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Beekeeping courses, classes and workshops taught across the UK. A healthy bee population is essential to human survival - we totally rely on them to pollinate our crops and keep the cycle of life going. You can learn from an apiarist or beekeeper and understand how to maintain bees to promote productive hives and plenty of honey. You can learn to keep beehives in farmed countryside, woodlands and urban back gardens (or rooftops!). Learn how to set up an apiary, identify different members of the hive, what equipment you'll need, beekeeping terminology, the life cycle of the bee, the bee calendar, bee diseases to watch out for and Queen-Rearing.

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Courses run monthly in the summer from Saturday to Sunday, 10 am to 4.30 pm. For course availability please get in touch. Deposit to reserve a place - £50 per person. (Balance 6 weeks before course.) The tutor The course tutor is Charles Millar. Having escaped the corporate world he is now a freelance management consultant and apostle for the joys of beekeeping.. He has been keeping bees with great enthusiasm for 12 years., and...
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Next course on 19th February 2017
Beekeeping for Beginners Tutor: Simon Cousins - bees This course is an introduction to the subject of beekeeping with Simon Cousins, a humourous and well-informed expert. The emphasis is on the practical aspects of bee-keeping and is designed for beginners. We will have a look at some beehives but not the inhabitants on this occasion. Students will learn how to set up an apiary, what equipment to buy, the terminology, life cycle of the bee,...
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Next course on 14th May 2017
This course takes place over an afternoon. It is designed only for those who have attended our Beekeeping for Beginners course, or had some previous experience. You will dress up in full beekeeping kit and visit Simon Cousin's beehives at Assington Mill to open them up and find the queen bee, the drones and the workers, and their respective cells. Over tea and honey cake, you will be able to ask Simon all the questions...
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Next course on 5th April 2017
Beekeeping for beginners and improvers Four evening sessions followed by a 24 week course. Please feel free to contact us for more information
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One day introduction taster to Beekeeping, aimed at anyone interested in starting beekeeping, but unsure if they want to commit to a full course. We welcome local residents and visitors to North Wales. The Taster Days make a very popular present, and can be combined with a short break in Conwy, with its World Heritage Town Walls and Castle. This course only runs a couple of times a year so please contact us for the...
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An introduction to the principles of beekeeping over the course of a weekend. The course focuses on beekeeping the natural way and will cover: the colony and how it works; the hive and beekeeping ‘year’; swarming; and how to negotiate problems with your bees. Participants will also have a chance to have hands on involvement with bees. In association with New Quay Honey Farm.
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This one day bee keeping course will give you the knowledge you need to understand all about beekeeping and what it entails, including a hands-on session in our Apiary. Time: 10am– 4pm Maximum No. of Students: 8 Location: Courses are held in our lovely strawbale classroom & our on-site apiary We will cover the fundamental aspects of recognising and handling bees safely, how to look after them to maximise health and honey production and a...
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Next course on 29th April 2017
A more intensive course than our evening course to get you started, explaining more about the honey bee, helping you choose your hive and equipment, how and where to set up your apiary, the bees management and pests and diseases. Not forgetting when and how to extract that lovely honey. An informal couple of days spent with others interested in beekeeping. A wealth of information from a highly experienced beekeeper and a chance to see...
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Beginners Beekeeping Course 2014 one day introduction to beekeeping One Day Beekeeping Beginners Beekeeping Course £95 Our one day Beginners Beekeeping course covers everything you need to get you going The Beginners Beekeeping Course runs from 10am until around 5pm with breaks for lunch and tea breaks Please note our days fill very quickly book early to avoid disappointment PAYMENT CASH ON THE DAY ( Please note no credit cards or cheques) You will only...
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Introduction to Beekeeping - One day Course This is a one day introduction to beekeeping, which takes you from complete novice to someone who has the knowledge to begin the wonderful and rewarding hobby. It is also suitable for those who have had bees for a short time and want to gain some more experience. On this course we cover: The life of the honeybee How to set up an apiary The beekeeping year Equipment...