Mya Designs reviews

28 Nov 23'

Kate D reviewed: Copper Rings

"I received my ring last week and love the colour and the design - thank you Kami!"

Mya Designs responded:

" You're most welcome Kate. It is slightly adjustable so you can wear it on different fingers. Have a lovely christmas xx"

17 Nov 23'

Pippa reviewed: Copper Rings

"I highly recommend Kami at May Designs, she made me a beautiful copper ring that fits perfectly. It’s very reasonably priced, comfortable to wear and goes perfectly with my existing ring. Kami had also fashioned sustainable packaging to send it to me, something that I very much appreciate. She was extremely quick to respond to all correspondence, and was very easy to talk to. I’d definitely buy from her again."

Mya Designs responded:

" Thanks, Pippa, for such a lovely review. I'm so happy to hear you love it and it fits you well and chuffed you like my alternative recycled packaging. You may want to keep it to store your ring when you're not wearing it. Xxx"

7 Nov 23'

Linda reviewed: Copper wire jewellery Workshop, Madeley, Cheshire

"Enjoyed learning new techniques with material not used before. Most enjoyable workshop "

Mya Designs responded:

" Thanks for coming to the workshop and your review. What a wonderful way to spend your retirement exploring all the crafts you've always wanted to. You made some lovely pieces, all very different and managed to handle a range of different thickness wires which is fantastic. Keep on crafting, Linda xx"

10 Oct 23'

Trevor Keeling reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"Learning in a relaxed and friendly way is always enjoyable. Kami is both knowledgeable and a great communicator. We had a really good time."

Mya Designs responded:

" Thanks so much for your review. It was great to see how you both got stuck into your projects. Ahh, those silver balls were being well cheeky, weren't they? I hope to see you again in the future for another session on any craft you're interested in. Kami Xxx"

6 Oct 23'

Rachel reviewed: Mono Screen Printing Workshop

"A fantastic session learning how to screen print. Kami was an enthusiastic teacher. We will be back for more!"

Mya Designs responded:

" Thanks for the lovely review, Rachel. You and Maddie certainly came with enthusiasm and ideas for your project and, wow, they came out amazing! I hope all the extra tips will help Maddie with her A levels. She's going to smash it! Look forward to sharing other craft techniques when I next see you! take care :)"

20 Sep 23'

Deborah Ridge reviewed: Copper Rings

"Beautifully crafted ring Kami. Thank you so much. I will wear it with pride. "

Mya Designs responded:

" Hi Deborah, thank you so much for your review and I'm so glad you love the handmade quality of the ring. Tip: you can always coat the inside with clear nail varnish to seal it too. :)"

17 Sep 23'

Hannah reviewed: Copper wire jewellery Workshop, Madeley, Cheshire

"Kami was so approachable and clear in her teaching methods. She showed me so many different techniques and gave lots of tips to be able to have a go myself at home. The whole process was really therapeutic and I thoroughly enjoyed making my two pieces. Thanks so much. "

Mya Designs responded:

" Thanks so much for a lovely review, Hannah, I'm so glad you enjoyed your anniversary gift from your husband. The little wire ring you made had the perfect tension to get the swirl sitting nicely showing you have a natural flare for wirework. You've explored so many techniques and textures for your main project as well as polishing and I love how you've incorporated family initials into the ring. I hope you get to try lots of different crafts as there's so many to enjoy when you need some 'me' time. Take care :)"

12 Sep 23'

Emma B reviewed: Copper Rings

"Fantastic ring. I love it. Great value for money. A personal ring and a personal service. Thank you Kami x"

Mya Designs responded:

" I'm so glad you love it, Emma. Although it's slightly different to the ones on the picture, it's completely handmade with you in mind. Thanks for a lovely review too! xx"

19 Aug 23'

Sara reviewed: Copper wire jewellery Workshop, Madeley, Cheshire

"We had a wonderful afternoon with Kami. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and Kami was an excellent teacher giving just the right amount of support to each of us (we varied in age from 13 to 54). We all three came away with a piece of jewellery to be proud of! Don’t hesitate to book this course. You won’t regret it. I am already wondering when I can go again. Thanks Sara, Rachel and Evie"

