Peter Lanyon Furniture reviews

28 May 19'

Michael King reviewed: Green wood chair making - 6 day woodworking course in Devon

"It was a terrific course that joined 5 members of our family; our differing ages (33 to 71) and differing levels of apparent experience in amateur and conventional woodworking, which made not a jot of difference to our enjoyment and the quality of the chairs we each took home. "Peter's non-interfering teaching style, his honesty, gentleness and experience enabled me to learn so much." " I was really chuffed to come away with an attractive chair, having started with no experience or knowledge of green woodworking. I loved making my chair, every stage of it, and have returned home feeling very excited and motivated to do further projects." We can each highly recommend this course - it is hard work but the need to focus and concentrate (albeit with support when needed) means it is also successful in lifting you completely away from your mainstream work and home distractions. Do this course, especially if you are otherwise busy!"

12 May 19'

Lauren Brown reviewed: Green wood creative seating course (6 Days)

"I attended this course with my partner and we made a bench for our garden and a chair for my sewing machine. Making furniture is something we've both talked about doing for a long time but never done before. Although we were both novices we came to the course with a rough idea of the style of chairs we wanted to create and Peter helped guide us on how to realise these designs in green wood. It's a fast paced course and hard work but we both enjoyed every moment and feel really proud of the chairs we have created. This was a great course for learning, although we were all given the independence to get going on our own projects I never felt like I was left on my own if I was unsure what to do next. There was plenty of teaching time and assistance when needed. We have both learnt a lot and already purchased a few tools with Peter's advice in order to continue our green woodworking at home. The course is held in a beautiful remote part of South Devon. We stayed in a near by Airbnb and took in our own lunch each day as there's nothing near by. Whilst not on the course we visited the beach, enjoyed some lovely local pubs and on the last day we popped along to the ice cream shop down the road and enjoyed and ice cream with a beautiful view of the sea. It was a fantastic week away."

11 May 19'

Alastair reviewed: Green wood chair making - 6 day woodworking course in Devon

"I had made Windsor chairs before, so I was looking forward to learning about ladder backs and woven seats. It was a lovely week, great company, very friendly and generous help from Peter. I liked my finished chair too. I would highly recommend this course and will likely return next year for another week."

8 May 19'

Richard Gavens reviewed: Green wood creative seating course (6 Days)

"This is a great course for relative newbie or more experienced woodworker. You set the ambition level with your own design and Peter will advise regarding the processes, timescales/workload needed and guide you through the stages. There is a big additional bonus from watching other projects progress alongside your own, so you have the opportunity to observe many more techniques and tools than you would use by yourself in the time period. There's a plethora of good tools available and an interesting mix of people besides. Thoroughly recommended."

8 May 19'

Chas Walton reviewed: Green wood chair making - 6 day woodworking course in Devon

"This was my second green woodworking course with Peter. It was extraordinarily hard work and all the more rewarding for that. From the moment you arrive, you're in the world of wood, immersed in grain and knots, and grappling with tricky 3-D visualisations of how your growing pile of shaved timber pieces could come together to create a chair. The chair you come home with is all yours. That's the good thing about this course: you have to work at it. Peter is always there with tips, advice, tea, and biscuits – and on Friday evenings, a barbecue – plus a helping hand if things really start to go awry. That's where his experience counts: when you think you've taken a wrong turn, he knows how to get your project back on track. I've learned loads about the tools you need for green woodworking, and my finished chair is really comfortable."

8 May 19'

Alistair Love reviewed: Green wood creative seating course (6 Days)

"I have long admired Peter's furniture and it was really exciting to build a piece with him. I have done a number of woodworking courses before and this was one of the best. Peter is an excellent instructor and patiently helped everyone through their designs, suggesting small changes where he thought they could be improved. The location is wonderful and we spent most of the weekend working outside in the sunshine in a fabulously rural location (the workshop is on the coast between Plymouth and Salcombe). All of the tools were sharp and I didn't have to spend time sharpening once during the week, which made a big difference to the pace and enjoyment of the course. I would highly recommend this course for any woodworker from novice to experienced."

