Peter Lanyon Furniture reviews

24 Jun 24'

Sam Bear reviewed: Green wood chair making - 6 day woodworking course in Devon

"A brilliant course. I learned loads and had a really nice time. A wonderful way to spend a week. "

17 Jun 24'

Christian Walker reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"Peter’s Introduction to Green Woodworking course surpassed my expectations and I can’t recommend it highly enough. The participants (a lovely bunch) had a range of experience and skill levels but everybody came away with a unique, beautiful piece of furniture, feeling inspired and most importantly a huge grin on their face! I booked the course for myself and my Dad to do together as his birthday present. It was perfect as there were lots of opportunities to help each other whilst being able to focus on our own skills and projects. We’ve done lots of construction projects together before but this was by far the most special experience we’ve shared. Be prepared for quite a fast pace of learning and work, Peter and his excellent assistant Toby managed to squeeze a lot into two days. There was a lovely, relaxed and friendly atmosphere but we needed to push ourselves and focus to get the most out of it. We felt like this made it all the more rewarding in the end though, and necessary to achieve something we are really proud of. Thank you Peter and Toby (and Stefan the work experience student!) for an incredible couple of days. We’re already talking about returning one day!"

9 May 24'

Grant reviewed: Green wood creative seating course (6 Days)

"Completed the 6 day seating course. Hadn’t worked with green wood before and loved it. Was good craic with Peter, Toby and the group, would definitely look into doing another course. Also came away with a lovely bench and new skills. "

1 Mar 24'

Andy Haytread reviewed: Green Woodworking - Make a Shave Horse

"A pleasure to meet Peter and to do the course. Simple and straightforward tuition/instructions, came home with a completed folding shave horse, and learned lots of other stuff along the way. If you need a shave horse, or any other green wood-working skills, go see Peter"

Peter Lanyon Furniture responded:

"Thanks Andy, a real pleasure to meet you. I'm sure our paths will cross again. "

28 Feb 24'

Penny Walmsley reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"I was on this course with Helen and Ron and agree wholeheartedly with everything they have said. I was worried about using the shave horse and the draw knife but after a demonstration and a bit of practice, absolutely loved it. Each of the woodworking tools took a bit of getting used to, but once you got the hang of it, it was easy. I made a sturdy footstool out of Chestnut, which I believe will last for many years outside, under my veranda. I did this course as I wanted to see if I would be able to do the longer 6 day Creative Seating course. Now I feel confident to try. Looking forward to coming back in April."

Peter Lanyon Furniture responded:

"Thanks Penny, I look forward to seeing you in April! "

25 Feb 24'

Ron reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"I attended this course in one of the wettest periods of rain I can remember. Finding the workshop along narrow flooded roads was a challenge, but the moment I walked through the door of the old barn to join other participants I felt welcome and relaxed. Peter has an engaging easy manner and communicates all the steps of the various techniques clearly. I realised afterwards that like others I wasn’t taking notes. This was a mistake as several times I forgot about key steps. But Peter’s advice put me on the right path and to go along with however I had done things as it seemed to be working. Throughout the two days there was positive gentle encouragement, without intrusiveness. Peter and Toby, his fellow tutor, were there when needed, always keeping a watching eye but allowing participants to explore and discover their own capabilities. The warmth and confidence this developed cannot be over emphasised and the sense of achievement with a completed piece of furniture was heart warming. With a small group of only 8 participants friendships easily developed and the banter was good humoured, yet we all needed to concentrate on the tasks in hand to keep to our schedules, so the workshop was a constant hive of activity. I think one of the most significant feelings I gained from the course was Peter’s enthusiasm in passing on some of his vast knowledge and a genuine desire that we should leave with the passion and motivation to grow our skills. Several people were already booked on additional courses, and I intend to do so too, but I need to fit them into my other commitments. So if you are wondering whether this course could offer you (or someone you know) something, stop wondering and book it. I think it would also be an excellent team building experience. Even if you are a total novice you will learn so much and be proud of your achievement. You won’t regret it, plus you will be in a beautiful part of rural Devon which is wonderful, apart from when it is raining like never before"

Peter Lanyon Furniture responded:

"Thanks Ron, I really enjoyed the weekend with you all. Hopefully see you again one of these days! You'll know where to find me next time! "

24 Feb 24'

Helen reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"Absolutely loved this course. I’ve never done any type of woodwork before, other than sawing a bit of wood in half! I was amazed that I managed to complete a stool within the 2 days (with a bit of help when needed) and I’m so pleased with the result. It now takes pride of place in my hallway as somewhere to sit to put my shoes on … no more hopping around on one leg! Peter and Toby (Peter’s extremely capable apprentice) provided just the right level of tuition and assistance when needed without overwhelming me with too much information. Peter’s enthusiasm and obvious love of green woodworking was so infectious. The other people on my course were great, we could have a good laugh but they were also so encouraging when needed. If you’re unsure about whether to do the course … just do it, you won’t regret it."