Mya Designs responded:

" Hey, you wonderful family, thanks so much for coming to the workshop with lots of enthusiasm and different ideas for your projects. They look amazing! Hope you manage to have a go at lots of other crafts too, so much to learn and enjoy xxx "

4 Aug 23'

Janice reviewed: Mono Screen Printing Workshop

"Really enjoyed this new craft, made a tote bag. Kami had lots of knowledge and tips to help you to carry on Screenprinting at home.."

Mya Designs responded:

" Thank you, Janice You guys did amazing, especially Chelsea! What a bunch of wonderful prints you all made and had the opportunity to print on different items. Hope you get a chance to try it at home over the summer holidays 😊x"

30 Jul 23'

Debbie reviewed: Mono Screen Printing Workshop

"Spent an amazing few hours with the lovely, talented Kami yesterday. Kami has so much knowledge and is a fab teacher. Lots of tips and advice on best methods to use. Came away with tote bag, prints and cards absolutely fantastic time ! Thank you Kami we will definitely be back very soon to do another of your courses. If you are contemplating doing the screen printing course, book it please you will not be disappointed 💖"

Mya Designs responded:

" Thanks so much for a lovely review, Debbie. You guys did amazing with your projects and all so different too. It's good to see that all the hard work preparing for the print paid off. To save time I highly recommend you invest in a cutting machine, it will save you a lot of time and you can use it with so many projects. It's a game changer, ask Santa for one :) Keep trying lots of different crafts, they are all so enjoyable and something new to learn along the way. :)"

11 Jul 23'

Jenny C reviewed: Copper wire jewellery Workshop, Madeley, Cheshire

"From the moment I booked the course Kami was in touch asking what I wanted from the course and offering suggestions of how the course could be different to accommodate my existing experience and improve skills. She took her time to teach me different techniques and to make sure I’d taken in what she’d taught me. I’ve come away with lots of ideas of how to take my jewellery making and wire work to the next level. "

Mya Designs responded:

" Thanks for a lovely review, Jenny. It was great to see you already had so many skills in beadwork and glad this craft will fit nicely along side it. I could definitely see the improvements you made during the workshop and have lots of tips to take away with you. It was good for you to know more about basic techniques, tools and tips to give you a professional finish to your projects. Keep practicing making small findings like ear wires, head pins and jump rings so you have them ready for new projects. Take care :) "

19 Jun 23'

Lillie reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"Amazing amazing amazing! Kami is an excellent teacher who showed me how to create a horse shoe pendant, Kami explained it all amazingly and showed me silver smithing doesn’t have to be this expensive thing and how to use things already around you. Feeling so pleased afterwards and went home with a belly full of tea, biscuits and a beautiful pendant- will absolutely be booking again."

Mya Designs responded:

" Aww thanks so much, Lillie. I really enjoyed helping you to explore silversmithing, making it more accessible to you with just a few basic tools and thinking outside the box. I adore your lovely little silver horse shoe pendant, just the perfect size! So glad you enjoyed the experience and hope you continue trying lots of other different crafts in the future. :) "

24 Apr 23'

Jonathan reviewed: Copper wire jewellery Workshop, Madeley, Cheshire

"Kami was a warm and welcoming host, who was incredibly helpful when sorting out the booking and arrangements. On the day she was incredibly patient and encouraging with the jewellery making novice in the group, but also pushed and challenged the other member of the group to use her skills to create a lovely piece. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Kami and would book again. Thanks for a great morning!"

