The CraftCourses creative bucket list – top ten skills to master this year!


Do your New Years Resolutions include turning the screens off, putting the phones down, doing something REAL? Read on for all you need to know to get hands, eyes and mind working together…

A yen to learn new skills, use your hands, take up a craft, is a very healthy thing! You could work in a forge, learn to turn wood, create stunning machine- embroidery or master pot throwing.

At this time of year, we often take stock of our lives and make resolutions. Learning a creative skill can be the perfect way to reconnect on a deeper level, improve our skillset, focus and relax our state of mind and ultimately live more meaningful, content lives.

Or simply have fun and tick something off your bucket list!



Here in Britain, we have a wealth of artisans and a rich heritage of craftsmanship at our fingertips. 

Until relatively recently, craft skills such as leatherwork, furniture-making and foraging would have been essential for our survival and comfort. Craftsmanship is uniquely human and speaks deeply to all of us, whatever our creative ability. As we create, we relax, we learn something new and we leave with a lasting glow* at what has been accomplished, plus the satisfaction of being able to say I made that.

There are literally thousands of creative courses and workshops across the UK to choose from**, which, as well as providing great enjoyment, leave you with a deep sense of purpose and satisfaction. Why not give yourself a fresh start this New Year and try your hand at a new skill?

Here is a shortlist of quirky courses to give flavour and enjoyment to your new year:

1. Make your own leather bag. Satchels, totes, messengers and man-bags at courses across the UK. From £60.

2. Taste the honey on a Beekeeping course. Essential for pollination and the cycle and nectar of life! From £10.

3. Spend the day as a blacksmith. Fancy firing up the forge and bashing some metal? Experience a Day in the Life of a Blacksmith. There are even dragon-making, Star Wars themed (“May the Forge Be With You”) and Parent and Child course options available. From £90.

4. Needle felt your pet or other animal. Learn the basics of needle felting to re-create your favourite furry creature. You will be shown how to make a wire armature for your model, form the structure, apply the wool and add those adorable features. From £15.

5. Wild food walks and foraging days. Forage from the land and hedgerows to discover ancient medicines and exquisite natural tastes. Learn how to find that elusive free lunch. From £10.

6. Tailor-make your own bra and knickers (or dress, corset, shirt or jeans). Dressmaking courses from £10.

7. Make your own kitchen or bush knife (or axe, dagger, sword) on a blade-smithing course. From £125.

8. Try your hand at stone carving, from £30. Need some relief in your life? As the proverb has it “compliments should be carved in stone”.

9. Candle making and natural remedy courses. Bring more light to your life with natural candle making courses. From £18.

10. Green woodwork, spoon carving and rustic furniture courses. Learn the way of the grain and take a step into the life of a traditional carpenter. From £35.



* Want proof of that glowing feeling? We have collected over 10,000 reviews from our students over the past 7 years. 98.2% of all of these people rated their experience as Excellent! Read excerpts here.

** Can’t choose? CraftCourses Gift Vouchers can be purchased in any amount (minimum £25) and redeemable against ANY of the thousands of creative courses listed at

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