7 May 19'

richard croft reviewed: Green wood chair making - 6 day woodworking course in Devon

"Friendly supportive tutoring in a relaxed small group setting. Beautiful area of the country. I have been inspired to try the methods taught at home and hope that the beautiful chair that I made might be reproduced."

7 May 19'

Pete Dawson reviewed: Green wood creative seating course (6 Days)

"I really couldn't have enjoyed this course more. Peter and Lulu create a fantastic atmosphere and with their knowledge, encouragement and endless enthusiasm (and cups of tea!), everyone on the course was able to let their creativity bloom and learn new skills in the process. I'd had no previous experience of green woodworking but with Peter's expert guidance and incredible patience I feel I've come away with far more knowledge than I expected in just 6 days and a unique piece of furniture that will be enjoyed for years to come. The course is set in a beautiful rural setting and was a joy to arrive to each morning and I was reluctant to leave each evening. As someone says above, don't expect to be able to pop to the shops for lunch, so don't forget to bring something and don't forget your suncream! It's on the coast but no beach holiday and the reward for your hard work is a fabulous, one off, future family heirloom piece of wooden furniture."

19 Mar 19'

K Sharp reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"I attended the introduction to green wood furniture making course in March 2019 and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Peter has a talent not only for the creative design and manufacture of his furniture pieces, but also for inspiring and encouraging others to “have a go” and successfully teaching the techniques needed to achieve a finished article in 2 days. Peter, ably assisted by Lulu, fostered a friendly and inclusive working and learning atmosphere, frequently providing advice on an individual basis, always encouraging us on. His knowledge and passion for the topic is obvious and infectious, for just two days after the course finished, I am planning for the acquisition of the necessary equipment and tools to set about this from home and looking to book a follow up course once I have some experience. I can thoroughly recommend this weekend course no matter what your level of experience is, a great two days, you won’t be disappointed."

14 Mar 19'

Laura Brown reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"Brilliant course. Peter is amazing, he is not only extremely knowledgeable and happy to share his experience but patient too. He clearly loves what he does and this shines through at the workshop. I actually can't believe I came home with a finished stool in just the two days. Highly recommend this course. I will do more. Thank you Peter."

3 Mar 19'

Alex reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"I attended peter’s intro to green wood furniture making course in February- it was fantastic! It was a challenge for me, having never done anything like this before but Peter instilled confidence and enthusiasm through his demonstrations and patience. I’m so pleased with the finished product, a beautiful little coffee table; I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in bushcraft or just wanting to give it a go. Thank you, Peter."

20 Feb 19'

Kristian Smith reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"I attended the Introduction to Greenwood course in Jan ‘19 and loved every second of it. Peter was a fantastic teacher... inspirational, supportive, knowledgeable, encouraging, passionate... I could go on. The two days flew by far too quickly as I was so engrossed in the process of making my little table and enjoying the charm of Peter’s rural workshop. Don’t hesitate booking - you will love it."

17 Feb 19'

Tim Wilson reviewed: Tool sharpening and maintenance

"Peter is an excellent tutor, I have been fearful of sharpening tools and this course very much demystified the process for me. I went away with sharper blades and the tools and confidence to have a go at home. Peter also spent time showing us hints and tips on how to set up our planes and shaves to get the most out of them. This is a one day course that covers a massive amount of extremely useful stuff."

11 Feb 19'

Luke reviewed: Tool sharpening and maintenance

"Really great overview of sharpening techniques with lots of tips and techniques covered."

11 Feb 19'

Will reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"I am ridiculously pleased with the side table that I made on this course under the guidance of Peter. Peter is very talented at his work, and at teaching the necessary techniques to others. Highly recommended."

7 Feb 19'

John Lewis reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"I attended this course in January. Peter ran the course very well, demonstrating good skills and adapting his pace to suit everybody. The workshop was well equipped so we had access to the right equipment at the right time so we were always active and busy. The atmosphere was also really good and friendly. I was pleased with the stool I made (and impressed with the range of different designs made by others). Peter also offers support post course with after-care of product and tools we might need."

