Kamsi reviews

7 Aug 22'

Christine reviewed: Copper wire jewellery, Madeley, Cheshire

"This is an amazing learning experience. Kamsi clearly knows her craft and has the experience and patience to pass on what she knows. Very thorough going through everything from the best tools to levels of difficulty. I am really pleased with my progress today, I have learnt so much more than by watching a video. I will be returning to upgrade my skills and try something new. A highly recommended course. Thank you"

Kamsi responded:

" Hey Christine, thanks for a lovely review and it's been a pleasure to teach you. I'm so glad you found the techniques useful learning to curl and form the wire to wrap around the lovely gemstone you had with you. I can definitely see an improvement from the original picture you sent me. I love your final piece especially with the 3 sizes of coils you used around the bail, bringing delicacy and balance against the larger stone, beautiful combination! Thanks so much for coming to my workshop and hope your journey home was smooth. xxxx"

24 May 22'

Barbara Francis reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"My sister and I had a lovely day with Kami. She is so knowledgeable about the techniques, and an excellent teacher. We made a couple of lovely pendants each, using family heirloom stones, so that meant a lot to us. Thank you for such a rewarding experience."

Kamsi responded:

" Hi Barbara and Gill, thanks so much for coming to the workshop and glad to hear you enjoyed it. Wire wrapping stones is a bit of a tricky business but you did amazing using the wire coiling gadget, rolling mill and a whole range of pliers, cutters and mandrels! I love your finished jewellery pieces, each one is unique and wonderful! I hope you'll continue to try other types of workshops to learn about different crafts. Thanks again for a lovely review too :)"

18 May 22'

Bev reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"We had a wonderful afternoon with Kami, she’s so knowledgable about all the techniques and we created completely different pieces. Thanks so much!"

Kamsi responded:

" Hi Bev and Phil Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. I'm so glad you chose to do a course with me as part of your celebration and to hear you thoroughly enjoyed it. Phil was in his element starting from scratch to make a copper ring and getting to grips with the anvil! And your gemstone and wire wrapped earrings are so good that I hope you continue to make other wire creations. Thanks so much for a lovely review too 🙂 Thanks very much"

28 Apr 22'

Rach reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"Kamsi was so friendly and helpful. She made lots of effort before and after the workshop to ensure I got the most out of it. I love the ring I made and I'm excited to use my new skills. Thanks so much."

Kamsi responded:

" Heya Rachel, So glad to help you with soldering skills and techniques so you can apply them to your courses with your learners. It was great to know you are already talented with jewellery making and lovely to see your scrap pieces to experiment soldering with. I adore the ring you made, simple beautiful and thoughtfully designed. Thanks for choosing one of my workshops :)"

24 Apr 22'

Tom Robertshaw reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"Had an amazing time experimenting with metals and making jewellery. Kamsi was really friendly and helpful and had so much variety in what we could make! We came away with an amazing ring and necklace pendant that we never would have imagined was possible before going into the session. 100% recommend Kamsi's jewellery making course!"

Kamsi responded:

" Guys, you did amazing! I'm impressed with how quickly you both picked up the skills after practicing mark making on copper first, hammering, sawing, punching, using a rolling mill, filing, polishing and all sorts! So glad you enjoyed the experience and happy to have you back anytime. Hope you have some lovely memories of the day with the photos I sent to help remind you. Thanks so much for a lovely review too! xx :)"

6 Mar 22'

Tony reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"If you want to learn how to make unique and distinctive silver jewellery, this is an excellent starting point. Kami is enthusiastic and knowledgeable in the art and techniques of working precious metals (and many other crafts) and will lead and encourage you to make something unique to you. In the process you will learn how to shape silver through rolling and forming, how to make strong solder joints and how to bring your creation to a bright and polished finish. This is a very hands-on course and the time passes quickly, whether you make a ring, a pendant or something else you will go away with your creation and an appreciation of the tools and skills needed to make more. Highly enjoyable and recommended."

Kamsi responded:

" Hi Tony, So glad you enjoyed your workshop gift from your wife, June. It was great to see that you were so enthusiastic to try lots of techniques along the way and chose just the perfect style that you would wear. A bonus point was that you applied knowledge of other soldering techniques you use at work so understood the importance of working in tiny amounts. I love your ring and, yes, time flies by and I do hope you continue with this craft. If you need any help or want to know where to buy things, just send me a text !! So proud of your achievement and thanks for a lovely review and recommendation."

11 Feb 22'

Lorraine (and Judy) reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"Me and my friend had a fabulous afternoon and both came away from our session having made two beautiful rings. Kami is a great teacher, very kind, helpful and encouraging. Nothing was too much bother for her. Thank you so much Kami, we would highly recommend you to anyone interested in having a go at silversmithing."