Mya Designs responded:

" Ahh thanks Jonathan and Lindsey for a lovely review. What a lovely birthday teat for you Lindsey and you did incredibly well working with such thick gauge copper wire, took a bit of practice but you got there and your torc bangle looks gorgeous with the your additional blue bead, such a great colour combo. And you,Jonathan, did amazingly well with a more dainty and beaded project considering you confessed at not being creative at all. Awesome guys, keep trying lots of different fun crafts, theres lots on this website 😊 x"

7 Mar 23'

Hayley reviewed: Mono Screen Printing Workshop

"Fantastic screen printing workshop! Kami was welcoming, encouraging, and extremely knowledgable. I wouldn’t hesitate to rebook this course as I know I’d learn something new every time. I’ve also never met Kami before, but it was like spending the morning with a friend. Would actually make a lovely Mother’s Day gift as Kami offers different types of workshops. Thanks again Kami, still inspired :) x"

Mya Designs responded:

" Hayley, thanks for coming to the workshop and a lovely review. When you came I could see that you had almost given up on screen printing so I'm glad we had a good chat to resolve some issues you were having. It was great to see your face light up with some successful prints and lots of practice. I hope it has inspired you to explore and continue making your own lovely designs come true. Take care :)"

12 Jan 23'

Amanda reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"Had a fantastic day with my 13 year old son on Kami’s beginners silversmith course. Kami’s enthusiasm was contagious and the course was so engaging. My son made a surf board pendant and is wearing it with pride. He’s also saving for the equipment he will need to make this skill a hobby of his own. Thanks Kami! A special day of making memories. Would totally recommend this course. "

Mya Designs responded:

" Aww, bless ya for such a lovely review. You certainly got stuck into it and had a look at a range of tools and other alternatives you can use that are cheap and readily available. I must say you did great with sawing and texturing, it all takes time and lots of practice to get it right. Beautiful pieces you both made. I can see Max has already got a birthday list of tools he wants as gifts. Wishing him all the success in his new creative hobby :) Try lots of other crafts too, they're all so much fun!"

9 Jan 23'

Seema Mishra reviewed: Copper wire jewellery Workshop, Madeley, Cheshire

"Kami is the most amazing teacher one can have. She not only teaches you stuff pertaining to the course but she teaches you small hacks which help you as a beginner. She shows you how you don’t need investing in a whole of equipment when simple kitchen stuff can be used for the same. I can’t thank her enough! I am so looking forward for more workshops with her. Thank you Kami and God bless!"

Mya Designs responded:

" Heya Seema, In my workshops there are plenty of tools to use and discuss uses for your experience but you don't need to invest in too many to kickstart your business, I'm so glad you can now incorporate new techniques to your personal designs. You were very focussed on each aspect I taught you which is brilliant, and a good idea it to keep a small notebook of simple designs, gauges of wire and measurements used for if you need to make parts regularly such as ear wires and findings. You could even try some classes more locally for other techniques to add to your skills set. Thanks again for attending the course and keep on creating :) "

8 Jan 23'

Seema Mishra reviewed: Copper wire jewellery Workshop, Madeley, Cheshire

"Thank you Kami It’s been a wonderful experience! I am so looking forward for more working sessions with you. You are a professional Jeweller and the best teacher one can have. I have felt at home and very comfortable around your ways of teaching. I wish teachers were as selfless as you and taught students selflessly. I truly wish you all the success in your ventures. God bless !"

Mya Designs responded:

" Thank you so much for a lovely review, Seema. Your skills definitely improved throughout the sessions as there was so much to learn from types of tools, thicknesses of wire depending on your project. to making different types of ear wires from the French hook to a swirly stud. It was good to break the session up to learn different techniques from dainty wire wrap with seed beads to annealing and hammering a rich texture on much heavier gauge wire. It has been a pleasure to teach you and so glad you came with lots of enthusiasm. Let me know how you get on with finishing your projects. I love all the things you made here :) Take care and hope your journey home was smooth xx"

12 Dec 22'

Sophie reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"Kami was so kind and welcoming! Made everything very easy and fun. Would highly recommend doing a class with her!"