3 Dec 18'

Roger Lear reviewed: Green wood chair making - 6 day woodworking course in Devon

"I came to the course with some basic woodworking skills, but during the week these improved significantly. Peter’s calm patience meant that everyone could use the basic introduction to the tools to develop their own designs. Make no mistake, it is a full on course, so be prepared to work hard. However I found the week to be mentally relaxing and fun. I can thoroughly recommend the course in a delightful part of the Devon countryside. I can assure anyone thinking about it - just do it. You will come away refreshed with a chair you will de delighted and proud to have made."

21 Nov 18'

Fiona reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"Just LOVED these two days. Peter is a very good teacher and I came away with a beautiful ash bench as well as a whole new set of skills. Things for me that made the course particularly special were: having really good quality well-sharpened tools, and plenty of them, having a good choice of material to work with, and the way Peter managed our timing, so everyone completed a project."

15 Nov 18'

Paul Burry reviewed: Green wood chair making - 6 day woodworking course in Devon

"Thank you Peter for a wonderful, if strenuous, 6 day Green Wood chair making course. I had previously attended Peter's introductory course and wanted to try something more ambitious. There were 6 of us on the course of differing experience and ability and Peter ensured that we all went home with a completed chair, additionally I decided to make a child's chair with the attendant recalculations of sizes etc. but with the necessary guidance managed to complete the task. It is hard work but very rewarding working in such a wonderful medium."

6 Nov 18'

Mary Widger reviewed: Green wood chair making - 6 day woodworking course in Devon

"Fantastic. Six wonderful days. Having never worked with wood before I was introduced to some of the tools and skills needed to work with green ash, with infinite patience, care and attention. The process was fascinating. Although still very much a beginner I am delighted with my truelly comfortable chair. Added bonus is that I have returned home very much more relaxed. Thank you so so much."

4 Nov 18'

Digger Harris reviewed: Green wood chair making - 6 day woodworking course in Devon

"I have just attended Peter's spectacular course on chair building. Along with my five fellow participants we have returned home with a much greater understanding of working in green ash and each of us has a beautiful chair which we know intimately as we personally transformed the green ash logs into objects of craft and beauty. Peter was our guide through the process, he explained the plan and the way we could succeed, the priorities and the pace we needed, he helped us understand and avoid pitfalls, make the right decisions and understand why they were right. He encouraged us to make creative decisions to include in the design. I was very impressed that he was able to naturally give the appropriate level of support to each member of the group so we all arrived at the end with a tremendous personal success."

31 Oct 18'

Victoria Walker reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"My boyfriend and I both did the course and thoroughly enjoyed it! We were really lucky with the weather and working on the split logs outside in the sunshine was a lovely experience. Peter is a very skilled craftsman and a friendly, approachable teacher (he also makes great flapjack which was a fab unexpected treat!) The area in general is very beautiful so you can really make a long weekend of it and enjoy a creative break in the countryside. Thanks for having us Peter! :)"

24 Oct 18'

Lucy and Pete McCormick reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"We both loved this course. It was delivered in stunning surroundings and with great knowledge and a really friendly atmosphere. It is done in easy steps with demonstrations and help all the way so that you really get to understand the tasks and learn how to use the tools correctly. Do it, you won't regret it!!"

21 Oct 18'

Luke Tasker reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"My Dad and I went on the course after a search of the craft courses website. We had a brilliant weekend working at Peter's workshop. Peter gave excellent instruction and advice to guide us through making our first green wood furniture. I would definitely recommend a course with Peter!"

15 Oct 18'

steven beck reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"I was brought this as a gift which I thought was a joke as my past woodwork experience has left me with nothing more than a big pile of shavings . However, The whole experience was excellent and I really enjoyed myself. I surprised myself and my family when I returned home with a piece of furniture ( a table) which my wife wants to keep in the house :) . On the course we went from tree stumps to some amazing furniture within just two days and the techniques we learnt will allow everyone of us to do this in my leisure time at home . The whole group produced some fantastic work and the relaxed atmosphere meant everyone got on and pulled together . Overall it was a great experience and Peter and Joe looked after us all brilliantly . So no matter what your skill level I recommend this as a course for you and/or your loved ones ."

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