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Blacksmithing is the craft of heating metal (wrought iron and steel) on a forge then hammering, drawing, bending and upsetting it to make useful artefacts and sculptural forms. It takes strength, perseverance and considerable skill to do this well and Great Britain has incredibly skilled men and women who are world leaders in blacksmithing. The blacksmiths of mythology wrought magical swords that endowed their owners with power and strength and it does indeed still seem magical that lumps of heavy metal can be so transformed. The blacksmith may make light fittings or a portcullis, decorative gates or sturdy railings, sculptures or spiral stairways. The village forge was always a fascinating place with its hot fire and bellows but really the person who shoes a horse should be called a farrier though the blacksmith may make the horseshoes. Blacksmithing is not just for the men - check out Bex Simon on You Tube and you will see that women also can learn the traditional skills of the blacksmith.

Blacksmith Experience Days, the original 'day in the life of a blacksmith' course at Anvil Forge, based on Blackcroft Farm in Wokingham near Reading. Everything you make on the day is yours to take away. Everyone makes a fire poker as the first project and we then proceed to make a project which can be an idea you have or an item we guide you on, which can be discussed with us in advance. Anvil...
North Yorkshire - Next course on 27th November 2017
On this course you can spend the day learning to forge a traditional blacksmith bushcraft knife. It will involve basic blacksmith techniques for one part of the knife and silversmithing techniques for the other. You will learn how to temper, heat treat and sharpen using files. You can learn how to put a twist in the knife. If you want to make a sheath for it - this will cost an extra £100 and will...
North Yorkshire - Next course on 25th November 2017
Items you will make over the two days - eg, a bearded axe, a full handle, and a tomahawk. You will learn to make using a traditional blacksmith's forge for the tomahawk and bearded axe. You will learn to forge weld the tomahawk and bearded axe. The smithing process is quite fine and not as heavy handed as regular blacksmithing. It is more akin to jewellery making techniques. Max 3 people Courses are run on...
The one day knife making course is designed for beginners that have no or little experience in metalwork or blacksmithing. The course starts with a quick safety talk and a cup of coffee. Once we are all settled in the first task is to make a fire poker which will give everyone some hammering skills and a feel of how the material will react once its heated. The knife we make is a Viking one...
North Yorkshire - Next course on 1st December 2017
Learn to forge a bushcraft knife / knife making / Blade smithing Spend the day at my forge learning to forge a 1055 steel bushcraft knife by hand and then put an antler handle on the tang which makes it a hidden tang. You will need steel toe cap boots or strong leather boots. 3 persons max over 18 only No places will be booked without payment being made on the day of booking.
Our 'B' course is led by Ambrose Burne, who introduces the student to the basic operations with some set pieces; then it becomes more design-based and experimental, with an exploration of the student's own ideas developed with Ambrose's help. It’s a good idea - but not compulsory - to think about what you might want to make in advance, in very general terms – don’t be too ambitious - entrance gates really aren't a possibility!...
Surrey - Next course on 2nd March 2018
The 'O' course is led by Peat Oberon, award-winning blacksmith, and inspiring and sympathetic teacher; assisted by Eamonn Kenward. It starts at 3:00 pm prompt on Friday, and runs until 7:00pm; Saturday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm; Sunday 9:00 - 3.30 pm. The courses are suitable for absolute beginners, male or female, from the age of about 14 upwards; or for metalworkers seeking to gain a basic understanding of iron-forging. A place on one of...
North Yorkshire - Next course on 29th May 2018
Spend 4 days learning to make the tools of a blacksmith/bladesmith - hammer, tongs, drifts, cutting chisels, fullers. These are examples of some of the tools you can make. This course can also be made into single courses of one day to make a single item at a cost of £280 per day. No places will be booked without a deposit of £150 being made on the day of booking.
North Yorkshire - Next course on 5th March 2018
Learn to make a viking style sword using 416 stainless steel. This will be handforged using a propane gas forge. The first day will be drawing the sword out. Each day lasts 6 hours. Please get in touch for details and bookings. This is a 1 to one courses over 18 only & £150 to hold your place with the rest payable on the first day. No places will be booked without payment being made...
North Yorkshire
Once the fires are lit and the health and safety chat out of the way we will get straight down to the business of hammering some hot steel. The day is fully hands on and as well as learning the basic principles of blacksmithing, you will make two unique items to take home with you. The first project is the snail key ring and after that, students will get to make a dragon themed coat-hook....