court wood is an 11 acre ancient woodland in the shadow of the magical Skirrid Mountain, managed entirely by the volunteers of the Crucorney Environmental Group. Your tutor for the day will be Mick Petts, a woodland sculptor and architect with over 40 years experience, who combines...
A Bird in a Day - Wildlife Wood Whittling with David Harter Whittling is addictive once started, - therapeutic from being relaxing, absorbing, and creative & richly rewarding in a sense of personal achievement. It has a small and low tech kit list ~ a lump of wood, a craft knife and your lap. this means whittling can be done almost anywhere in and spare time available- and it is also easily transportable. During this...