Kamsi responded:

" Hi Lorraine, Thank you for a lovely review. I'm so glad you enjoyed learning some of the techniques involved in making your ring. It's beautiful and suits you! You're most welcome to come and join me for other crafts you'd like to explore. Looking forward to meeting you again in the future. Take care Kami xx"

10 Feb 22'

Judy Rathbone reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"Kami is a patient and encouraging teacher and we were able to try out a range of different silver smithing techniques. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience with the added bonus of a lovely piece of jewellery to take away! I would fully recommend"

Kamsi responded:

" Hiya Judy, Thanks for the lovely review. I'm so glad you enjoyed learning some techniques such as making silver balls as well as hammering, texturing and polishing your ring using a range of tools. Your ring is awesome and so well made and hope it makes for some happy memories for you and your friend. You're most welcome anytime and it's been a pleasure to meet you too. x"

6 Feb 22'

Susan reviewed: Macrame keychains

"Kami is such an amazing person. I was unsure whether I would be able to do the craft and she was patient with me and showing me everything step by step. I was thrilled with what I made and can't wait to do more macrame at home. I will definitely be signing up for some of Kami's other courses. Thanks to Kami for a wonderful time and a new hobby."

Kamsi responded:

" Hi Susan, Thanks so much for a wonderful review. It was so lovely to meet you too. lYou did amazing with the keyrings you made and it didn't take you long to pick up the skills. I hope you enjoy making another couple at home with the additional resources. I totally look forward to meeting you again soon for some more creative workshops. Take care now xx"

23 Dec 21'

Fin reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"Kami is an amazing person! Truly loved making our rings - she goes through the making process in a lot of detail and even helped us in extra time to finish off our rings. Would recommend to any looking for a cute date night! Fin and Sophie :)"

Kamsi responded:

" Fin and Sophie, Thanks so much for your lovely review. So glad you enjoyed your gift experience and love your final rings, amazing! I hope you will join me again in the future for more creative workshops. Wishing you guys an awesome new year. Take care :)"

11 Dec 21'

NICK reviewed: Mono Screen Printing

"A friend and I went on a screen printing course to learn a new skill. It was a lot of fun and we got to take away lots of tips and tricks from Kami. As much tea, coffee and biscuits as you could eat and a really educational and enjoyable afternoon. Plus we met the cats! I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to screenprint!"

Kamsi responded:

" Hey guys, thanks for a lovely review. So glad you both enjoyed the workshop and chose a technique that suits your image and media. I love the crisp solid finish you achieved for your prints and they looked amazing! Shout up if you need any more tips :)"

8 Dec 21'

Laura reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"As Polly says above, Kami is a lovely person: she’s enthusiastic, caring and interested in her students. We had a great time, with Kami supporting us to turn our very vague ideas into beautiful reality. She was able to accommodate two people doing very different things and using two different sets of skills and stayed attentive to us the whole time. We’ve definitely got the jewellery making bug and that’s Kami’s doing! Thank you Kami!"

Kamsi responded:

" Hey Laura, thanks so much for coming to the workshop and glad you had some ideas of what you wanted to make and happy to be guided through the stages. Both of your pieces are fabulous! Thanks for a lovely review too :)"

30 Nov 21'

Jessica Bates reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"We had a really good time at the workshop with Kami. She was so welcoming. The workshop was interesting, Kami was very knowledgeable and gave us lots of opportunities to try out different techniques. We made some beautiful rings. I would definitely do the workshop again to make something different"

Kamsi responded:

" Hi Jessica, thanks for a lovely review. So glad you both tried various techniques for your jewellery and they look awesome! :)"

12 Nov 21'

Nicole & Phil reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"Really enjoyed this class. My partner joined me we both made a gorgeous ring each, Kimi was brilliant and explained and guided us through the process really well and gave us lots of options & ideas of what style we wanted to craft. Hoping to do a pottery class with her next time. Highly recommend :)"

Kamsi responded:

" Hey Nicole, thanks for a lovely review. You both did amazing and understood there's quite a lot of different skills involved in making your rings come to life. I'm so proud of how well you both did with all of the tasks you needed to carry out. Both yours and Phil's rings looked amazing! Thanks for joining me and I will send you a list of tools and equipment so you can continue with silversmithing at home :)"

24 Oct 21'

Anthony Loveless reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"Really great course taught very well for beginners. Kami is very welcoming and helpful. Would highly recommend to anyone looking into this sort of activity."