Peter Lanyon Furniture responded:

"Thanks so much Helen, it was really great to meet you and teach you some new skills. "

17 Feb 24'

Nick V reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"This was a brilliant 2 day course learning the basics of working with green wood and coming out the other end with a very lovely and fully functional sidetable :). The 2 days really flew by as we learned so many techniques and skills, all carefully supervised by Peter and his excellent apprentice, Toby. All this in a calm and peaceful, rural location with plenty of tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits. Like all of the other participants, I left completely fired up with the desire to make some more furniture ... and, of course, acquire all the right tools! I hope to return for another course in the not-too-distant future. Highly recommended."

12 Feb 24'

NeilC reviewed: Greenwood Furniture Making and Steam Bending Course - 3 Days

"Great course covering the basic techniques needed to make yourself a beautiful stool. The tutors are very experienced woodworkers full of useful tips and tricks to help make your stool look beautiful even if it’s your first venture into woodworking! If, for some reason, you make a mistake, there’s no need to despair, as they are very willing to step in and help you rectify it so you still end up with a beautiful stool at the end of the course! Loved every minute of it and would definitely be happy to sign up for more of Peter’s courses. Highly recommended. "

6 Feb 24'

John Bray reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"A really enjoyable and action packed weekend. It was great to get to grips with a whole new range of woodworking tools and I really like the fact that Peter bans sandpaper from his workshop, so every mark made by the cutting tools remains to enhance the beauty of the grain - I still can't stop myself stroking my table every time I walk past! The weekend was also enhanced by working with such a delightful bunch of participants - it really did feel like a communal effort."

Peter Lanyon Furniture responded:

"Thanks so much John, I'm glad you are enjoying the fruits of your labour. Great to have you along, and hopefully our paths will cross again, Very best wishes, Peter"

23 Jan 24'

Pete Keegan reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"I cannot recommend this course enough, it was such a fantastic weekend. So inspiring, the work we produced was far better than I think we all expected due to the fantastic teaching from Peter Lanyon. I created a stool that I'm absolutely delighted with. The location was really cool, a proper workshop with nice outdoor space, a rustic feel and a great sense of the weekend being a retreat, where you can lose yourself in a new hobby and come away feeling inspired and enriched. I would say this course is a fantastic present for a loved one (it was a gift to me from my wife) or a great treat for yourself. I really bonded with everyone on the course and everyone despite their background came away with an awesome stool or side table."

Peter Lanyon Furniture responded:

"Thanks Pete, I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know. Great to meet you and I'm delighted to hear you enjoyed it so much. Hopefully see you again..."

16 Jan 24'

Johnathon Marshall reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"A truly wonderful week. Such informative and helpful tutors. Always there to help, but happy to give you space to experiment. I built a robust garden bench, the family loved it so much it's stayed on the house. My thanks to all for a memorable experience and the addition of some life long skills "

Peter Lanyon Furniture responded:

"Thank you Jonathon, it was a pleasure working with you. "

28 Oct 23'

Nick reviewed: Green wood creative seating course (6 Days)

"Had such a great time on Peter's Creative seating course, was amazing how everyone was able to bring their own ideas and be supported to bring them to life. Peter, Toby and Badger were such patient facilitators and made such an encouraging environment for everyone to try out new techniques in such a beautiful setting. Highly recommended to anyone looking for creating some beautiful natural furniture."