Mya Designs responded:

" Hey Sophie, it was great to see you taking notes and asking lots of really useful questions on basic tools and techniques to get your own business up and running. Your pendant was made very thoughtfully and sensitively showing how much you care about the final outcome, hope he loves it. So glad you got home safely too. Wishing you an awesome Christmas break and a wonderful new year :)"

29 Nov 22'

Stuart Connick reviewed: Copper wire jewellery Workshop, Madeley, Cheshire

"We had a wonderful time with Kami making our very own jewellery. She’s a fantastic teacher, helping us to understand the different techniques involved, and giving us complete creative freedom to design our pieces. We were really proud of what we made. She also has lovely cats! Would absolutely recommend!"

Mya Designs responded:

" What a nice birthday surprise workshop you arranged. I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it and you guys really got stuck into it. I love the jewellery you made, both very different in technique and style. Thanks so much for a lovely review and hope you get to enjoy lots of different crafts in the coming year. Take care guys :)"

27 Sep 22'

Sophie reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"Absolutely amazing course, I would definitely recommend it to anyone! Kami was lovely and great at explaining how to do everything and tailoring the course to you!"

Mya Designs responded:

" It was lovely to meet you, Sophie and I love the style of rings you made, from simple to twisted to a more complex style. You did really well with using the tool and hope it all helps towards your uni course too!. Thanks so much for an awesome review and hope you'll return in the future to try a different craft with me! Take care :)"

22 Sep 22'

Debra Purnell reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"Attended with my sister, complete novices !! Had a great afternoon, relaxed, comfortable and calm environment, we both enjoyed the course and we will be staying in touch Kami for advice, support and friendship !! Thank you Kami!!"

Mya Designs responded:

" Hey Debra, Thanks for a great review! It was great to meet you and your sister and you both made some lovely jewellery pieces, some easy and some more challenging. but hopefully you've learnt some new skills and techniques and basic tools you need to get started. Yes, do look out for any new crafts I will be setting up in the near future. Best of luck to you with your new hobby. xxxx"

21 Sep 22'

Fiona shone reviewed: Beginners silversmithing workshop

"Kami is an excellent teacher, I had a great afternoon learning how to work with silver, kami gave me loads of clear instructions and did not take over. I came away with 2 rings and have now placed an order on eBay to continue trying!! Thank you Kami ?"

Mya Designs responded:

" Hey Fiona, thanks for a lovely review. It was great to see you already had some skills with jewellery making and showed me this with the beautiful details you added to your ring design. I'm so glad to hear that it has inspired you to continue being creative and can't wait to see what you make next! Wishing you all the best :) "

23 Aug 22'

Nicola reviewed: Copper wire jewellery Workshop, Madeley, Cheshire

"Thank you so much for the wonderful course. You made it so special with a little gift and even some party rings - what a great way to celebrate our big birthdays togther. Patient, informative, encouraging - this workshop is ideal for anyone looking to reinvigorate themselves, relax and learn a new skill"

Mya Designs responded:

" Hello Nicola, It was lovely to meet you and your friend who came to celebrate your birthdays and friendship together. I'm so glad you appreciated the sixpence with your year of birth on it. For beginners you really worked hard at getting the hang of working with different thicknesses of wires and beads, hammering and texturing your pieces and I love your finished bangles. Thanks so much for a lovely feedback too. Take care, Kami :)"

7 Aug 22'

Christine reviewed: Copper wire jewellery Workshop, Madeley, Cheshire

"This is an amazing learning experience. Kamsi clearly knows her craft and has the experience and patience to pass on what she knows. Very thorough going through everything from the best tools to levels of difficulty. I am really pleased with my progress today, I have learnt so much more than by watching a video. I will be returning to upgrade my skills and try something new. A highly recommended course. Thank you"

Mya Designs responded:

" Hey Christine, thanks for a lovely review and it's been a pleasure to teach you. I'm so glad you found the techniques useful learning to curl and form the wire to wrap around the lovely gemstone you had with you. I can definitely see an improvement from the original picture you sent me. I love your final piece especially with the 3 sizes of coils you used around the bail, bringing delicacy and balance against the larger stone, beautiful combination! Thanks so much for coming to my workshop and hope your journey home was smooth. xxxx"

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