Kamsi responded:

" Hi Anthony, Thanks so much for your review. I am impressed with how well you handled each part of the process and once shown you picked up the skills really quickly! I love the texture you used and personalisation with stamping. Hopefully see you in the future for any other crafts you might be interested in :)"

3 Oct 21'

Muhammad & Sumbul reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"Thanks for giving us extra time to finish our jewellery pieces. It was a wonderful experience. Kami is so friendly, We really enjoyed her company while we were making jewellery. Totally recommended. Muhammad & Sumbul"

Kamsi responded:

" Hi Muhammed and Sumbul, Thanks for a lovely review. It was great to see you both progress as beginners and I love the jewellery you made! I hope you will join me in the future for more silversmithing techniques or even a completely different craft :)"

16 Sep 21'

Polly Booker reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"Kami is a lovely person, she explains everything well in her welcoming studio and all resources were to hand. She has excellent skills and enjoys passing this on to her clients. I had a really enjoyable morning learning about various silversmithing skills including silver soldering and emossing usng the mill and I am going to try some of them out at home. I will very possibly book more courses with Kami. <3"

Kamsi responded:

" Hi Polly Thanks so much for the lovely review and I'm so glad you found some new techniques you can apply to your jewellery making skills. It's so good when you can make an idea come to life like you did. I've so much more to teach you so you're more than welcome to come again or try a different craft with me. Take care 😊 x"

19 Aug 21'

Geraldine Eld reviewed: Copper wire jewellery, Madeley, Cheshire

"Myself and my two girls (11 and 13) had a lovely morning with Kami. We enjoyed learning new techniques to make our rings and came away with 2 rings each. I would definitely recommend"

Kamsi responded:

" Hi Geraldine, thanks for coming and glad you all enjoyed it. Please take a look at my other courses that would be great for your girls to make Christmas gifts at home :)"

5 Aug 21'

Manara Gul reviewed: Copper wire jewellery, Madeley, Cheshire

"Me and my friend had such a lovely session with Kami, she was so welcoming and made us feel really comfortable. We learnt lots of different techniques and both ended up making some lovely pieces. She explained the process and steps really well and in detail and had all sorts of equipment to be able to create lots of unique pieces. Overall highly recommend, really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you"

Kamsi responded:

" Hi Manara So glad you enjoyed it. Please take a look at my other courses which would be great to learn so you can make Christmas gifts nearer the time :)"

5 Jul 21'

Joseph bloom reviewed: Copper wire jewellery, Madeley, Cheshire

"We went as a couple to make each other a ring as a surprise for my partners birthday. It was AMAZING! Personable, comfortable and Kami went above and beyond, a truly lovely lady. Ended up with beautiful pieces of jewellery and a very fond memory. I implore others to give it a try :)"

Kamsi responded:

" Hey Joe and Chrissy Thanks so much for coming to the workshop and so good to meet you. I love the way you guys went with the flow with your designs. So glad you made use of all the tools and great that you personalised your rings with letter stamps, which makes them absolutely unique to you both. You looked so very happy with your finished creations. Looking forward to seeing you again in the future :)"

4 Jul 21'

Joy reviewed: Macrame keychains

"I had so much fun on this course! Kam made it really easy to learn and, I can't stop making things now. I'll be going for more courses and taking my friends next time."

Kamsi responded:

" Hey Joy, Thank you so much for your review and it was so fun! So glad you got to grips with some stringy things and enjoyed making the keyrings and you're so good at it! Hope you can incorporate it into your other craft skills in some way. Yes, I'm looking forward to you all joining me for some other crafty sessions, hopefully soon :)"

7 Jun 21'

Menli reviewed: Copper wire jewellery, Madeley, Cheshire

"The course was absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it. Kami was very kind, patient and understanding. She showed the different methods to make wire jewellery. Made myself 3 different style rings. I totally enjoyed and learned a lot in a comfortable environment. Highly recommended!"

Kamsi responded:

" Menli, You did a fantastic job with the rings you made and picked up new skills very quickly, you're a natural and have some great idea for ring making. I would love for you to continue with this craft at home and hope you will come and join me again soon. It was lovely to meet you and thanks so much for attending the workshop. Take care Kami :)"

5 Jun 21'

Charlotte reviewed: Copper Rings

"The ring bought from Kami was really lovely and unique."

Kamsi responded:

" Thank you Charlotte :)"

17 Apr 21'

Jessica Cavallari reviewed: Copper wire jewellery, Madeley, Cheshire

"I spent an absolutely lovely morning with Kami making copper wire jewellery. She's so patient, demonstrated so many different techniques and showed me all her lovely creations for inspiration. Kami is so knowledgable about what she does and her passion is infectious. I really look forward to trying to create more jewellery at home and will definitely be back to take part in more courses with her! Thank you so much Kami Jess xx"

Kamsi responded:

" Hey Jessica, thanks for an awesome review! It was great to meet you and you picked up all the skills so well. You are naturally creative and hope you can use some of these techniques in other crafts. I love the two rings you made, adorable! Yes, I will be putting different courses on this website soon so keep a look out for them. Thanks so much for coming to the workshop, Jessica xx"

30 Oct 20'

Jess reviewed: Copper wire jewellery, Madeley, Cheshire

"Kami is a lovely lady very personable who I very much enjoyed doing a jewellery making course with. She really knows what she’s doing and was willing to be patient in showing me as a complete beginner. Many friends and family have been impressed with what I made. Many thanks Kami,"

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