14 Oct 23'

Ed reviewed: Tool sharpening and maintenance

"I had a brilliant time at the tool sharpening course. I learnt some really interesting techniques for sharpening my tools. Peter was great and very helpful imparting his wisdom. I was particularly impressed with Toby who was very knowledgeable and very interactive honing in on everyone's particular area of interest. I'm sure he will be running the course on his own in due course! Can't wait to rejoin for a longer course working with some green wood! "

Peter Lanyon Furniture responded:

"Thanks Ed. I look forward to seeing you again. "

12 Oct 23'

Jan reviewed: Green wood creative seating course (6 Days)

"Had the most amazing time on this course. I was a complete novice with virtually no woodworking experience whatsoever! My family and friends could not believe what I have achieved in the 6 days. Peter's experience is second to none and there seemed nothing he wouldn't let the group try. Toby and Badger were an amazing help, incredibly knowledgeable and always patient and understanding with plenty of ideas and inspiration. I can honestly not recommend this workshop enough. I have a beautiful bench in my kitchen and I am very proud of it. I feel I have created a family heirloom! Thank you. "

31 Aug 23'

Milly reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"I absolutely loved this course. So much is packed in to a short space of time. It has definitely given me the bug for green woodworking and a huge respect for Peter and his craft. Hannah was also lovely and very helpful. "

Peter Lanyon Furniture responded:

"Thanks Milly. Loved having you along!"

29 Aug 23'

Richard Hepher reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"I had an absolutely fantastic time making a small table. I would 100% recommend doing a course with Pete. Loved it. "

Peter Lanyon Furniture responded:

"Thanks Richard, I very much enjoyed having you along."

29 Aug 23'

Scot Todd reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"Beautiful setting. Peter is an excellent teacher, very relaxed but organised and informative. I had a really great time. "

Peter Lanyon Furniture responded:

"Thanks Scott, glad you enjoyed it. Great to spend a bit of time with you. "

24 Apr 23'

George May reviewed: Green wood chair making - 6 day woodworking course in Devon

"I have a new chair! After six very busy days learning new skills, with huge support from Peter and Toby, my ash log became a chair with lovely cherry back supports. I learned how to weave the seat too. We laughed and chatted as we worked using the traditional tools. I have never done anything like this before. Many thanks to Peter for putting on such a fascinating course. "

Peter Lanyon Furniture responded:

"Thanks George. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. Great to have you on the course. Glad you enjoyed it so much. Peter"

23 Apr 23'

Tim Wilson reviewed: Green wood creative seating course (6 Days)

"What a week! Peter is a superbly skilled craftsman, which is such an understatement. He is also an extremely accomplished teacher who was so patient with us as we produced our pieces. I came away with skills, wonderful memories and a nice piece of heirloom furniture! "

Peter Lanyon Furniture responded:

"Thanks Tim, you were actually on the chair course, you just went "off piste" a little! Great to have you back. Thanks for your company and for making such a great piece. "

28 Mar 23'

Giacomo reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"I had a brilliant time learning about green woodworking techniques and steam bending with Peter and his assistant Toby. We were given the choice between two different types of stool and were encouraged to follow our own design tweaks as much as possible. I’ve come away from it feeling really positive about having a go at some more green woodwork (and woodwork in general). Peter and Toby were always encouraging and their professionalism and passion shone through at every stage of the process. I would wholeheartedly recommend a course with Peter and will hopefully book on another course in the future! Thank you!"

Peter Lanyon Furniture responded:

"Thank you Giacomo, really great to meet you. I'm glad you enjoyed the course. A really beautiful piece you made. Peter"

3 Mar 23'

Peter MIlls reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"This is a great course, at a great location. Peter is a very good teacher and with his trusty assistant takes you through every step. They are both hands on and step in to help as needed with advice and piratical help. I wish them both good luck with any future courses that they put on."

28 Feb 23'

Elise McLauchlan reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"Such a fantastic weekend at Peter's workshop learning the joys of green wood furniture making. So many handy tips and tricks that can only be learnt from a master furniture maker like Peter. It was both relaxing and rewarding and I’ll be back to do the 6 day class soon. "

Peter Lanyon Furniture responded:

"Thanks Elise, absolute pleasure teaching you. Hopefully see you on a longer course sometime..."

17 Feb 23'

Ferne Rook reviewed: Tool sharpening and maintenance

"As a beginner to sharpening tools, this was a great day, but I think it is also suitable for more experienced people as there was a wide range of skill levels on the course and all were catered to. Definitely worth bringing lots of your own tools as you leave with lots of new skills but also all your tools sharp. I really appreciated being shown the manual and machine way of sharpening so you know all the options and can choose how you want to do it yourself. It's a beautiful setting where the course is run and coffee and cake was a lovely addition. "

Peter Lanyon Furniture responded:

"Thanks Ferne, lovely to see you again. Glad you got a lot out of the course."

10 Feb 23'

Paul reviewed: Introduction to green wood furniture making - two days

"Really good course and enjoyable, Peter and his apprentice Toby are both great. New and enjoyable skills learned "

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